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Dr.-Girlfriend commented on 15 Oct 2012
Sad news: apparently this will be the last version of Phoenix Slides. From the developer's website:

"What happened to the "donations" button?

I am grateful to everyone who has contributed over the years: localizers, icon designers, bug reporters, and all those who made donations. Unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from actively continuing development of Phoenix Slides in the foreseeable future, and I think it is appropriate to retire the donation button.

If you like Phoenix Slides, and you appreciate the fact this incredible piece of software is available to you for free (I am being very modest here, of course), I encourage you to pay-it-forward, as appropriate to your means and your talents.

You are still welcome to contact me for whatever reason, of course."

Thanks for all your hard work over the years, Dominic. Best wishes to you.
[Version 1.2.8]

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Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 25 Oct 2012
This is exactly why I feel it is so important for regular users to chip in -- no matter how small or large the amount -- to developers who provide a really good product. We all take advantage of "free" software, but please remember that there's a real person (or persons) on the other end who have bills to pay just like we do. Just because something is labelled "freeware", that doesn't mean you should keep using it forever without showing your appreciation for a truly killer app that makes your life easier. Donate whatever you can, when you can, so that awesome developers like Dominic can make developing killer apps their "real job".

I can easily skip going out to eat every once in a while to show my appreciation for some of the excellent freeware developers who make my workday so much easier. I hope you can too. Peace!

Dr.-Girlfriend reviewed on 02 Aug 2012
Bean is the kind of app that you try once and wonder how you've ever lived without it. Simple, clean, and fast. What more could you ask for? Free? Yeah -- believe it or not -- it's that too!

This developer is a prince among men. He consistently updates this terrific app and doesn't ask for anything else other than that you enjoy using it. The least we loyal users can do is spread the word to everyone we know about what a killer app this is.

Thanks, James! Since Bean satisfies 99% of my word processing needs, I almost never need to open up that bloated turd MS Word and am a much happier person as a result.
[Version 3.2.1]

Dr.-Girlfriend commented on 18 Jul 2012
Chauvet, your "review” below isn’t helpful and your anger seems misdirected. Little Snitch has one of the longest life cycles of any program I’ve ever purchased for my Mac -- as Misha correctly points out, it went nearly 5 years without charging for an upgrade -- and during that time it was steadily enhanced and supported by the developers. It’s absolutely one of the best programs on the Mac (or any) platform. This new version looks really great so far and I, for one, will have no qualms paying for it.

Rather than unfairly slam this company that’s doing everything right, perhaps you should try to do a little research before spouting off. If I were a customer of your "Apple Tech Support” company and you tried to tell me you REFUSE to offer support on a quality app like Little Snitch simply because you’re too cheap to upgrade it once every FIVE years, I’d hang up the phone and promptly take my business elsewhere.
[Version 3.0 preview ]

Dr.-Girlfriend commented on 06 Jun 2012
If you want to go back to a previous Firefox version (Mozilla recommends you don't because blah blah blah boilerplate warning nonsense), here ya go:

[Version 13.0]


Dr.-Girlfriend reviewed on 05 Jun 2012
FF v13 -- as posted here and at Mozilla's own download link -- is a beta version, so proceed at your own risk. Personally, I wish I'd stuck with 12 because this release sucks for me.


Loads faster. I don't care about this as much as some people, but it bears mentioning.


--Huge memory hog compared to previous release. Chews through RAM like William Shatner chews scenery.

--When opening a new tab, the user is shown a blurry cacophony of their most recently visited pages. This “feature” is turned on by default. It’s stupid, redundant (that’s what History, Awesomebar and the Session Saver features are for) and potentially embarrassing. Why the hell would I want to look at tabs I’ve recently closed? I closed them for a reason! My nosy coworker doesn’t need to know that I’m playing games during downtime and grandma doesn’t need to be subjected to my NSFW reading habits.

--Disables all “incompatible” Add-ons and Themes. Really, Mozilla? Again? I thought we fixed that annoyance once and for all.

--Restored background tabs are not loaded by default for faster startup. Sigh... This is great if you like waiting for your tabs to load while you click them one by one.

--Does not play nicely with Tree Style Tabs add-on.

