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Displaced commented on 12 Dec 2009
I was looking to use this as an alternative to iVPN. However, I've hit a problem:

- On first launch, the app refused to activate the VPN settings - the 'ON' button quickly reverted back to 'OFF'.

- The log file could not be read, since the vpn log file had not been created.

- After quitting and re-launching, it's now impossible to progress past the shareware 'nag' screen - the Continue button does nothing, so the trial cannot be continued.

App looks handy... if I could trial it successfully...
[Version 1.0]

displaced commented on 07 May 2008
Redmine ( is also very good and very free :)

(better than Trac in many places, missing a couple of Trac features in others. I've just migrated my company's Trac installation to Redmine and we're extending it to cover projects which Trac struggled with).
[Version 5.5.7]

displaced commented on 06 May 2008
I've been a fan of Vladstudio's work for years. When I switched to OS X back in 2002 I made sure I copied over my collection of Vladstudio images from my PC before it went into storage. Great to have this collection all pre-prepared for common Mac screen resolutions!

[Version 1.0]

displaced commented on 30 Apr 2008
Doesn't seem to work with my Airport Expresses.

After I set the IP address and password (both of which I've repeatedly verified), AirportTraffic does nothing for a few seconds then quits (without even an 'unexpectedly quit' dialog).

Looks quite nice in the screenshots though!
[Version 1.0]

displaced tipped on 01 Nov 2007
I got it to work in Leopard :)

Look in /Library/InputManagers/ and ~/Library/InputManagers and delete SIMBL.

Re-download the latest SIMBL from and let it install.

Re-install Keyword Manager.

If you have anything in ~/Library/InputManagers, move them to /Library/InputManagers.

Leopard will only run InputManager plugins from the all-users Library.
[Version 1.3.2]

displaced commented on 14 Sep 2007
Excellent little widget -- works exactly as described for the services I've used it with (Royal Mail and

As well as working great, it looks great too. Very nicely presented.

I know there are umpteen different postal services in the world, but I'd really appreciate support for Parcelforce deliveries ( -- the parcel/package-focused branch of the Royal Mail in the UK. As many other UK folk will attest, it's usually a good idea to keep quite close tabs on the progress of Parcelforce packages (they didn't earn their nickname of Parcelfarce for nothing!)

Thanks again!
[Version 3.7]


displaced reviewed on 25 Jan 2007
Balance looks like a fantastic application, which comes at a great price!

The interface is very clean. The idea of having the transaction entry feature right there on the main screen is great.

I've manually entered some transactions and it behaves exactly as it should.

However, I'd really appreciate an import feature. My online banking service provides downloads in comma-separated values style (as well as more complex formats such as Quickbooks and Microsoft Money).

An import feature that could handle CSV files would be excellent. Many banks and personal finance software can export plain-text CSV files. Also, many home users may already maintain a spreadsheet to track their transactions. Adding CSV support could help existing users who use online banking or a spreadsheet application.

For my use, here's how I'd like to see an import function work:

* Prompt to open the CSV file

* Present a list of the column headers from that file. This would be assumed to be the first line of the CSV file (that'd be nice because just in case the bank's CSV file doesn't include headers, it's trivial for a user to add them in a spreadsheet app).

* This list of columns in the file could then be mapped to those which Balance uses. My banking service provides a 'Memo' field, which could be a good starting point for the 'Category' field.

* Balance would then loop through the CSV file, adding transactions by pulling data from the specified columns.

With an import feature that's flexible yet simple, this would (for me) be the perfect day-to-day finance tracker.
[Version 1.2]


displaced reviewed on 18 Jan 2007
Ah, memories!

The Acorn Electron was the first computer I owned (complete with the wobbly joystick port add-on!)

This emulator is absolutely spot-on. I grabbed a copy of Monsters and felt like I was right back there in 1984. Sadly, my Acorn died from a faulty RF modulator. However, I still have the spiral-bound User's Guide knocking around in a draw somewhere. The halcyon days when your computer's assembly instruction set was documented in the back of a dead-tree manual! I might try bashing in some code to see what the emulator makes of it :)

Great work!
[Version 0.6c]

displaced commented on 10 Jun 2006
Good widget, nicely designed.

Sadly, this guy's web site is a complete rip-off of John Gruber's popular Mac weblog,'s iconic design.

John's noticed this already. Apparently, this guy's taken Daring Fireball's CSS design wholesale, and simply removed John's own name and copyright notices.

Bad form. Very bad form.
[Version 1.0]

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displaced replied on 11 Jun 2006
Cool... he's altered it now. Good stuff.

Although the dev hasn't mentioned anything publicly, I hope there's been a nice 'my bad' email sent to John at DF!
displaced commented on 25 Jan 2006
Great bit of software! Beats digging through folders in Finder and the tedious task of opening a VIDEO_TS with DVD Player!

There's only a couple things I'd change:

1) Delicious Library integration. It'd be fantastic if Matinee could pull cover art from DL... and perhaps let the user jump to a film's entry in DL for more information. DL already does great integration with Amazon, etc. so all the info's there to get, without reinventing the wheel (i.e. querying Amazon from Matinee).

2) More flexible UI. For example, I'd like the main window to be resizable, and have the whole UI scale with the resizing.
[Version 2.3]

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