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Defunct commented on 18 Mar 2010
No offence, but there is something inherently wrong about paying for a torrent app that may help you not pay for things.......ie download for free.

Whats that? You don't mind stealing photoshop online, but you WILL pay this guy 25 dollars for the privilege? Ummm..back to the drawing board methinks.

Also, there is something inherently wrong with a paid torrent app when you consider that the whole philosophy behind torrents is sharing, usually for free.

Plus, its quite honestly not that good an app - Ok, Transmission doesnt have torrent search - but in every other area its simply better, smoother and more pleasant to deal with.
[Version 2.0v109]

Defunct commented on 19 Feb 2010
Ok, the 02.02.10 version fixed things for a while, however, again, the widget no longer updates its into.

Once again Aviation Weather with the same setup on my iPhone is working fine.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on here? This used to work flawlessly.
[Version 1.2.11]

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Defunct replied on 19 Feb 2010
into = info.
Using NWS.
Defunct commented on 10 Feb 2010
Its a shame this does not support a wider range of formats, forexample .sit / .sitx / .hqx etc for all those that all have older archives around.

Otherwise, functionallly, its similar to iArchiver / Rucksack - difference being that presumably the developers at iArchiver/Rucksack are not suffering from the same alcohol imbibation problem as this dev ;-)
[Version 1.2]

Defunct commented on 01 Feb 2010
Well, i have no idea whats wrong with this Widget, but after a clean install of Snow Leopard (had an upgrade before), and upon installing the widget, it just has NO data.

It seems to try to connect online, i can see the connection going out through little snitch (where YES it is all allowed) but no data returns, but neither any errors or anything else, for ANY airport that i put in (using NWS). My connection is fine, firewall fine, little snitch, fine, in fact, everything works, except this widget.

Have not tried using mymetars because i dont..umm want to have to use my metars and sign up when i just want some simple info to be on hand. Plus i always used NWS with no probs (i can even open safari go to site and look at data there, so why cant the widget download it?)

Anyone have anything similar? Any Ideas?

Strangely enough aviation weather works great now with NWS on my iPhone....
....this is the firt time i have ever had a problem with this widget, but its properly frustrating when i have NO info to work with to try and correct it (LOGS etc)
[Version 1.2.10]

Defunct commented on 01 Feb 2010
Ah well....

...Just as i finally get Stuffit off my computer, and find iArchiver (great app..would have however chosen The Unarchiver had it not been for the fact i need to be able to archive and also use and open serveral more formats) i find out that iArchiver is no more...or is more, but isnt, cos its being replaced with this. I dont know what this is, but is meant to be like iArchiver except more (always weary of "its like X, but more!" or "Its like X, but better!").

Havent tried this yet, if anyone has, please let me know what its like - is the dev turning this into Stuffit? Anything in this app make it better than iArchiver?

iArchiver was light, simple, fast and very effective -sad its gone after i only foud it a few weeks ago.

So many good apps this year have gone down, so many devs.....its a real shame.
[Version 2.0b7]

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Defunct replied on 01 Feb 2010
Gave it a try - seems to "look" ok, and functionality seems relatively in tact (i hate bloat too though)

Be aware, the b3ta expires on 14th Feb.
Defunct commented on 27 Oct 2009
Well, i use Glims (finally got rid of Saft and will NEVER look back), ClicktoFlash and used Safari Adblock - problem was i had to be in 32bit mode just for Safari AdBlock (loved that plugin)

Having seen someone had got around to creating a 64bit blocker - this one - Safari AdBlocker - i thought HURAY! Now i can finally run 64bit mode....but it seems my plans were thwarted.

See, Safari AdBlocker offers much the same functionality as the others, although its contextual menus and implementation is rather nice - the problem for me is, that it does not block ads - i am subscribed to the easy list, and i keep seeing bloody google ads everywhere - including the Safari AdBlocker website.

No problem you say! Simply click the contextual link and block the ads! - Well, ok, did that too and it STILL lets through all google ads.

I would like to continue using it, so if anyone has ANY idea why its broken or not working , let me know - if not, i might have to go back to Safari AdBlock and 32bit mode.....
[Version 1.1]

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Defunct replied on 27 Oct 2009
Thanks for that, will try - one thing though - now come the same subsrciption list works great in Safari AdBlock, and not in Safari AdBlocker? Could it be intentional?
Defunct commented on 08 Oct 2009
Basically in short:

Saft used to be great, and alsmot in a league of its own.
No really exciting new functions have been added, the developer insists on charging us for EVERY upgrade, when all he does to get it to work with new versions of safari is edit a line in a .plist (ok, the 64bit version probably did require work and i would pay for that...but all the rest? come on!)

Another bonus is the developers insistence on being entirely uncommunicative, basically, if you pay, dont expect mich in return expect emials saying "this new version is out, please pay XX dollars to upgrade" - thanks for that.

So, after many years of relative happiness (all this aside, saft does what it does very well), i have ditched saft got Glims working in 64 bit Safari, its free, its great, i can talk to the developers (they actually run it like a project! communicate! inform us!) - i wont ever look back, but will thank Saft for a number of happy years.

p.s there are other alternatives - SafatiStand etc - check out http://pimpmysafari.com/
[Version 12.0b5]

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