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Dperugini reviewed on 23 Dec 2012
Although the combination of Evernote and Skitch might eventually make for a more powerful graphics tool, in it's present iteration, Skitch Version 2 offer less powerful than Version 1. Among the many shortcomings of Version 2, these are the most flagrant:
- There are less tools and the ability to change the size of tools, arrow and line widths is more limited - text and line widths can't get as small.
- Version 1 files are not fully compatible with Version 2. The text is rearranged and much of it is missing.
- It's obvious that the real intent of Evernote is to create dependency on subscriptions for additional Cloud storage. I can understand and respect that direction - but to see a valuable and unique tool like Skitch manacled to Evernote's functionality is disappointing. The old Skitch was powerful enough to stand under its own merits. To see it fettered in a subordinated aspect in this version 2 is evidence of greed and short-sightedness.

I'm glad I kept my archived my Skitch v1.xx before installing Skitch 2.xxx. For now I continue to use Version 1.xx. - when MacOSX no longer supports it, I'll look for replacement. If Plasq get's their act together, maybe that replacement will be Skitch 3.0?
[Version 2.0.3]

Dperugini rated on 09 Oct 2012
[Version 3.0]


Dperugini reviewed on 21 Jun 2012
Very elegant implementation of many handy 'text editing' features that you wish would be universally available, but prior to Text Tools, never seem to be there when you needed them most. Well, now they are. Apple's Text Edit has grown to be quite a powerful word processors in its own right and 'Text Tools' notches things up a bit with the new additional functions it brings into play - most notably, Styles, Copy/Paste Styles, Special Characters, and Substitutions. Contextual access to other already built-in features such as Table, Spacing, and more. Being able to easily add any of those features to formerly simple text-type applications such as 'Stickies' makes them finally valuable applications.
Just a word about the developer - he's a very responsive communicator. When I mentioned some problems that I was having with earlier versions, he responded immediately to my email and remedied the concerns, first with a work-around (version 1.2) and then with a permanent fix (version 1.2.2).
[Version 1.2.2]


Dperugini reviewed on 03 Dec 2011
NOTE: This review is a FOLLOW-UP to a previous review for which I misjudged and erroneously assigned a needs-to-improve rating to MacDropUpdate 2.0.5. As it turns out, the fault was at MY end, not in the MacDropUpdate application.

As I promised the Sebastian (the Developer), I have re-evaluated 'MacDropUpdate' beyond version 2.0.5, with which I appeared to have a bit of strange behavior that left me cautious about installing and using it. Sebastian courteously contacted me assured me that the behavior I was experiencing was not part of his experience with the application. He encouraged me to

I am happy to report that with both versions 2.0.6 and 2.0.7, NONE of the strange dialogs resurfaced. Apparently, the strangeness lay in some corruption on my computer, for when I reinstalled my Snow Leopard Operating System and installed 2.0.6, the symptoms never showed themselves. I now have updated to Lion and just installed MacDropUpdate 2.0.7 and everything seems just fine.

My apologies to Sebastian for panicking and falsely reporting what I thought was suspicious behavior. I sincerely hope my assumptions did not adversely affect his download count.
[Version 2.0.7]


Dperugini reviewed on 03 Oct 2011
Hmmm ... launch the 'MacDropUpdate 2' application and it asks if you wish to either 'Run' it or 'Go the the Wiki' page. I chose to Go to the Wiki page, but that wasn't a good enough, I suppose because not only did the application install itself ... it also automatically downloaded an updated version of itself!. All of it done without my permission or ability to interrupt the flow of events.
That's a bit too creepy for my taste. 'CleanApp', here I come!
[Version 2.0.5]

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Dperugini replied on 19 Oct 2011
Sabastian (Developer),
I appreciate your immediate feedback - you sound sincere in your conviction that the application should not have acted in the manner I experienced. Perhaps there was something quirky going on my end.

I noticed that you have a new version posted here at MacUpdate - I'll download that and give it a try. I was traveling earlier and did not have access to my home computer where I have more resources (screen capture apps, etc.) to better work with you to document the issues I detected with your earlier. If I can reproduce what I detected as the problems with the old version (2.0.5), I'll try to screen capture the process and contact you directly. I'll also install 2.0.6 and see if the problem persists in that version.

I do hope that there is no real problem with your 'MacDropUpdate' - if that's the case, I'll definitely write a retractive review or, if possible, remove my low-star review.


Dperugini reviewed on 19 Aug 2011
I have been using this application regularly for years. It provides all the options that you would need to crop, resize (physically and virtually), sharpen, rename, etc. - all within the confines of a single, well-laid-out window. The control and convenience could hardly be improved. A superb tool for your photo-weilding arsenal.
[Version 2.5.1]


Dperugini reviewed on 22 Jul 2011
This one 'gets it'. I've downloaded and tested a slew of To-Do List apps that run on the iPhone, and they are all good in their own way, so I'd hop from one to the other, never really being able to decide WHICH one was superior to the others. Well, having now just downloaded and tested 'Air Todo', I can finally make a qualifiable decision: THIS one is a keeper that I'll be using from my iPhones main screen.
Be sure to download both the MacOSX and the iOS version of 'Air Todo' and you'll be in To-Do heaven. Although it lacks some key features that make the other To-Do list apps still valuable (for example, the abilities to set up more than one list, or to even reorder items in that list), what puts this one on top of the heap is the ability to synchronize between all of your devices (computers and mobile). Some of the reviews are claiming that it doesn't sync, but that hasn't been my experience. I created a list on my iPhone, and in the time it took me to check the Menu item equivalent on my desktop, the sync had taken place. Similarly, adding an item in the MacOSX version immediately synced it to the iPhone.
Hint: Make sure your settings are allowing synchronization. On both the iPhone and computer versions, be sure the 'Auto Sync' setting is set to "ON". You might also want to set the computer version to "Start At Login". By default, all of those settings are already set to ON. If your iPhone version is not immediately syncing, try dragging down on the entire screen (that refreshes the screen).
Many thanks to the designer, Chongyu Zhu, for an excellent early effort. Add a few more features to 'Air Todo' and my iPhone's 'List Folder' will become less crowded.
[Version 1.1.1]

Dperugini commented on 25 Oct 2009
"Google Maps is already the default service used for map lookups in Address Book."

That is true, but the built-in service only provides a link to the Google map ('Map this Address'). 'Google Maps Plugin 2.7.1' also provides the following services:

- Google Directions (which lets you plug in a second address for directions)
- Locate in Google Earth (launches Google Earth version of map)
- Google Preferences (a whole bunch of useful additions, such as displaying phone number on the map listing).
- Google Map for [Address Book Entry] - whatever Preference options you set are available with this option. If you option to use the built-in plain vanilla 'Map This Address' option, it's still there, which is very thoughtful of the Google people.
[Version 2.7.1]

Dperugini commented on 02 Jul 2009
I don't understand why so many of commenters of these FREE applications from Creative.Live.Love are so vehement regarding the simplicity of the applications. The developer, who has an obvious esthetic sense creates some attractive, single-purpose applications and asks nothing in return other than some feedback when something doesn't work.
So rather than flaming the poor developer, how about simply emailing him with a problem that you're having or a feature that you'd like to see introduced.
[Version 1.2]

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