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Designg commented on 21 Jan 2013
When I first tried out this app .. a drop down page from the menubar icon showed all the addresses, which was great.

However, after updating (there have been a couple since) - this page has gone, and has been replaced with 'search' that needs to be typed in. Perhaps I am missing something?
[Version 1.2.1]

Designg commented on 18 Jul 2012
I've had LS for the last 3-4 years and considering the Upgrade? Could someone please help me (and anyone else interested) by pointing out any 'must have' new features that v3 has over 2.5.3 for the basic user?
I'm more interested in what v3 offers in added security measures rather than style or ease of use.

Cheers :D
[Version 3.0 preview ]

Designg commented on 02 Jul 2012
Downloaded this and it wanted my password to open.
Have earlier version .. window appears saying I don't have permission to replace older version.
Then when I try to open my older version, it tells me I can't open it due to incomplete.. broken.
[Version 2.0.2]

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Designg replied on 02 Jul 2012
Could someone please explain why people here neg comments when all they are doing is explain what their experience is when downloading the app or update?

Same will also neg this ...Go for it. Lol

Designg replied on 03 Jul 2012
Thanks for the assistance Endymion & sic.
Repaired permissions, deleted older VLC and downloaded.
All good now.
(will use 'Troubleshooting' in future)
Cheers :)
Designg commented on 16 Jun 2012
Downloaded this beast from MU and the installer package showed 1.1GB and wanted to use 1.44GB of space on my HD. Thought NO .. and now I can't erase the package.

First thought I'd download the whole lot and choose the Driver for my Printer and erase the rest. What if I can't?
Now this thing is taking up over a GB of space and won't go.
[Version 2.10]

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Designg replied on 30 Jun 2012
Apple's latest Epson printer/Driver Update a couple of days ago has sorted the problem and can now use the scanner.

Cheers Roni
Designg commented on 11 May 2012
I actually appreciate critical reviews and comments.
It is, after all, only a Beta, so it's not like it's perfect already and not needing improvements.

When reading critical comments, I look beyond the tone, frustration, anger or whatever, and simply take on board what it is they are not happy about.

It's only one person's experience .. and that's cool with me.
I like Opera, although I only use it as a backup, in case there is a problem with Safari.
I also use Opera mobile.
[Version 11.64]

Designg commented on 25 Aug 2011
I have been using this app for some time and updated.
After opening it, a window popped up over it called 'SmartDelete' that asked me to update it. By doing this, It gives the impression that it is connected to 'AppCleaner' somehow although I have not downloaded 'Smartdelete' before and wonder why it appears at all? Anyone else?
[Version 2.0.3]

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Designg replied on 26 Aug 2011
Thanks Dev. I didn't realize it was an AppCleaner Tool.
By having it's own window, preferences, and coming over the top of Appdelete's window when opened with a different name, I thought you were being Hijacked...hence my query.
Cheers - keep up the excellent work!
Designg commented on 05 Aug 2011
Just wondering why SD always opens a window on login even though I have not checked 'open at login' in dock 'options' and quit the application prior to shutdown. Any idea how I can prevent this? I did not have this inconvenience with previous versions. Thx :
[Version 5.2.27]

Designg commented on 10 Mar 2011
Downloaded this from Software Update this morning.
Slower and beachballs a lot now.
Nothing else has changed.
Checked ping and download speed, which is excellent.
Usually updates quicken Safari initially and then slow down.
This update has the opposite effect.
Can't say I'm pleased with it atm.
[Version 5.0.4]

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Designg replied on 10 Mar 2011
It ended up being all the Safari extensions that was slowing it down, so I uninstalled 5 and kept 3 which it can handle without losing speed.
I only realized this after trying my backup Cruz, which doesn't have extensions, which was much faster.

Designg replied on 10 Mar 2011
It's still locking up on some sites, including Apple, so not in the clear just yet unfortunately.

Designg replied on 10 Mar 2011
Cheers St00 - tried trashing the Preferences and it was doing weird stuff, so I used Time Machine to go back to 5.03 which was much the same. Tried reinstalling 5.04 using TM but had screwed something up and ended up trashing that and downloading it again from MU.
It does appear to be ok today, and took your suggestion and just repaired Permissions.
Cheers mate for helping out :D
Designg commented on 01 Feb 2011
$2.49 eh? I've been using Smart Reporter, but it wouldn't take much to switch over to this app.
Seems like the Dev would like a few bucks for their effort with this one. Not too 'unreasonable' is it…$2.49?

I'm not affiliated, but it's always nice to see a handy little app @ a few dollars. Even at this low price, If enough people take it up, it is a 'win' for all.

Good luck dood :D
[Version 1.0]

Designg commented on 06 Jan 2011
It's ok dude, I've trashed it. Cheers
[Version 1.0]

Designg had trouble on 03 Jul 2013
I've tried 'change control' and clicked on 'constant RPM value' rather than the default 'Automatic'
It doesn't appear to be working on the constant RPM I've set at the minimum RPM, being winter.
Am I missing something .. as my Mac is doing it's own thing, as usual.
[Version 1.0.4]

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