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debtman7 reviewed on 05 Dec 2007
Well let me give a positive review here. I just tried the 1.1.2 release with leopard and so far with a few trials I am extremely happy. As long as it holds up and I don't encounter any problems, I'll be buying it.

Why? The alternative, Spanning Sync, costs 3 times as much. The free alternative, GCalDaemon, doesn't work with leopard and even if it did, it does not support subscribed private iCal's (i.e. my wife shared her calendar with me through google calendar, but GCalDaemon can't sync that). The free service plaxo can sync multiple calendars, but through my testing only syncs them with their own calendar and not with each other (so you can't sync iCal with google calendar, though you can sync them all with plaxo).

So far this one just worked. Can't beat that.
[Version 1.1.2b]


debtman7 reviewed on 23 Apr 2007
Wow, this one is impressive. Absolutely beautiful interface, and functionally quite nice as well. I think it will be my new editor of choice. I only wish for a few features that may someday come. First, it'd be awesome to have integrated svn/cvs support. Secondly, a built in php debugger would kick some butt. And finally, I'm dreaming but keeping in line with the all in one functionality, a built in sql client would be totally awesome.
[Version 1.0]


debtman7 reviewed on 02 Aug 2006
I'm torn on SideTrack. On the one hand, I prefer the scrolling behavior of iScroll2 (two fingers, anywhere on the trackpad). I find it difficult to engage SideTrack with edge only scrolling, I have to make the scroll area large to reliably engage it, but then I hit it accidentally sometimes. For me, the iScroll behavior is much easier.

On the other hand, SideTrack has much better tap mapping functions. I love that I can map the right upper corner to right click, the left upper corner to middle click (open browser in new tab), and the lower left corner to command-w (close tab in browser).

I wish I could combine the two...
[Version 1.4.1]


debtman7 reviewed on 02 Dec 2005
This looks pretty neat, but I have to agree with others, with any somewhat large image it's unbearably slow. I tried opening up a 2592x1944 image on a 1.6 Ghz G5 and it was unusable. Roughly a 5 second delay between trying to paint and it actually happening. With a smaller image (say 640x480) it works reasonably well and is a decent free image editor.
[Version 1.2]


debtman7 reviewed on 10 Aug 2005
Great browser. I'd like to say it's ideal, it's not, but it may win me out anyway. I switched to firefox about a year ago because safari 1.2 was getting to be a dog. I was relatively pleased. I've been happy with firefox until I tried out Safari 2.0 and Shiira. Now it's just all confusing...

I like Shiira because it's fast. That may be the deciding factor. Shiira has a VERY responsive UI. It never seems to stall or hang, and I never really get a spinning beachball. Safari 2.0 still gives me the beachball and hangs on occasion. Shiira is definately faster than firefox in the UI department, having grown used to the 1-2 second delay in doing something with firefox, Shiira still amazes me with the responsiveness.

What don't I like? It crashes on me more than firefox, which I have found to be rock solid. It does not have all the features I want and is not extensible like firefox. I miss form filling. I miss neat extensions that let me control iTunes in the browser, display the weather, block ads, add map bookmarks to google maps, etc etc. For now, shiira will probably be my main browser because of the sheer speed, but I'll still use firefox for sites where extensions make a difference.

If firefox ever gets a UI as responsive as shiira, well I'll be all over it...
[Version 1.1]


Debtman7 reviewed on 11 Oct 2004
A very useful application. Recently I had to send my iBook in for service, with a hard drive failure. It came back with a new HD and new OS install, but my only backup of my mp3's existed on my iPod. Without paying attention, I hooked up the iPod so that I could copy them back, and before I knew it I had clicked Yes to the question asking if I wanted to set the iPod up for use with this computer.

Of course, now all my MP3's were gone as the iPod sync'd with the empty music collection on my ibook. Oops! I figured since it only took a few seconds to empty it of 15 gigs of music, it didn't actually delete them but rather reset the database and marked the files for overwriting. I searched for an undelete utility and this was the only thing designed specifically for the iPod and music files.

I'm happy to say it worked great and recovered every single file I had. It was simple to use, and even better it was only $40 whereas every other mac recovery utility I could find was at least $90. They do not offer a demo, but do have a 30 day money back guarantee. The app can also recover MP3 files from any hard drive or other device, so it can come in handy if you accidentally wipe out your MP3 collection on your hard drive. And it claims to be able to deal with an ipod re-initialization or database corruption. As long as you haven't written any new files to the iPod since the delete, it should be able to recover them.
[Version 2.0]

debtman7 tipped on 13 Aug 2004
This app works great and is free, but be aware that it will not connect to MySQL 4.1+ servers due to a change in the way authentication is handled. It will only connect if no password is set. Not really the app's fault as the client library it uses (SMySQL) is built with an older version of the mysql client.
[Version 0.5]

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