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Dave104 commented on 09 Feb 2005
Connecting to the default server gives me '0 users' and the server disconnects after like 1 minute.

Comment on 'hell to learn'. Well, Go certainly is complex and difficult but that's precisely what makes it so great. It's actually pretty sweet... although tough. Also, don't think you'd ever really stop learning it. The basics are really simple but then... you'll never stop discovering.
[Version 3.2.3 v65.3]

Dave104 commented on 26 Oct 2004
How do I uninstall it ?
[Version 2.1.1]

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Dave104 replied on 27 Oct 2004
I actually went to the page but somehow seem to have missed that bit. Strange. But I'm not that lazy. Thanks for your nice comments, though !

Dave104 reviewed on 04 Oct 2004
Comes along sleeker than its predecessor. Plays media better. I was able to watch streams smoothly which would have a number of issue under #9. I've seen somewhat better video quality but this is pretty ok. Instant-on seems to work rathe well.
This version has, however, still noticeable stability isuues. Those need to be fixed. Other than that, it's not a bad product. I'm grateful for Real to enable OS X users to have an -overall- agreeable way to watch the huge amounts of .rm/ram etc. content on the web.
Also, the two versions, free vs pay should be marked more clearly, although it's hard to understand how people fail to notice the free version, and for their own fault, give this product bad ratings.
[Version 10.0]


Dave104 reviewed on 19 May 2004
With the event of 0.8b, Camino has become my default browser again. While the aesthetics of the interface are clearly a matter of taste (I like the GUI) Camino has improved on key features: Bookmark management now works as in Safari (the single best feature of Safari, IMHO). Importing your bookmarks is easy and flawless. Camino even correctly identifies KeyChain items, so no need to type them again. The strong points remain: Cookie management is clearly superior to Safari. Launch files directly from the download manager etc... The Tab integration is very sleek, looks great and is the least obstructive so far. Display of both arabic and hebrew pages is okay. There is an occasional problem with the ticker on the BBC main page but that'll surely be adressed soon. All the work that went into Camino is worth it. Ah, and did I mention that it is fast? Well, it is.
[Version 0.8b]

Dave104 commented on 09 Mar 2004
Nice but unfortunately unusable for me (G4/10.3.2). It becomes unreponsive (beachball) after a short time, while taking up around 40% of the CPU (400MHz). + a huge chunk of memory (60MB).
Had to force quit it. Pitty, it looks neat and is nicely customizable. Hope this gets fixed.
[Version 1.3]

Dave104 commented on 07 Mar 2004
The below should, of course, have read: "Still doesn't recognize..."
[Version 0.7.2a]

Dave104 commented on 07 Mar 2004
to recover 'temps' in your download folder just look for the fitting size and name .avi, .mp3 or whatever the file is. It will work.
I found a little bug where mlmac tells me it cannot download an additional file as my HD is full. Yet, it's not (freed up lots of space). After relaunching mlmac it still recongnizes the remaining free space correctly. Hope that can be fixed!
Otherwise this is a wonderful, great app!
[Version 0.7.2a]

Dave104 commented on 21 Dec 2003
The latest preview is very promising. Very easy to get around.

Indeed the new interface is much cleaner and actually clever.

labeledonsight, you're not to rate your IQ but the app. Carracho serves many different purposes... Poisened isn't the same thing at all. First and foremost, it lets you share. That means you also *give*.

Ah, and it's *too* not *to*... complicated, ay ?
[Version 1.0PR2]


Dave104 reviewed on 06 Dec 2003
Handy tool even with Panther's latest Character Palette which is very good. Still, this tool doesn't get into your way and is useful for the odd character you wish to quickly insert. I'm using a lot of 'exotic' characters deep inside the Unicode ranges. "No more memorizing keystrokes" is, of course, nonsense as you will want to learn by heart those that you most use (still faster than PopChar). So, if you use a limited range of characters only, no need to artificially keep your brain from memorizing, but if you find yourself using a wide range of different characters, this thing is for you.
Note: I had to upgrade to 2.1.2 to use it in Panther. The price isn't small but I don't regret paying for it as it does its job excellently. Also, as has been noted, upgrades are free for years to come.
[Version 2.1.2]

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Dave104 replied on 06 Dec 2003
I mean, what's wrong with memorizing stuff ?
Nothing. This app is for when you don't know a keystroke and need to quickly find the character. That's what it excels at. Therefore the description is somewhat misleading. It doesn't replace memorizing. That wouldn't make any sense. 1) Memorizing is painless 2) It's faster.
But go find a character you haven't memorized! That's a real pain, even with Character Palette...
That is PopChar's real strength.
Dave104 tipped on 25 Nov 2003
Revert back to 0.71 which works wonderfully under Panther. How come you give this kick-ass programme just *one* star because *one* version crashes ? Please, review the app, not your temporary frustration !
You should *always' keep the previous copy of an app until you know the new version works. This is really the most basic computer caveat.

Also: Do read the documentation y'all ! This app is not a memory hog. It reserves the amount of space a file *will* need right when you start downloading so that you do not unexpectedly run out of disk space and the dl aborts. This technique also allows for non-linear dls.
Lastly, the speed of downloads depends on where you download from, not on the app !
Depending on what I download I get 80KB+.
This should really be obvious.

Some people should question their own intelligence before they question the quality of this app.
[Version 0.7.2]

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