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Dialing_wand reviewed on 27 Jan 2014
This developer should be ashamed of themselves - the program spits out an error on launch under Mavericks (10.9).

They've had ample time to fix it, and yet have not.

That's no way to treat paying customers.
[Version 2.5.3]


Dialing_wand reviewed on 04 Feb 2013
So I used to be a huger "Renamer" fan - but this one is better.

What it lacks in simplicity it makes up for in power; for example, you can rename files (media files especially) based on metadata, which is fantastic.

Furthermore, even the "simplicity" aspect is up for debate, because with "Renamer" the options are limited but hard to figure out.

WIth this app the options are ten-fold but much more straightforward.

The only other fault against this app is stability, it has frozen a few times, but faced with any other "batch rename" requirement I pine for this one.

Worth a shot in any case.
[Version 9.18]


Dialing_wand reviewed on 07 Aug 2012
I'm not sure where to start. I was a longtime iShowU HD user (and in a way still am.) Part of my reason for choosing iShowU HD was that I could edit my videos in my NLE. But it wasn't a quick process.

Screenflow is the answer for quick screen-cap-videos. The editor is very basic and, if you're used to full-fledged editors, can be a bit demanding with it's "dumbed-down-ed-ness." But that "dumbed-down-ed-ness" is exactly what makes ScreenFlow so powerful. It's fast, very fast. Fade, splice, callout, etc. etc. All are quick and easy to use.

A few wishes:
- Direct input selection for multi-input sound interfaces.
- Callout properties for "Freehand" effects are tricky and don't always zoom properly (IE they zoom off the screen.)
- Easy way to setup a video so that you can export as 1080p.

Either way, despite the seemingly steep price, it's worth it in time saved not mucking about elsewhere.
[Version 3.0.6]


Dialing_wand reviewed on 22 Jul 2012
I've only used this app once, but it's stellar. Here's why I rated it so highly:

I've been a longtime "Renamer" user; long enough that I used it be called Renamer4Mac. I thought it was great, and overall it is, but despite the clean interface and very mac-like-look, Renamer suffered from some usability issues: mainly that after all this time, I can't always get what I want the first time.

With A Better Finder Rename, it worked, out of the box for a multi-step rename. It was fast, and simple and clean and I'm glad it came as part of the last Promo!

I'll update this review if any issues pop-up, but colour me impressed!
[Version 9.08]

Dialing_wand rated on 24 Feb 2012
[Version 10.4.1]


Dialing_wand reviewed on 04 Jan 2012
I received Blast as part of a Macupdate Promo bundle. I really really want to like it; especially with Lion's own shortcomings in the "Smart Folder" department.

In fact, I want to like it so much (because in theory it's eminently useful) that I keep trying it.

Here is my one and only qualm with it at this point (and why I can never use it more than a few minutes before remembering this issue):

I need to be able to specify filetypes explicitly. I use video for my work that ends with mts and mxf and mp4... Blast doesn't like these formats.

I use audio like AIFF, WAV, etc... these don't seem to get picked up either though, in my mind they are standard audio formats.

A very quick menu to allow us to assign file-types... and this would be, well, the bomb. ;)
[Version 1.7.5]


Dialing_wand reviewed on 02 Jan 2012
A very simple, very good utility.

We use it for it's synchronize function only, which is essentially a front-end for "rsync." Nevertheless it allows us to synchronize projects across various edit suites without the need for a more complicated SAN.

It's also very accessible for novice "network" users.

We originally were introduced to it through a MacUpdate Promo bundle and while I was skeptical about it at first, it's one of the utilities we continue to use, year after year.

If you're looking for something quick to synchronize multiple directories or projects and only need file-comparison (not diff ability) this may be worth trying out.
[Version 2.4.7]


Dialing_wand reviewed on 07 Sep 2011
This application has saved my rear end quite a few times. More importantly, it makes managing specific files within a Time Machine backup much more granular and simple. While the idea of constant-backup with versioning is great, the practice of the Time Machine restore interface was lacking for our setup.

We have several Macs at our small office, all have Time Machine backup disk arrays of 4TB or more (one is 10TB at the moment.) Back in Time makes working with the backups simple, even if you're working with a disk or disk image from another machine; which is where Back-In-Time has saved me the most.

Look, if this review sounds overly glowing, I can't help it, this utility paid for itself over and over. While there are features I'd like to see the developer has been responsive and forthcoming.

I took off half a a star because there are some interface tweaks that could be used to clarify things just a little bit more (like the drive/folder listing) and a more efficient way to search for recently back-up files across ALL disks and arrays, not just a single one - but these are minor quirks for such a useful utility.
[Version 2.1.0]

Dialing_wand rated on 17 Aug 2011
[Version 1.7.2]

Dialing_wand rated on 15 Aug 2011
[Version 10.4]

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