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I'm also a dedicated beta tester for a few big 'companies' but also for smalller companies and even family business's. I test only apps and games for the Mac and iOS devices :) Sometimes I port some Windows apps...

I have a lovely wife and a very clever daughter!

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Dokter_mac reviewed on 22 Mar 2013
I've tried out a few apps but this one is the best for me.
There are many option and it works very fast!
Where other apps failed to recognize the difference between a real photo and a thumbnail this app performed the job 100% well :)
My iPhoto library contains about 45000 photos.
It's also very affordable so I've bought a Family Pack.
A few minor things are lack of translations (I live in Belgium) and the UI coold be better in my opinion (but that's a personal thought).
[Version 4.4.2]


Dokter_mac reviewed on 16 Oct 2012
The best and only iPhoto plugin for the SnapFish-Service if you're on a Apple computer. Too bad that SnapFish has removed the download link from their website, forcing Apple users to work with Flash...

I've recently updated all my hardware to 10.8 and noticed that the plugin does not work anymore. And it seems that SnapFish will not make the plugin compatible... They should have to release the source code for the Open-Source community so we can fix this! I would love to fix the plugin for them ;)
[Version 1.1.2]

Dokter_mac commented on 27 Aug 2012
Just to be clear about this application, it's only 'FREE' when you download the application from the developer site.

If you follow the Mac App Store link you will have to 'PAY' before you can download! Not much but still...

Never the less I'm thinking about donating the developer(s) for this application. But only if and when I want to...

BTW: It's a great application and it's free! I use also Speed Download and they work side by side (both apps launched and downloading).

[Version 1.2]

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Dokter_mac replied on 27 Aug 2012
Yes that's it. Meanwhile I've also donated 10€ :D.

Thanks for the very clear explanations in your reply!

Dokter_mac rated on 20 Jul 2012
[Version 2.3.2]


Dokter_mac reviewed on 20 Jul 2012
Thank you so much!!! You don't know how long I've been looking for something like this for my dual G5!!!!

I still use my G5 for several things.
Even when I own the following Intel Macs:
iMac 17" 2,16GHZ DualCore 2GB RAM, MacBook Pro Core i5 4GB RAM, Two 27" iMacs (one @ 3,33GHZ dual core 8GB RAM and a 2,8GHZ Core i7 with turbo mode and 16GB RAM) and last but not least a MacBook Air Core i7 1,8GHZ 4GB RAM!

Still my good 'old' PowerMac G5 (dual proc @ 2,7GHZ with water cooling and 8GB RAM) runs almost every day together with his Intel mates ;) It's great that developers still care about this powerful Mac!


(Please don't start a PPC-Intel machine thread about which is the best...)
[Version 122683]

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Dokter_mac replied on 20 Jul 2012
You're so cool :). If you can't test the 64 bit G5 optimized build, you'll have no problems receiving feedback and bugs ;)

Again, many thanks from the community for all the optimized builds! Sincerely.
Dokter_mac commented on 01 Jun 2012
Too bad that Dutch is not included... I would buy asap!
[Version 7.1.11]

Dokter_mac commented on 09 May 2012
I wonder why they have added version 5.1.6 from Safari into the upgrade when they release Safari 5.1.7 at the same time?
[Version 10.7.4]


Dokter_mac reviewed on 16 Apr 2012
Top Tool!!!
Works great with all my older Macs. From my SE models to my Performa's.
[Version 1.2.1]

Dokter_mac rated on 19 Mar 2012
[Version 1.6]

Dokter_mac rated on 01 Mar 2012
[Version 1.0.0]

Dokter_mac had trouble on 26 Apr 2011
The uninstaller for this version can be found here:


Dokter_mac had trouble on 06 Apr 2010
- Can't update Safari Plugin Error?
- In app AutoUpdate Error?
- DMG copy problem with symlink to Application folder?
Common TastyApps, a stable release please.
The above errors are simple to solve. Please, fix this asap. It's not professional releasing it this way.

I've paid for the app and I expect a program that's tested.
If you need a beta tester, leave a comment.

Don't get me wrong. The app, when it's working, is great! 5 Stars!
It's fast, very easy to use, Safari integration, many settings, etc.

With kind regards & thanks in advance.
[Version 3.0]

Dokter_mac had trouble on 06 Dec 2009
Download link via MacUpdate does not work for me?

I've browsed to the homepage (more information link) & downloaded the file from there.

[Version 2.1]

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