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Designer reviewed on 28 Jul 2012
At first glance, the new features in Mountain Lion seem really subtle, but it's not until you get going that your realize how wonderfully polished, stable and fast it is.

This is a fantastic release that takes the Mac OS X experience and presents it in it's most refined form yet. It comes jam packed with really useful features that offer a truly fantastic way of keeping your iOS world in sync. iCloud is remarkably transparent, the little Reminders and Notes apps are very useful when working with your other iOS devices. The notification centre is smooth and considered and Safari 6 is ridiculously fast and looks great.

I'm still not a fan of the skeuomorphic design principles Apple have forced upon Calendar, Address Book etc. I understand why they've done it but I wish they'd have an option to turn it off to allow enthusiasts to have a more streamlined and professional OS experience.

Apple have done a wonderful job with Mountain Lion and I have to take the time to commend 3rd party developers for rolling out the most complete set of Mountain Lion updates I've ever seen on release. All of my top apps either work without needing an update or have already been updated to work.

Fantastic stuff.
[Version 10.8]

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Designer replied on 01 Aug 2012
@Maxter Try reading my post again. I said that IF apple got rid of the skeuomorphic design stuff it would make OS X look like "a more streamlined and professional OS experience".
Designer commented on 28 Apr 2012
Suitcase has moved on a lot since Extensis finally fixed the fmcore issues and removed the 32-bit pref pane with version 14.1, but it's that time of year again where they wheel out their annual update that asks for another half of the original license fee in return for - well, not a lot really.

Firstly, the new icon looks truly awful for a 'designer's tool' and why is it lowres in 2012? Secondly, the 'new' set of features are very thin on the ground. Sure, the new Adobe plug-ins look interesting but are they really necessary and how will they affect the stability of my already shaky Adobe app? I'm really torn with this update. Version 14.2 is running spectacularly well at the moment on Lion with CS5 and CS5.5 and I don't know if I want to fork out yet another $49 for such a minimal feature set and a new voyage into the unknown with stability. Extensis need to work a little harder for my upgrade fee next year.
[Version 15.0.0]

Designer commented on 28 Apr 2012
This has been mentioned numerous times but Mozilla/Firefox need to get a grip of this versioning madness. I know they decided to change the way they do things but it defies all logic to continue to baffle their existing users/potential users with this 'minor update' equates to a full new version number nonsense. It's completely bonkers and makes no sense what so ever.
[Version 12.0]


Designer reviewed on 20 Apr 2012
One of those true must have apps for any Mac enthusiast. The developer is wonderfully responsive and the free upgrade to v3 is incredibly generous. Essential.
[Version 3.0.2]

Designer commented on 10 Jan 2012
I felt compelled to leave a quick comment on the latest official non-beta version ( I've been playing some HD videos on YouTube and noticed that Flash is only using 8% of my CPU. I tried it with a few other flash videos and the CPU is also pretty low.

Why am I posting then? This is the first time I've ever seen Flash use anything less than 40%-60% or more of my CPU to play HD videos on my Mac Pro. It's only taken about 14 years and it's near-extintion for them to finally reduce the CPU usage on Macs.

Better late than never eh?

Designer commented on 02 Jan 2012
Version 7 of Toast Titanium was when Roxio got it right. A simple, streamlined interface with lots of easily accessible useful features that perfectly complimented the OSX interface at the time. Every year Roxio wheels out its latest 'heavyweight' and every year it buckles under the weight of its bloat. The UI is a mess and it seems to increasingly rely on all of the additional software to keep sales alive.

Roxio need to take a step back and re-focus on the actual Toast application. Strip out all of the horrid animations, nasty burn progress windows and bloat to make an app that's lightweight and totally mac-like from top to bottom. Hopefully they're listening.
[Version 11.0.4]


Designer reviewed on 02 Jan 2012
DiskWarrior is still the finest verification and repair utility on the market by a mile. It has recovered and reconstructed numerous drives throughout the years and I continually rely on it to keep all of my drives in tip top condition. One of my favourite apps of all time and a must have utility by any standard. Outstanding.
[Version 4.4]


Designer reviewed on 02 Jan 2012
An outstanding piece of software in almost every way. Firstly, it looks fantastic with a well thought through crisp UI design. It's probably the best looking DAW on the market - maybe even nicer than Logic. Secondly, it's just so much fun and incredibly easy to use while being as deep as you need it to be. I have to give special praise to the guy who does the official tutorial videos - he just gets straight to the point with no fluff what-so-ever. I had it all figured out in one watch. Love it!
[Version 2.7.2]

Designer commented on 04 Oct 2011
I have to give Extensis some credit with v14.1.1.

So far (and I really mean so far) the release has been fairly solid. I've given it a full week of production based testing in the design studio and I've yet to experience anything like a FMcore crash. This is maybe something to do with them removing the pref pane and making it part of the app but something seems to have changed for the better. Fingers crossed and somewhat hopeful.
[Version 14.0.6]

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Designer replied on 15 Dec 2011
Reporting back after 2 months of solid use with CS5.5 on Lion and everything is running great with no crashes what-so-ever. Delighted with the latest version.
Designer commented on 22 Sep 2011
Really disappointed to see 1Password slip into a seriously poor state. Safari 5.1 seems to be 1Password's bullet to the chest.

A once reliable app that just worked is currently a broken mess. The new browser log-in window is a total car crash. Un-centred with an inconsistent white border (I mean - really). The auto log-in (command ) is totally inconsistent in functionality. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I know brenty (AgileBits resident MacUpdate spokesman) will reply with a charming apology but this doesn't cut it. 1Password's fall from grace is spectacular. Once a must-have Mac app is reduced to a barely-functional piece of digital landfill.

I'm back with Safari 5.0.5 and 1Password 3.5.9 - the last solid release and it just works perfectly. AgileBits have a lot of work to do to restore 1Password to a working state with Safari 5.1 and restore confidence in it's once loyal user-base.

[Version 3.8.6]

Designer had trouble on 27 Dec 2010
Great little app but I can't work out why it takes so long for the app to launch. Bounces at least 3 times in the dock before the app window appears - and that's on dual RAID SSD boot drive on a fresh Snow Leopard 10.6.5 install.
[Version 1.5.0]

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