--Ignores user pref to NOT open download window when downloads begin.

A bunch of other cr@p that it took me a while to fix since (like an idiot) I forgot to save my previous Firefox.dmg and because Mozilla -- although they have four hundred gajillion webpages just for Firefox alone -- can never seem to offer their users a simple, logical download link to the previous version. Navigating Mozilla’s website for a specific download link or an answer to a simple question is like slogging through the Nine Circles of Hell. I love Firefox and have used it for years, but man -- sometimes they make it so hard!

1. Save your previous version before trying this or any future versions of Firefox (whether they’re labelled ‘beta’ or not).
2. To Turn Off the New Tab opens most recently visited pages “feature”, do this:

Type about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter. 
If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access that page.
Filter = browser.newtabpage.enabled -- double-click that pref to toggle it to false.

3. Use the Nightly Tester Tools Add-On to re-enable any extensions or functionality your FF update may have borked. Get it here:

4. Recommended Add-On of the day: FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension). Backs up all of your profile info, add-ons, cookies, etc. smoothly and easily in case of disaster. Hope ya never have to use it, but I can vouch for its excellence. Get it here:

Sorry for the novel.
Have a scientastic day!
[Version 13.0]

Dr.-Girlfriend commented on 14 Feb 2012
Tip: If you're annoyed at having to wait while VLC updates the font cache, try this trick:


I haven't "upgraded" to v. 2.xx yet, but this tip works in v. 1.xx. Good luck.
[Version 2.0.0-rc1]


Dr.-Girlfriend reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
Well, friends, thanks to the tireless support of Simon over at Bitcartel, I've got my PandoraJam working again. Apparently, the problem was caused by a conflict with "Hear", an app I just installed a short while ago. Here it is:


I really like Hear, it's pretty awesome, but I can't live without PandoraJam, so until the conflict is fixed by Joesoft, I've uninstalled Hear from my system. Unfortunately, it must be completely uninstalled for PandoraJam to work (use FindAnyFile or a similar app to locate all of the pieces; simply deleting Hear won't do). Good luck to you all!

And thanks again to Simon at Bitcartel for the excellent support.
[Version 2.0]

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Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 07 Dec 2011
FYI: Hear has been updated to v 1.1.1 and it looks like they've fixed the problem; it now runs just fine alongside PandoraJam. Yay!

If you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to give Hear a try. It's a great app and it's currently part of the MacUpdate bundle promo:


Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 21 Dec 2011
Glad you're up and running again; thanks xXAkumuXx.
Dr.-Girlfriend commented on 04 Dec 2011
Build 570 is now available. In a comment below, Pcsrevil says it's working for him/her. No such luck on my end. Anybody else still having problems?
[Version 2.0]


Dr.-Girlfriend reviewed on 14 Oct 2011
The latest update (v2.0 518) added a number of bugfixes and now remembers your user login so you don't have to re-login at startup.

Use the "check for updates" feature while Pandorajam is running to get the latest betas.
[Version 2.0]


Dr.-Girlfriend reviewed on 03 Oct 2011
Okay. Let’s get something straight right off the bat -- Firefox’s new versioning method is stupid. The end.

Despite that, Firefox is improving by leaps and bounds. Google Chrome may be a wonderful browser; I’ve tried it and wasn’t impressed enough to switch. Google offers folks a lot of great freebies, but for those of us who are more security conscious, Google is a no-go. End of story. If you like Chrome -- wonderful! Good for you. Enjoy. However, this review will be focused on Firefox’s strengths and weaknesses. To that end, I will say:

The latest Firefox nightlies are freaking fantastic! (Download nightlies here:

I’m still disappointed in the way they bungled the switch to the rapid release schedule, but as a someone who has been using Firefox since 2002 (when it was called Phoenix), I can honestly say that the Firefox team is finally back on the right track. Version 7.0 sucked, but v 7.01, 8.xx, and now v 9.xx are amazingly fast and stable (on my MacPro with 22 addons running). As a longtime user, I am really impressed! Flash and Youtube video performance has been greatly improved; I no longer have to repair disk permissions to free memory after using Firefox for a few hours, video doesn’t stutter as much on Youtube, and all of my extensions are working fine. I’m sure there’s room for improvement, but as of today, Firefox rates a solid 4+ on my system. Give it a try; you might like it too.

