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DovTodd reviewed on 06 Apr 2014
Just installed this, I'm on Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9.2), works just great! Entire screen (except for menubar) turns totally black, including even the desktop wallpaper. Very easy and simple to use.

You can change the color from black to another solid color of your choice, if you want. The color can be total, or it can let the actual background leak through, and you can decide the strength of that leakage, that's your choice too. You can also decide the fade speed. I left that at the original setting, at nearly immediate.

Whatever you want to focus on has to be selected first before you turn on Isolator. Isolator's icon appears only in the menubar. To turn on Isolator, you click its icon, then within its drop-down menu you click "on." When you're done, again click Isolator's icon, click "off" in its drop-down menu, then regular screen returns. That's it.

If you want to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, you can use the hotkey of your choice to turn Isolator on and off from the keyboard. The icon showing in the menubar is optional, you can still access it through the hotkey.

I see no bugs; it seems totally stable. This doesn't feel like it's a beta at all.

I did have two questions I couldn't resolve. In Preferences, under the tab titled "Background windows," there's something called "Filter type" where you have the choice of: None, Blur, Bloom, Crystals, Desaturate. I tried them all but couldn't determine what these options actually did. So I left this at the original setting, None. There's also something called "Filter radius," which you can change along a continuum from small to large. Tried this out as well, didn't seem to do anything either. I left this alone at the original setting as well. There's nothing on the developer's website that explains these two options either.
[Version 4.76beta]


DovTodd reviewed on 20 Feb 2013
This is a really terrific gem. I've been using SnapNDrag for free ever since I discovered it, within the last 3-6 months, largely because I wanted to be able to occasionally post screen captures into my emails (I use Gmail), and today I finally upgraded to the pro version, SnapNDrag Pro.

The reason I originally got SnapNDrag was that I was frustrated by other screen capture programs not having the feature of being able to post a copy of any screen capture into my email. I could post them into Microsoft Word, just not into emails. I then did a search of various screen capture programs, and this one caught my eye. It didn't hurt at the time that it is also freeware. This program does an excellent job of being able to post screen captures into emails. It's also really easy and intuitive to use.

The free version doesn't allow borders to be added. I eventually upgraded to SnapNDrag Pro so that I could add borders to my screen capture images. That upgrade to the paid version cost me $6.44. Sometimes images look less amorphous if they have a border. I was able to add a black line around my image, and the border looks terrific.

One thing that I do think is a downside is that there is no capability to add annotations to a screen capture image in this program.
[Version 3.0.2]


DovTodd reviewed on 15 Feb 2013
When I was originally looking for a video diary, the reason I wanted video was that I was looking for a way to have a diary where I could use a language for which a written form does not really exist, American Sign Language. This program was the first time I've ever bought a video diary app.

But I've found there are some major problems with this software program that's left me feeling frustrated.

First problem: When I create a video, I can see in the background the diary locking itself while the screen for the video is open. So when I'm done with the video, I'm forced to re-enter the password again to re-open the diary. This happened virtually every single time that I was making a video. Why is this the apparent default setting, for the rest of the diary to close down when a video is being made? I would like to have the option of setting the diary to stay open while I'm making an entry by video.

Second problem: When I save a diary, I must name the video. Yet when I am ready to look at the video attachment, there is no name appearing under any attachment, which is a problem if I've created more than one video attachment for the same entry in the diary. Only if I open the video briefly by space bar can I see the title I gave the video. I can hit the space bar to quickly see what's in each video, but I should be able to look at the title of each video file without going through that space-bar step if I wish, it would be so much faster to do so. Ironically, hitting the space bar is billed as a time saving way of seeing the content of each video quickly, but having the name of the video in English underneath each video file would be even quicker.

Third problem: The videos I am saving are not reliably appearing in the entry for the day I make them. Several times I have created a video and then thought I saved it. But when I test it, the video I just made isn't there, it's gone. The video files I see aren't visibly labelled, so I'm forced to check them manually again by hitting the space bar again with each video file to see if the video I just made is there or not, but it turns out that they are the earlier videos I made that I created for testing purposes before I made the actual video I really want. The video I made is once again just gone, without a trace. I just went through this three times today. I am tired of repeating myself on video a fourth time, so I am not going to bother. There has to be a better way to really make sure the video is in fact being made and then later in fact being saved than currently exists in this app.

Fourth problem: When more than one video is made for the same day in the diary, the videos are not saved in a clear order. You can't tell by looking at the screen which video was done first, second or third. There is no option of having a visible timestamp or in some other way having the video files numbered to be able to separate them from each other (unless, of course, you go through the time consuming act of hitting the space bar and then viewing each video file in order to determine the content of each video file).

It appears the videos are stored in reverse chronological order, with each additional video inserted in the sequence at the far left and pushing the previous videos (if any) for that day in the diary to the right. I would like to have the option of reversing this order so that the video files can go from left to right with the first file at far left being the first video that was made for that day's entry in the diary.

The one positive thing I can say about this app is that it never crashes or freezes. So, I will give it five stars for stability.

But in the other respects (features, ease of use, value, overall rating), for at least this version of this app, I am giving it a 1/2 star.
[Version 2.0.3]


DovTodd reviewed on 11 Sep 2012
I recently purchased Little Snitch, and I could not decide what to block or not. Strange that nobody else seems to mention this as a possible issue. Could I possibly be the only one here who doesn't know how to approach the additional info in a productive way? So, even though I got a lot more info as a result of installing this software, info I had never seen before, I did not know what to do with this extra information. I can't just willy nilly block everything, some might actually be important. There was nothing provided by this program to give me any guidance on this front. Many of the names mentioned by Little Snitch after I began using it I did not recognize, there was nothing in the name to give me any hint. So, I have uninstalled this and given this the lowest possible rating. When I can find a way to address this issue of how to decide what to block and which should never be blocked or should always be blocked, then I will come back and be willing to give this program another try out.
[Version 2.5.4]

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DovTodd replied on 23 Sep 2012
@Vitu - can you include here an example of what a look at that database through the help button would show? For example, can you include a screen capture here somewhere? If not, thanks for this new information anyway!

DovTodd replied on 25 Sep 2012
@Vitu, thanks for the pngs. I looked at them, but they still don't really tell me what to block or not. I feel I still need to acquire a higher level of understanding with how to handle such information before I would feel comfortable returning to using programs like Little Snitch again. I may simply be the wrong audience for this sort of software. Thanks again so much for your help, I do appreciate your efforts to help me out here.

DovTodd replied on 25 Sep 2012
@Frankof - there was nothing anywhere in the advertising or description of this program that alerted me to what I needed to know ahead of time before I purchased this in order to be able to make the most of this program. As a result it is left to posts like mine that will now have to do that work of alerting those who will not be otherwise aware of the issues that I have encountered with this program. I would have evaluated differently if the information was also included upfront in the description. That seems only fair to those who have not yet encountered this program, so that they will be more informed as customers whether they want to try this program out or not.

DovTodd replied on 25 Sep 2012
Ok, I may have gone about this the wrong way. I admit that I may have jumped too soon. I'm going to take this as a learning experience. Thanks for all your feedback!

I don't know how to change the stars I marked here. On a website like, I can go back and rating the number of stars, or change it to a neutral rating, by picking the star in the middle of five stars, and that replaces the previous rating, but it doesn't look like MacUpdate's star rating system can be changed later once a post has been made.

DovTodd rated on 25 Feb 2012
[Version 1.0.2]

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