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Dmu commented on 09 Jan 2014
I would love to jump over to this… unfortunately, the fatal flaw with Fountain/Fade In/Highland for me is that they are screenplay only. If any of them had a stageplay option, I would be able to bail from Final Draft completely. Unfortunately, FD is the only one with templates for playwrights.
[Version 1.2.464]

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Dmu replied on 09 Jan 2014
Oh wait… seems they do have a stageplay template you can download and install! I may finally escape the FD cycle after all.

I've wasted so much money on alternatives that fell short—or literally robbed me blind—like Montage (abandonware), Highland (featureless) Celtx (unsecure), Movie Draft SE (abandon ware), and Movie Magic (expensive and FD-like).

As you can see, I've been trying to escape but every script has always ended up in Final Draft, no matter where it started.
Dmu commented on 06 Jan 2014
I absolutely do enjoy writing my scripts with Final Draft. It gets out of my way and lets me move quicker. It's stable, slim, good stuff. Expensive, yes… but I don't regret the expense I've made and the past upgrades. HOWEVER, I honestly don't see any compelling reason to upgrade to version 9.

It truly seems like a lazy attempt to grind some more cash out of existing customers. Like someone in a board room said "New customers are nearly non-existent without a desktop product launch in 5 years. We need a new version!"… But that takes time to make sir and we haven't even started, Boss! "Then make it an UPDATE but call it version NINE and treat it like an UPGRADE!"… Genius! $$$.

The website doesn't even have a highlighted "What's New!" section. Just a rehash of old features that have been streamlined or touched-up. It all smacks of Quark, pre-Indesign days. Greed and sloth from a near-monopoly.
[Version 9.0]


Dmu reviewed on 02 Jan 2014
I could have really enjoyed it… but there is no support for dual monitors, so it snows and snows on the tiny laptop window—where I don't need any distractions—while my big monitor has nothing at all. As mentioned above, it was app store, so I had to find that out the hard way.
[Version 1.4]


Dmu reviewed on 31 Oct 2013
Since the most recent two reviews are 2005 and 2011, I guess maybe I'll raise my voice. I just attended a class that showed Motion's versatility. I am by no means a professional, but the feature set is deep and the experience is intuitive. Examples were shown to use it outside of traditional video editing as well and the presenter even made animated gifs/cinemagraphs insanely fast and easily on the fly. I don't know how the feature set has grown in comparison to past versions, but it is currently quite amazing and user-friendly. At $50… holy cow, why not? It's easily worth that.
[Version 5.0.7]


Dmu reviewed on 03 Oct 2013
I am a 1Password user since it first came out. I absolutely love using it. However... if you have not purchased it before I cannot and do not recommend buying it now.


Because you will never stop paying for it. Every upgrade is paid upgrade with very disappointing upgrade pricing for loyal customers. Also, the iOS app is extraordinarily expensive, and also demands steep upgrade pricing for each version as well. Between my computer and my wife's computer, both of our phones, and many many version upgrades, I would say I have easily spent over $200 on this one piece of software. And if history tells me anything... it is far from over.

I'm deep in it. I've come too far to bail out now. But if you're just getting started on password management apps, there are cheaper or even free alternatives that offer free upgrades and/or deep discounts. They may not be as wonderful, but they are fair. Also, OS X Mavericks will have a basic version included. It may be basic, but it will be free. However, if you jump on the 1Password train, the train will stop and ask you to pay again at every station.
[Version 4.0]

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Dmu replied on 03 Oct 2013
leime: I do agree that it's worth it... IF you are making a one-time purchase. But eventually, you will have to move up to stay compatible or follow the new feature set. Then you will keeping paying and paying, and at some point you will question if it's worth that much. At this point, it might as well have gone subscription—a model I will never buy into.
Dmu commented on 15 Mar 2013
10.8.3 has turned my computer to half speed and gives me spinning beachballs for everything I do. I repaired permissions and the Library itself had to be fixed. That helped, but it is still noticeably slower than 10.8.2.
[Version 10.8.3]

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Dmu replied on 15 Mar 2013
Late 2010 MBP

Dmu replied on 15 Mar 2013
yes, that did the trick! i did onyx automation with all the settings turned on and things were much better after restart. thanks vinnyg & davidravenmoon.
Dmu commented on 01 Mar 2013
I believe Hype must be using Apple's dangerous versioning system now or something. I built a website last night and exported it. Worked great. Went to bed and thought of some more ideas. Woke up in the morning, and the Hype file I created was gone. I looked everywhere (and I am very well organized). The "Open Recent" menu showed only one file that was a long string of nonsense. When I opened it, it was a very, very early version, before any of the real hard work! And I do save my files as I work... obsessively. Every time I do even the smallest thing I like, I save the file. So… where is my file? Absolutely, 100% gone along with 8 hours of work. I cannot trust this app any longer.
[Version 1.6.1]

Dmu commented on 26 Feb 2013
When I open this, a modal window pops up saying "File library cannot be opened." Then another appears, and another, etc. My screen becomes filled with them and I can't close them fast enough to quit the application. Then I have no choice but to force quit. I've never actually been able to try the app out.
[Version 2.0.0]


Dmu reviewed on 20 Sep 2012
I love this app, and in light of the iOS 6 Maps debacle, let me be the first to ask this talented developer to please create an iOS version of eMaps so we can have a native UI frontend for Google Maps on the iPhone again. Making a homescreen icon of the GM webpage simple does not cut it — especially as an international transit user. For my unusual needs, I seriously doubt that Apple Maps can/will fulfill my needs within the next 3-5 years... if ever.
[Version 2.8.0]

Dmu commented on 06 Aug 2012
I love the fact that Glims can bring the old Safari tab behavior back... but I am unsettled by the fact that it adds so many files to your System and System Libraries folder. Frameworks, extensions, components, you name it. After I had some erratic behavior with the System, I went clearing house and I found Glims stuff everywhere I looked! And the only feature I was using was tab size restoration. I find this as bad as using SIMBL, even if the files are relatively harmless.
[Version 1.0]

Dmu had trouble on 05 Jul 2012
Ummm. I have m4a files that are audio exported directly from Quicktime itself. In other words, the most common, prevalent, default format for the Mac – and XLD, the Mac audio converter, cannot recognize the format. That seems to me one of the most inexplicable things I can imagine.
[Version 20120609]

Dmu had trouble on 16 Dec 2011
I just want to convert a sub file to srt. but opening the sub file takes about a half an hour or crashes the app. If I do manage to get one open after a half hour, the encoding is wrong. But when I choose another encoding to see if that's the right one, it's another half hour wait or crash. I think life is too short for this app.
[Version 1.3.2]

Dmu had trouble on 22 Oct 2010
Just installed iLife '11. I'd love to tell you what I think, except it doesn't work. iPhoto needs to upgrade the database - gets halfway through - crash. 6 times. After restarts, permissions rebuilds, everything else I could think of... no go.
[Version 11]

Dmu had trouble on 06 Mar 2009
i love the idea of this app and the developers seem supercool. however, i simply can't use it. for my work, we use word doc scripts with headers that contain company information. And then the content itself is in a table. however, this app cannot properly open word docs. the header is down at the bottom like a footer and the content is on top, and if it goes to a econd page all heck breaks loose. i test it with every update, and it's never been able to open word docs properly. if they ever get true word compatibility, it could become my everyday app.
[Version 4.7]

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