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Dirty_Hairy rated on 10 Feb 2014
[Version 5.3]

Dirty_Hairy commented on 20 Apr 2012
Like others that commented earlier. I got this free in a software and it's all lies. Unless I switched off Little Snitch this copycat software did squat. And like everybody I switched off the annoying application read/write nags. I don't need any reminders of horrible and annoying winblows was.
[Version 2.0.1]


Dirty_Hairy reviewed on 16 Apr 2012
I agree with ipoopstore. What a bunch of losers and trolls with the ignorant comments and reviews.

I couldn't even begin to guess how many tools are front-ends for Terminal commands. But no one is whining like spoiled children about them.

I read a comment recently that sums up the losers and their hate.

"People pay for conveniences like valet parking and hair cuts. They could have parked their own car and slapped a bowl on their head to cut their hair to avoid paying the fees/tips. The same logic applies to Terminal and Mac tools. You can do it yourself or you can pay for the convenience of a tool to do it for you. The choices are up to each person. And I doubt the trolls can comprehend the fact there will always be a market for conveniences or the simple fact that there are Mac users with handicaps. My aunt can hardly type in her own name because her hands are too arthritic and the pain is excruciating. She wears a holstered sidearm with a hair trigger and I'd bet she'd shoot any troll between the eyes telling her to use Terminal instead of software that does the same."

Too bad his aunt couldn't find the retards that gave this a bad rep for their own ignorance.

Dirty_Hairy commented on 08 Mar 2012

3.3.0f4 was the version of the Unity Engine used to build this game.

The released version number on the Mac App Store is
[Version 3.3.0f4]

Dirty_Hairy commented on 07 Mar 2012
I'm not going to rate the game because I actually like it. But I wanted to point out how flippng retarded the people at EA are.

"What's New
Version 1.0.1:
* We’ve listened to your feedback and added a FULL-SCREEN BUTTON to make your MONOPOLY board even bigger!"

Like really, you actually needed feedback for something you bone heads should have had in there in the first place. And somehow I don't believe you (EA) ever listened to feedback from customers because had you done so you wouldn't have ruined one of the longest running game franchises and then retired it. Yes, I mean the Command & Conquer series. Both Westwood and Aspyr made some really great variations that added to the C&C franchise. So what does EA do, buys the copyrights, turns the final game to sheet and then says "the end" with a lame and stupid story line that never actually tied up all the questions from previous games. Kind of makes one wonder what kind of retards are running EA. EA if you have any brains left, sell the C&C franchise back to Aspyr for $1 and let someone that knows what the heck their doing run with the franchise. My dead dog could have come up with better ideas than what C&C 4 offered. And what's with Sims franchise? The only words that come to mind are boring and lame. Who are they even marketting it too? Pedophiles, peeping-toms and voyeuristic losers.
[Version 1.0.1]

Dirty_Hairy rated on 07 Mar 2012
[Version 4.3.1]

Dirty_Hairy rated on 18 Feb 2012
[Version 2.0.6]


Dirty_Hairy reviewed on 25 Jan 2012
Excellent too for backing up my purchased dvds. I can safely store my originals away and when the kids want to watch a movie they can watch the rip instead of ruining my dvds.

Comments below about Mac The Ripper are overly exaggerated. The old free MTR was quite good. MTR is now a scam. You donate money and pray you don't get booted from the forum and lose access to the latest and useless versions.
[Version 1.6.2]

Dirty_Hairy rated on 25 Jan 2012
[Version 1.4]

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