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Daycare commented on 09 Mar 2011
FileMaker Server - DO NOT INSTALL!

[Version Update 4]

Daycare commented on 15 Jan 2010
I was hoping to find an appliaction that lets me define unwanted IP's etc. - no matter what the costs are for that application.

- Downloaded VirusBarrier YESTERDAY NIGHT.
- installed TODAY over LUNCH on my server Mac (OSX 10.5.8, not OSX Server)
- Started it right now
->> VirusBarrier did an update
->> tells me that the scan can't be launched because 'busy'

- Quit VirusBarrier
- Restart VirusBarrier

->> tells me that the evaluation period is FINISHED

Guys, this is a joke - right??
[Version 10.6.2]

Daycare commented on 09 Jan 2010
does a perfect job!

Could not test it for a longer time - but seems to work as expected.

For every one with a 2-monitor setup a must have.

Yes, its an own app, it won't mirror the original Menue-bar - but it helps so much that I don't care :-)
[Version 0.00962]

daycare commented on 06 May 2009
incredible... I just can't download the cisco-client from cisco's website, gives me a 'forbidden' error back, although I created a guest account.

Really, really incredible - for just a 'client' part


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daycare replied on 06 May 2009
tried it again - tried another time using firefox instead of safari - no chance.

Got always the error
'Forbidden File or Application
The file or application you are trying to access may require additional entitlement or you are trying to access a file with an invalid name. Additional entitlement levels are granted based on a users relationship with Cisco on a per-application basis.'


daycare replied on 06 May 2009
contacted the cisco support...


'If you have a guest level account, you won't be able to download any software from our site. You must have a software contract associated to it.'
daycare commented on 23 Jan 2009
can't download updates - got a 'server is not responding' - message all the times :-(

besides of this, Things is the perfect GTD-app for my needs. Prices are fair - compared to Omni's product (although not 'cheap'). I'm thinking about gas-prices... one tank-stop costs much more than a copy of things - and with things, I can 'store my brain'...

More or less, I'm using Things on the iPhone (GTD makes no sense for my when the app' sits on a computer and not in my pocket :-)
The desktop version is used here for backups and for checking ToDo's when in the office
[Version 1.0.1]

daycare commented on 17 May 2007
tried this utility two or three weeks ago - and I find it very usefull - among the best of it's category! Reliable, stable, doesn't need much system-resources. Only wish until now: Graphics... grouped images from FileMaker are always copied as on image and therefore can't pasted into another FileMaker layout or file
[Version 0.3]

daycare commented on 15 Jan 2007
crashes the finder as long as the contextual item is installed. After the first reboot, crashed DragThing (only the first time).
The finder-crash occurs all the time, meaningless if installed on PowerPC or Intel
[Version 11.0.2]

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daycare replied on 19 Jan 2007
thanks for the hint.

I have to say that this is the first time I really have to complain...

- That part of the package should be in the original download (that's a MUST)

- It is (was) now working without crashes, but the only reason that I bought the upgrade was the ability to search through archives and picking up only one single file from that archive. Now, this feature is gone...

Again, sorry to say this - but stuffit becomes useless, at least for me :-(

if anybody s aware of a patch... hints very appreciated
daycare commented on 15 Jan 2007
I can start it, but the keyboard isn't recognized and I can't set it, type a 'd', nothing shown (account name)
[Version 0.4.2]

daycare commented on 10 Jul 2006
I tried all of the similar app's I could find because T4M is too expensiv - but all of the ones I've tried slowed down the system. When blind-typing, I was faster than those app's (leaving junk all over the text)

So far, T4M is the best of all (I've tried) - but has some issues in the german version: Pref panel won't let You turn T4M 'ON' again because of placement of the sensitive areas (radio button is not visible where the 'sensive' part lies, translation lacks)

Beside of this: Please, Mr. Developer, lower the prize!

[Version 3.0b31]

daycare commented on 25 May 2006
Seems to be very powerfull - and to have manymany features. When trying out the basic features (for my needs!), I wasn't able to create a quick list of items (i.e. all of project 'abc'), report is way too difficult to create (for me) - also I couldn't get an overview (i.e. as the standard calendar view by NUD, Palm, etc.). So, I decided that this isn't the app' for me. The worst of all comes when one wan'ts to uninstall - incredible, found myself back in the ooold Unix/VAX - days. Disappointed.
[Version 3.0.3]

daycare had trouble on 03 Jan 2009
doesn't run under a standard 10.5.6 installation. Maybe its' a problem with the current version of Apple's X-Windows version - but I don't care. If it won't run under my standard installation, I will not use it (got some other X11-app's here that work fine)

Would be so cool if there would be a version of gimp that just behaves like a 'normal' OSX application :-(
[Version 2.6.4]

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daycare replied on 03 Jan 2009
Yes, the ReadMe mentions this too - but since I NEED X11 for some communication tools for my work, I just don't like to touch that installation :-(
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