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David29 reviewed on 24 Feb 2014
This is BY FAR the most useful and cost-effective piece of software that any Mac User could buy. Period.

I have used Macs since the 128k Mac in 1984. I have helped hundreds of people set their Macs up. I have run ITs groups for entire companies. I've tried just about every piece of backup software there is and the is The best out there, by far.

I recommend to everyone who owns a Mac to buy an external hard drive with a capacity of at least 2x the capacity of their internal drive. Create two partitions on the external, one should be the same size as the internal drive, the other should use the rest of the disk. The first partition should be used by Super Duper for creating a full backup of their internal drive, and the second partition can be used for Time Machine.

This is just about the safest and most convenient setup you could have.

Why bother? A key distinction is that SuperDuper can create a fully bootable backup of your internal drive. (You cannot boot from a Time Machine disk.) If something goes wrong with your internal drive, you can simply boot up off the external backup made by Super Duper! I tell clients to let Time Machine run every hour, and set up Super Duper to perform a Smart Update (of the backup) maybe every few days, or a week. This system has worked flawlessly for everyone that has employed it.

Losing your data is almost as bad as having your identity stolen. About 6% of hard disk fail within a year, and after 3 years about 18% are dead. Do yourself a favor, go buy an external hard disk that is at least 2x the size of your internal drive, and set up SuperDuper (and Time Machine) in the way I described. It will be the best insurance you ever purchased.
[Version 2.7.2]

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David29 replied on 24 Feb 2014
I prefer SuperDuper over any of the alternatives because IMHO it's easier to use.

As for an overall backup disk strategy, there are many variations that make sense. For some users I suggest a system that uses two drives, each of which is set up in the same manner as I described above but they are kept in different locations.

However when it comes to a simple formula of how much additional protection you get per dollar spent, the greatest value is gained by the first backup drive you buy, and setting it up in the manner I outlined provides several different modes of data protection and potential for recovery.
David29 commented on 07 Dec 2013
I have recommended this app to quite a number of novices and it is of great help to them. It works well. The developer is open to input and is making improvements along the way.

However I must express a bit of concern when it comes to security.

When I launch this app, it opens the YouTube home page and I am somehow ALREADY logged in! (?!?!) That's quite alarming to me. I never was asked for a username and password to log into YouTube with this App.

I'm not very comfortable with that at all.

Maybe I am extra sensitive to this issue because of Google's continued attempts to get me to create a Google+ account and link every aspect of my entire being to it. They appear to be very sneaky about this too. I will be logged into YouTube using an account I use only for YouTube, and then somehow it changes my logged in name to what Google keeps pestering me to use: their suggested name for my Google+ Account.

Probably the developer incorporated this feature since it does appear to be more "convenient" for many users and I can understand that. But personally I am not comfortable with it.

What's even more disturbing (and this is no reflection on the developer at all) is the fact that OS X even ALLOWS such a thing to happen.

I apologize for being kind of a downer here. I think its great that this developer is a 14 year old guy who is learning and is very enthusiastic about doing so.
[Version 4.3.5]


David29 reviewed on 07 Feb 2013
This still sucks. Apple really screwed up when they went from v5.6 to v6.x. They dumbed-down the program (trying to make it more iOS-like) and removed features that I need to use.
[Version 6.2]

David29 commented on 18 Jan 2013
Does this allow you to edit tags & metadata for videos as well (i.e. m4v, etc.)?
[Version 5.0.0]


David29 reviewed on 18 Jan 2013
This is a great program which adds functionality that Apple should have included in the first place! I have used it for years and it has worked very well.

I have had a slight issue once in a great while where I end up with a bunch of duplicate entries. It just happened when I installed this latest version. Frankly it's been SO long since I have had ANY issues with this program, that I cant remember how to fix it! LOL (If anyone has some pointers, let me know.)

But don't let that discourage you from getting it. The ability to show both Birthdays and Anniversaries (which is what I use as my :"custom dates" is great, plus the setup where you can set it up to automatically separate alarms for you is a REAL plus.
[Version 2.3.2]

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David29 replied on 24 Jan 2013
John, that's what I always do, I have a totally separate calendars in iCal for each of the two calendars in Dates to iCal. But sometimes it will still start creating duplicates. I have learned that I need to delete the iCal calendars, create new ones, then re-establush the links between them and Dates to iCal. But this problem tends to pop up every so often and by then, I have forgotten how to fix it and I have to investigate the entire situation over again!

To any would-be customers, do not let this issue throw you off. This is still a great utility to have!
David29 commented on 18 Nov 2012
Can you use the built-in Airport hardware on a MBPro to get the full functionality of this app? Or must you get some different type of Wi-Fi capability (like a USB WiFi interface) in order to access all that it can do. Not that I would actually want or need to crack into a network (no, not at all...) I am just curious.
[Version 1.03]

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David29 replied on 20 Nov 2012
I would guess that WPA or WPA2 is next to impossible. If it IS, do I need another wireless card?

David29 reviewed on 17 Nov 2012
This program is awesome. Ever since I upgraded to Mt. Lion, the built-in Apple "Archive Utility" has been having problems. Sometimes it takes forever to run, sometimes it does not quit when finished, sometimes it just fails and I have to manually kill the process. (And, yes, I have deleted all relevant prefs files, checked permissions, etc. etc. etc.)

But this program performs flawlessly. So much so that I have changed my default file associations so that std archives (.sit files) use the utility for extraction.
[Version 3.5]


David29 reviewed on 04 Oct 2012
Unbelievable. This is what this really means (from Apple)..

Well, we screwed up big time with the 10.7.5 update, and we have known about this for a few weeks. However we didn't have the integrity to admit it even though there were tons of discussions about this all over the web and on our own discussion boards. (However if you called us and got a level-2 tech on the phone, they would admit to you off-the-record that Apple was aware of this problem).

So instead of being forthright about this and saying "we really screwed up here", and calling 10.7.5 dead in the water, and releasing a point update to 10.7.6 (which is the RIGHT way to handle SW CM), instead we are copping out and releasing ... uh ... something we are sort of calling "" or whatever.

SW QA at Apple is getting worse and worse. I wish that who ever runs Mac OS software development would say "Hey, instead of taking the time to implement like 200 new "features" into another major release, we just took six months and actually worked to fix a bunch of bugs!

I don't need FaceBook integrated with my OS, nor do I need new "features" that make my Mac act like a phone! I need an OS update that doesn't break my system and make me waste about 18 hours time over the past 2 weeks ( >3 of those hours working on the phone with Apple ).

Can you tell I'm pi$$ed? LOL
[Version 1.0]


David29 reviewed on 22 Feb 2010
If you are reading this and even THINKING about buying this app, allow me to save you some time. Buy it now.

If you value your time at all you will find this to be indispensable and save you ton's of wasted time, effort, and frustration.
[Version 3.0.9]

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