P.S. the Bookmarks manager has finally been improved as well; it’s still not great, but it’s leaps and bounds better than version 3.xx.

And if you’re sick of websites that use tiny (non-adjustable) text, do yourself a favor and install the NoSquint Addon -- it’s a Must Have! Seriously.

Happy surfing!
[Version 8.0]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 14 Nov 2010
I don't know what's up with VLC lately -- it chews through free memory like crazy. When VLC is running, after just a couple of hours, my system slows to a crawl and even after I turn VLC off, it never releases all of the memory it gobbled up. The only solution is to reboot my computer.

I hope the devs can fix this issue soon because a quick google search shows I'm not the only one having this problem.
[Version 1.1.5]

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Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 24 Jan 2011
Thanks for the tip, Ikir. You're right -- all of the other players do have this same issue. I don't know why I haven't tried QT+Perian lately, but I'll give it a whirl... there's nothing to lose at this point.
Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 08 Mar 2010
Download link is broken.

"Sorry, but the page you were looking for was not found."
[Version 1.1]

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Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 10 Mar 2010
Thanks, Macfool.
Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 03 Feb 2010
I'm having some crashing issues with this latest update.

I have Speed Download set to launch minimized and download in the background. If a file is downloading and Speed Download is minimized, when I click the green maximize button to view the current downloads, the app will crash. Anyone else having this problem?
[Version 5.2.10]

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Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 03 Feb 2010
Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 04 Jan 2010
This latest version is crashtastic.
[Version 1.3]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 25 Oct 2009
If you're having trouble with Pollux lately, this message from the dev's website might help explain why:

"Over the last couple of days, Pollux has gotten an unanticipated high volume of traffic and downloads. We're very happy for the huge interest and success our app has received, but for the very same reason, the third-party services Pollux uses such as MusicDNS and Lyricwiki are no longer able to support Pollux for free. Thus, our current version (1.1.9) is broken.

As we are just two college students not looking for any profit, we are unable to pay for the services Pollux depends on even with the very generous donations we have received. We're looking to resolve this issue and continue to bring you Pollux at the lowest cost we can manage. We apologize for Pollux not working until we can sort out this matter, and we thank you for your interest and patience.

Chetan and Shashwat"

End Quote.
[Version 1.1.8]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 23 Oct 2009
Hangs and/or crashes on exit.
[Version 1.0.2]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 07 Oct 2009
Bug: Tag recordings with album artwork implants album art even if this option is turned off.
[Version 1.4b291]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 25 Sep 2009
Thanks for the update, Bitcartel, but the issue still persists: if "Tag recording with album artwork" is NOT selected, the artist and song title is added to iTunes under the same field (Name). Also, the album title is not tagged at all.

Workaround for users who prefer to apply their own higher quality album art is to keep "tag recording with album artwork" selected in PandoraJam, then manually remove the PJ applied coverart while in iTunes, and reapply higher quality album art with iTunes or the tagging app of your choice.

Still no 64bit love either :(
[Version 1.4b290]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 25 Sep 2009
When "Tag recording with album artwork" is NOT selected, the artist and song title is added to iTunes under the same field (Name). Also, the album title is not tagged at all.

Anyone else having this issue?
[Version 1.4b288]

Dr.-Girlfriend had trouble on 05 Sep 2009
Ordinarily, smcFanControl is a very good app, but I'm having an issue in Snow Leopard that I'd like to make others aware of: SMCFC randomly shuts down without warning. This has happened numerous times after a reboot or after waking the computer from Sleep. It's happened on a clean install of Snow Leopard and I didn't notice until the temps were running quite high on (Original 2006 MacPro) and my fans kicked up a few decibels on their own, alerting me to the problem.

Please note: I don't this this is SMCFC's fault; I think this is a Snow Leopard bug as I've noticed other instances of the O/S not remembering various preferences (keyboard modifier keys, Wacom tablet settings, etc) or apps that I've set to open automatically at login. Hopefully Apple will have a fix soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on your system because SMCFC isn't 100% stable on Snow Leopard yet.
[Version 2.2.2]

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