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Detto reviewed on 09 Nov 2011
This is such a gem!
I always used shntool on Linux and OS X but stumbled upon this GUI for it, lucky me.

It can decode and encode from/to almost any file and has many useful tools on board, just check it out.

Basically I only use it for decoding FLAC files to WAV so I can import them into iTunes and convert them there into iTunes Plus AAC.

Try it out, it's free!
Decoded nearly 2000 songs with this application and never crashed on me or produced an error or faulty files.
[Version 2.13]

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Detto replied on 06 Dec 2011
@Echorob: why is XLD superior? I don't need ripping, auto tagging and all that. Back in the days I always used and still use shntool because it' simple, can be used in scripts and always worked without a problem. Without xAct I'd still use the terminal shntool.

Detto replied on 06 Dec 2011
@Penguirl: Please elaborate on this (false) assumption.

Detto replied on 06 Dec 2011
@Echorob: Yeah I'm aware of that, but thanks anyway. I just prefer shntool because keeping metadata is sth I never do anyway. I integrate those fresh clean AAC Plus files myself into my growing library and tag manually. I hate searching and reorganizing every single file because of missing or wrong tags. Made too many bad experiences that way, thus my statement in the beginning that I don' need XLD's features.

Detto rated on 01 Sep 2011
[Version 11.0.pre]

Detto commented on 28 Aug 2011
Nice vertical tabs, but... about 50% of my contacts have no icon/avatar. So the only thing I see in the tabs is the blank icon with no name. Not really though-out.
[Version 1.2.1]


Detto reviewed on 20 Aug 2011
Finally found a image creation / manipulation tool for the "you and me" with a simple interface and the extra features one might miss by using Paintbrush or another Paint clone.
Excellent work! Highly recommended!
[Version 0.5.1]


Detto reviewed on 12 Aug 2011
After a long time I tried Transmission again.

(This is on a clean install of Snow Leopard with all updates and manually copied backup files, no migration.
Clean system.)

The UI looks still elegant and important elements seem well placed. The preferences seem pretty tidy but rich at the same time.
Its features are pretty good like grouping and overall it gives a good native OS X feel.

Now to the negativ point: it's just miserable at downloading.
Every time I download a file or a folder with many files or just one big file I receive the error "Result too large".
I then have to manually resume the download, only to recognize some minutes later it has stopped again with the same error message.
This is a known problem and discussed in the official forums. Take a look here:

Therefore I have to ditch Transmission, even though I'd really like to use it because of forementioned positive points. But at the moment its just plain unusable piece of software.

For now I'm using uTorrent which is not that feature rich but allows to simplify the UI and therefore let it look clean, downloads pretty fast and... downloads without stopping my torrent files. So long..
[Version 2.33]

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Detto replied on 13 Aug 2011
OK I found a solution. As it seems the error has something to do with the file system.

I booted from the DVD, unmounted my system partition and checked it with the following terminal command:

fsck_hfs -ry /dev/disk0s2

It may be another disk number, one can check (and unmount) it with the Disk Utility.

After a reboot into my system and starting many torrents with big files and so on, no error popped up for now pretty much an hour. Excellent. Welcome back Transmission. :)

Detto replied on 18 Sep 2011
@Cyann, that's because the error appeared again after some weeks. It's pretty annoying and I've no time to deal with this situation. In fact, uTorrent 1.5.8 is stable, fast, responsive, simple and small and has no such problems. It just works. I'd be glad if I could say the same about Transmission. But I can't.

Detto replied on 22 Sep 2011
@Doug Miles
Jusr the internal drive. Rarely restart (most of the time standby), never forced restart. My HDD works flawless besides that. No other program has problems with the filesystem (and that are quite a few), only Transmission. Heck even version 1.x worked. I already tried with a blank HDD and a clean install. Don't know what to do to make this torrennt app work, so in the meantime im using uTorrent and I like it. It works. No IO or HDD or filesystem hickups. Of course a backup is there. Thanks for the help though.
Detto commented on 22 Jul 2010
I'm glad that the bugs from 2.02 are fixed rather quickly. long as the caching feature isn't available in a stable release I'll stick to uTorrent. I don't like its UI, but it just works and is damn fast. Transmission for me feels pretty stubborn as soon as there are more than 3 torrents downloading relatively fast. Again, this is just the problem with the caching. Will keep an eye on Transmission though.
[Version 2.03]

Detto commented on 20 May 2010
This app now completely replaces Adium and iChat for me.
I only use IRC and ICQ, but Limechat and the Limelight theme are just extremely satisfying to use. With bitlbee server I can message all my ICQ contacts in this nice interface too.
Was kinda surprised to see a youtube preview pic of a YT-link someone sent me. :)
Keep up your great work!
[Version 2.14]

Detto commented on 12 Apr 2010
Would really like to use it, but whenever I activate it it slows down Safari immensely. For example I open a page (wikipedia, ebay, distrowatch, younameit,..) and immediately create a new tab and enter a url: the tab creates itself very choppy and slow and the text input in the adressbar is slow as hell too.
I deactivated the plugin, did the same test again and it worked flawlessly and fast again. Activated the plugin: slow again.
I installed SIMBL first (0.9.7a from SIMBL official page) and afterwards the Adblocker (and checked that the SIMBL is not going to get installed (again)).
I don't know...but to me seems like a bug. Friend of mine can reproduce the same behaviour.
[Version 1.9]

detto commented on 07 Aug 2009
I'd like to see this app being polished. So far I'm unable to use it, because at every start 3 predefined feeds are loaded/added/refreshed though I deleted them before. That's just unacceptable. I also had problems removing saved feeds again, didn't work.
Font size wasn't changeable on all feeds I tried.

But on the positive side it's very straightforward use with minimal inteface that doesn't get in your way and saves screen real estate.
Something I'm really looking forward to concerning my RSS behaviour. NetNewWire and mostly all the others are just ridicilously over the top to me.
[Version 1.6]


detto reviewed on 17 Jun 2009
This truly is a mini review.
Just downloaded this tool again to check its work.
Well, I'm a bit dissapointed.

First, the "AppCleaner Helper" only works if you are logged in as an admin. For a normal user account it doesn't work.

Second, .. well just take a look:
Maybe it was a bad accident, but to be honest: I installed AppCleaner, temporarily removed one application to see AppCleaner working, and on the first application removal one gets such a result?

Getting tired of using my saved spotlight search for application removals I was seaching (again) for such a tool to ease the task a little bit.
AppZapper is not really better, + it's shareware.
[Version 1.2.2]

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