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DLWormwood tipped on 08 Mar 2007
Just a small tip to US users: the date reported is in European date order: day, month, year.

For the longest time I thought my machine was made during an interval between April and October, when I really was during the first week of March.
[Version 2.2]


DLWormwood reviewed on 30 Jan 2007
This is actually an interesting little toy. While it lacks the precision to easily make a specific sound being imagined, it demonstrates concepts like variable pitch, volume envelope, and wave form distinction between sine, triangle and square waves rather well with a drag-and-drop interface. This does appear well suited to teach school students some of the simpler parts of acoustic science. It's too bad there isn't support for colored noise generation. (The random waveform can't be adjusted tightly enough.)
[Version 1.0]


DLWormwood reviewed on 06 Oct 2006
I'm impressed that such an apparently obscure Japanese Windows freeware is now available on the Mac in English. A fun game with an excellent NES nostalgia factor despite being an original work. Does need a joypad rather than a keyboard to play effectively, the setting of which was a little fiddly, but works.
[Version 0.0.6]


DLWormwood reviewed on 13 Aug 2006
Man, the nostalgia that this app brings back is luciously painful. HyperCard was what attracted me to the Mac in the first place, and I really missed the culture the Macsphere had in those days. This app perfectly recaptured the "monochrome" asethetic that early Mac apps had. I can see this app used to make web pages and Flash apps to reclaim the 1-bit retro look.
[Version 1.0.1]

DLWormwood commented on 13 Jul 2006
How does this compare with Drop Drawers by Sig Software? I've been using it for a few years, but DD has a couple quirks of its UI due to it being a little too ambitious with its functionality.
[Version 1.3]


DLWormwood reviewed on 12 Jul 2006
A promising game, but when the developer has the sick sense of humor to only offer one life on "Rookie" and have a entire fleet kamakazee your ship after beating the first fleet, you know the developer has too much of a snobbish "leet" mentality to hold much promise of this game being a successful "resume piece."
[Version 1.0.1]

Dlwormwood commented on 11 Sep 2003
While there are legitimate uses for some of the functionality this app provides, the way this thing is marketed makes me wonder. The developers have chutzpah to post a notice about what's obviously intended to be a hacking/intrusion tool on a highly visible site such as this.
[Version 2.0]

Dlwormwood commented on 25 Aug 2003
Any possiblilty of getting this to work with 10.1.5? I'm already using macmikmod via AppleScript, but would like a better front end.
[Version 0.2.3]

Dlwormwood tipped on 11 Jul 2003
Remember, folks, this is a beta release, not the full version of 1.10. That said, I do like the new gameplay changes and I'm finding that some of the key bugs that affected me in previous versions are fixed.

As to graphics performance issues, Diablo II was developed for Voodoo/3dfx and ATI hardware in mind. Certain nVidia chips, like the GeForce 2 MX in my iMac, don't like the heavy texture loading and unloading 2-D games like Diablo use. WCIII worked will because it was 3-D, and StarCraft worked well because it never used OpenGL. The artwork was originally made for "software" rendering mode in the first place, with OpenGL support tacked on at the last minute for marketing reasons.
[Version 1.10]

Dlwormwood commented on 23 Mar 2003
This is an promising re-implementation of the classic Oxyd games. However, while Oxyd was hard, this game is even *less* forgiving than the older game. A couple of the levels are physically painful to play using a mouse, as well as introducing high speed narrow "catwalk" runs way too soon. You really need a trackball to play this remake without injury.
[Version 1.1]

Dlwormwood had trouble on 17 Sep 2003
Is there some other places besides Lemkesoft I can get the current version? I've been unable to access the web site for about three months now, both from at home and work. Anybody else having problems accessing the site?
[Version 4.8.2]

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