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Demoray reviewed on 10 May 2010
After reading a bunch of these Vuze comments and reviews, it seems that many people don't know enough about the application they're commenting on.

If you find Vuze to be bloated or overly complex, just run it in a simplified mode. Go to Preferences > Interface > Start. At the bottom is "Vuze UI Chooser" (User Interface). Click it and choose "Classic Interface". Now all that extra Vuze content and ad-ware junk wont even load when you start the program. It'll run in a simplified mode which is fairly standard for anyone who's ever used Transmission or any other basic BitTorrent client.
Some people like all the media features and extra Vuze content. Personally I hate it, but Vuze gives you the OPTIONS. You can customize just about everything in Vuze to fit your tastes.

Everyone has their own personal set of requirements they want from any application, but no one can deny that Vuze is the most complete BitTorrent client available. It's never been the prettiest app, but the latest design changes make it more Mac-ish than ever.

Some people say Vuze doesn't run correctly on their systems. I can't say they're wrong, but I've been using Azureus/Vuze for several years on different Macs using several different OS versions and, except for a minor installer glitch several versions back, I've never had a single performance problem. Plus, in my experience Vuze always gives a faster download than other clients.

The bottom line for me: No other BitTorrent app gives you the speed, the customization, the search features, the in-depth information and detailed control over your torrents, their files and pieces, your peers, swarms, trackers, transfer speeds, IPs, filters, options…etc…etc.

If you only download an occasional torrent file, and don't really care about file information and control, then perhaps a good basic BitTorrent client like Transmission is a better choice for you. However, people who do take advantage of these advanced features know that no other torrent client even comes close to Vuze.
[Version 4.4]


Demoray reviewed on 13 Jan 2010
I really like this renaming app.
Version 4.0 is the first version of this app I've ever used, so whatever interface changes were made from previous versions didn't bother me. In fact I quite like the clean interface.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how presets are made and used, but once I understood that I had absolutely no problems.

I've got several different renaming utilities to chose from but Renamer is the one I keep using. I agree that $29.00 is pretty steep for a renaming utility, nevertheless, it's the one I like.
[Version 4.0.1]


Demoray reviewed on 28 Dec 2009
First off, this MacUpdate page is misleading. This game is NOT FREE, it's a DEMO. You can play the first three levels for free, but you need to purchase a license to play beyond the third level. That pretty much defines what a demo is.

As for the game itself, BUY IT!
I play literally hundreds of games, and my favorites tend to be puzzle games. The problem with many puzzle games is that they tend to be more boring or frustrating than fun. And Yet It Moves is a FUN platformer/puzzle game. It's unique in some simple but brilliant ways.

Basically you run and jump your character through the different world levels, but the twist in AYIM is that you rotate the world and it's gravity to allow your player to make it through various terrain. It sounds simple, but they've used this twist in ways you may not expect, and it makes for some very unique gameplay that you haven't seen before.

My only complaint is that I wish the game was longer, and that's really just a reflection on how good this game is. And Yet It Moves is a welcome addition to the puzzle genre, especially for those who find most puzzle games lacking in originality and fun.
[Version 1.1.0]

Demoray commented on 11 Nov 2009
In "Editor Notes" you state that "Download Now" will yield the Leopard version.
That is incorrect. "Download Now" yields the Snow Leopard version.
[Version 4.0.4]


Demoray reviewed on 29 Oct 2009
There are countless clipboard utilities available, but ClipMenu is my current favorite for two big reasons:
1). It's FREE!
2). The features offered by ClipMenu can only be compared to the more expensive clipboard alternatives. No other free clipboard app that I've tried comes close to this.

Thanks to the developer for supporting the Mac community with this excellent utility.
[Version 0.4.1]


Demoray reviewed on 27 Oct 2009
Machinarium is everything that independent games can be. I loved it!
It's a one-of-a-kind adventure/puzzle game that is visually gorgeous, mentally engaging and surprisingly funny.

The look of the game sets a unique mood right from the start. The hand-painted art depicts a decaying industrial future. If you've ever seen the movie "The City of Lost Children" you'll have an idea of what to expect visually. Lots of rusty reds and oxidized-copper greens. The art is 2-D, but the multi-layer techniques make the game a 3-D experience. (The same layering technique is used in several new adventure/puzzle games, like World of Goo and Aquaria).

