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I am a MacUpdate Desktop user
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MD Histopathologist, retired. Apple Mac apostle since Mac's outstanding launch in January 1984 by Steve Jobs.
I was elected vice president [programs] Washington Apple Pi club in Bethesda, Maryland, 1985 and 86 as a Brit seconded to Institute of Pathology for 4 years.

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Dradrienyouell rated on 11 Mar 2014
[Version 2.6.18]

Dradrienyouell rated on 11 Mar 2014
[Version 33.0.1750.146]

Dradrienyouell rated on 11 Mar 2014
[Version 3.0]

Dradrienyouell commented on 03 Aug 2013
Beg pardon, I meant the French were enamoured of APPLE's direct simplicity in Apple II, IIe, IIci long before Mac OS X, plus viz. La Cie hardware drives as well as software
[Version 3.6]


Dradrienyouell reviewed on 03 Aug 2013
Thank you to developers: Five Stars for FREE innovation and encouragement, the emotional side of objective reviewing an astonishing product from France. Yes, it borrows from Safari but view in perspective, HoudaSpot copies from Spotlight.

I confess I am ahead of myself. Roccat Browser has all the best features of a good browser – still in learning its depths. The UI is effectively useable without studying Help, yes, Mac Intuitive.
Best will, thank you Devs and I expect great things.

Roccat Munch seems to be Console-like, not yet seriously inspected. pps; The French contributed massively to apps for earliest Mac. They came slowly to OS X, UNIX not a college attainment in Baccalaureate schools and degrees BUT now they are catching up.

The beauty of French engineering is simplicity, a ring of plastic was all gear control needed in Renault 4. 'Why make things complicated?' is the French motto. I wish Les Monsieur Devs well. Roccat will hit headlines soon.
I found this in
Adrien, Hampshire, England
[Version 3.6]


Dradrienyouell reviewed on 15 Jun 2013
Zooom/2 is back, now compatible up to Mountain Lion, 10.8.4.
Version 2.5.0 (4009) works beautifully in moving, re-sizing windows with a 'Modifier key' and click window zooming.
For X11 users, CodeRage says, holding cursor on a window for two milliseconds enlarges the window; there is an Enable check box.
Lots of fun with Zooom/2 v2.5.0 now for the user who likes keyboard control and only two choices; Shift-Option and Shift-Comd for resize and move window. Caution: see check bow in Preferences if you want Move Window to fly away to top left, I do not.
Off now to play with Magnetics.
(Windownaut is not working well on OS X 10.8.4.)
Zooom/2 is back to full production, thank you CodeRage.
Adrien (UK)
[Version 2.5.0]

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Dradrienyouell replied on 15 Jun 2013
* Correction para.3: For X11 users: “Auto Raise - bring windows to the front.”

Dradrienyouell reviewed on 09 Jun 2013
Jaksta downloads everything on screen (and sound), and is of course independent of BBC iPlayer downloader's time-out at a month. Jaksta is weirdly efficient in detecting monitoring, as seen on Menu Bar, 'Monitoring On' at blue flash icon.

Jaksta produces a log often showing the name of the recording, auto-downloading to iTunes after video-format conversion.
I have Snapz Pro X but found its controls difficult. Jaksta is like a brain of my brain recording the screen output without settings and hassle. If Jaksta works for me it works well for this dimwit.
[Version 1.5.3]


Dradrienyouell reviewed on 27 Nov 2012
My comment is hardly a Review but it leans that way. Modern iClock is almost faultless in showing my time and day but is not reliable for my family and friends in the Far East.
However, we find a vast improvement in recognising data and stability. Besides I love some colour at right-hand side of menu bar.

I give current iClock 5x* in all categories as the developers have put in more effort and I expect Julian will do better still.
I mean this contribution to answer comments of some time ago.
This is a 5* essential utility surpassing other competitors.
I say this with chagrin as I had to 'repair' my Mac Pro by test-running Restore with only Apple apps for five days – a miserable time without my favourite utilities especially.
Adrien UK
[Version 1.1.2]


Dradrienyouell reviewed on 04 Oct 2012
5th October 2012 . I am done with MacKeeper. Although it portrays amplified canonicals ***, it does not allow for people who change their Mac. On my new Mac Pro, with a current license, to continue the licence the options require Cancel or Purchase, and in the Purchase... NO manual entry or free upgrade/update, no recognition that's is still me. I am not prepared to buy this web-version again for such a utility program. I was certainly prepared to love MacKeeper but am put off by greed.
Even if it were honorware I might have been prepared to be generous.

In summery, MacKeeper seems competent but it is not the only competitor in a vast Utility field.
How about Drive Genius3, CCleaner or Magican? 

I have never been this angry on MacUpdate (or elsewhere).
I have dumped TechTool Pro for its unwarranted interference in my work line, and in the Preference pane TechTool sent up the spinning beach-ball. every time I tried to disable it.

I am even inclined to look at Smith's DiskTools Pro Now that MacKeeper has been uninstalled by AppDelete.
NO stars, no good regarding package cost. I have taken a financial hit.
Adrien Youell, UK
[Version 2.3.2]

Dradrienyouell commented on 15 Aug 2012
I take it all back, with the greatest apologies to Jay Teo, EasyCrop is the *Queen of 'Easy' image size and selection for many purposes, and my rating is 5*.
* Is software female?

Jay Teo eventually replied, probably after a well-earned break, and suggested I check the Constraints - i.e. I found I used Custom Size whereas what was needed was the Custom Ratio to fit my display, 8:5. All well and BEST Image Utility including v. 2.5.5 working in Lion.

Sincerest apologies, Adrien UK
[Mac Pro did its own brain transplant after a normal Restart & changed all settings, and I was NOT alert to EasyCrop's subtle settings.] *****
[Version 2.5.5]

Dradrienyouell had trouble on 07 Oct 2012
I attach helpful remarks from ZeoBit following my complaint below.
"Dear Support,
Thank you for reply below. I downloaded MacKeeper and the 'auto'-recognition went more smoothly than any one could imagine. I have also signed into ZeoBit. On second time reviewing I see MacKeeper can be very powerful; let's hope so. Thanks.Yours faithfully, Dr Adrien Youell"

Developer email to me: "Dear Adrien Youell,

We terribly apologize for all the inconvenience.

Your license is connected directly to your ZeoBit account (adrienyouell at ) that you used while purchasing MacKeeper.
We have re-activated the product manually for you, so you should be able to use MacKeeper without any issues.
Please, make certain that you are logged in to the application.
In order to log in to MacKeeper with your account information please follow these instructions ...
[Version 2.3.2]

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