You control a lovable little robot on his emotional quest through this world of broken machinery. The difficulty of the gameplay increases gradually, from fairly simple at first, to quite challenging as the game progresses. I use the word "challenging" in the best sense.

I could say so much more about this cool game, but you should really check it out for yourself. If you enjoy unique, puzzle/adventure games, you should definitely download the demo for Machinarium.
[Version 1.0]

Demoray commented on 27 Oct 2009
In a previous review I gave RipIt five stars. I still use and love RipIt, as it has ripped many DVDs that other ripping apps couldn't manage. RipIt's decryption capabilities are the best I've come across for the Mac. However in recent weeks I've experienced a rather serious problem with RipIt that I've seen mentioned by others users.

The Issue:
RipIt will report a rip as being completed successfully, even when the rip is actually defective.

It's one thing for rip software to fail a rip, they all do it occasionally. It's another thing entirely for rip software to fail a rip and yet report it as successful.

In my case this problem has only occurred two times in about forty rips. Not bad odds. Yet the serious nature of this flaw means I now need to check each ripped file to make certain that it's a one-for-one copy of the original.
This issue needs to be addressed by the developers ASAP.
[Version 1.2.12]

Demoray commented on 20 Oct 2009
The link on this page downloads version 3.1, not 5.0 as indicated.
However the developers site has the correct version available.
[Version 5.0]

Demoray commented on 04 Oct 2009
This is a well-made piece of freeware. I'm glad it's ready for Snow Leopard now.
Too bad I can't download it because the developer's link and site are having problems.
[Version rev405]


DemoRay reviewed on 17 Sep 2009
Before Snow Leopard, I was someone who used Contextual Menus constantly. Why Apple trashed such a brilliantly simple and efficient tool is beyond me.

FolderGlance 2.5 is the first and only app, (that I've found), to bring proper Contextual Menus back to Snow Leopard.

I'm currently testing FolderGlance, and so far I like what I see.
The menus are customizable, and they allow you to do some slick things, like move and copy files right from the contextual menu.

Without purchasing a license, FolderGlance will be slightly less functional than the registered full version. For example: certain menu functions will work fine, but wont have the ability to dig infinitely deep into folder levels.

Some people might have trouble paying $20 for an app that used to be free. But for me, having Contextual Menues in Snow Leopard is definitely worth the price.
[Version 2.5]

Demoray had trouble on 26 Jan 2010
Fatal Java error while installing Vuze on Mac OS 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard). Installer quit and failed installation.
This is the first version of Vuze to give me this error.
Reverted to Vuze which works fine.

DemoRay had trouble on 06 Apr 2008
I really like Transmission and I WISH I could use it. It's stable, has good features, and a great price. However it has one big drawback: it wastes lots of time downloading HUGE amounts of Failed DL data, (Failed DL is data that failed it's checksum test and needs to be downloaded again). Sometimes the amount of Failed Data is larger than the amount of successful data, which means at least TWICE the download time.

I've tried every Mac Torrent client available and Transmission is the only client I've found to have this problem. I've talked to several users about this, and it looks like it might be a problem with the way Transmission handles DIAL-UP internet access. It seems to work better with broadband. But this problem occurs consistently with any file, any server, any peers, etc.

So if you use Transmission, check out how much failed data you're downloading:
Click on the "i" in the upper right corner to open the Torrent Inspector - Then click the second tab (Activity) - Look at the "Failed DL" info and see if you're wasting download time. The amount should be almost nothing.

I hope they address this issue soon so I can use this otherwise excellent app.
[Version 1.11]

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DemoRay replied on 06 Apr 2008
Thanks for the good info.
I'll definitely give the nightly version a try.
DemoRay had trouble on 24 Jan 2008
Error message given when starting either UB or PPC versions of PeekIt:

"incompatible cpu-subtype"
[Version 2.6.1]

DemoRay had trouble on 11 Nov 2007
SafariBlock conflicts with iGetter!

I've been trying to get SafariBlock to work for several versions now with no luck. When SafariBlock is installed in my InputManagers folder, right-clicking ALWAYS makes my Safari crash!

I finally removed the iGetter folder from the InputManagers folder, and now SafariBlock actually works.

I really hope this conflict gets fixed, because I LOVE my iGetter!
[Version 1.3]

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