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Dave Brock reviewed on 08 Jan 2012
Regarding the below, no, nothing has changed with the new version. Let me rephrase the question: can ANYBODY reading this, pick an email address to send an encrypted message to and then select a key which is not tied directly to that email address? There used to be a drop-down menu for selecting this, it doesn't exist anymore.

To the dev: in your own support area, you already have two tickets for this, you know the feature doesn't even exist in the current build, so why would you possibly suggest that re-installing everything would make a non-existent feature function?


There's another one from a few weeks back on the same topic I can't find off-hand.

The feature can't possibly work for anybody, because it's not present in the current release. I can't find the other ticket, but the answer was that some kind of terminal hack work-around would be offered to associate keys with a given email address before a proper fix took place.

I'm ok with waiting, but why make people go around in circles with re-installing something that doesn't work for anybody (that specific feature)?

I'm also giving the app 5 stars because it's a sweet setup for GPG in Mail.app and I have faith that it will eventually work. But the devs answer is kind of misleading.
[Version 2.0a21]

Dave Brock rated on 04 Jul 2011
[Version 2.1.1]

Dave Brock rated on 04 Jul 2011
[Version 2.1.1]

Dave Brock rated on 04 Jul 2011
[Version 2.2.2]


Dave Brock reviewed on 08 Nov 2009
Very clean, elegant, fast and reliable. A beautiful and extremely useful little app. Many thanks to the developers!
[Version 20091107]


Dave Brock reviewed on 05 Nov 2009
Not sure what to say here without being mean or needlessly disrespectful, I have very fond memories when Firefox first arrived and I was stuck on Windoze, it was an amazing improvement over IE at the time. In the here and now it feels a lot like loading up some bloated dinosaur which reminds me more of Mozilla than anything else. Firefox is much slower then either Safari or Google Chrome, it uses up tons of memory, crashes constantly with every other update (this is on a Mac Pro, 8 core) and while there is nothing that exists which can beat the plethora of really cool add-ons for Firefox, after what, half a decade now, it still fails to use Mac OS X services.

Firefox may still be a really good alternative on Windoze, I don't know anymore, I left the pain of all that behind a few years back, but in the here and now I really don't understand why anybody cares about this app, unless you really really depend on some of the plug-ins and add ons.

If you really absolutely want the Gecko rendering engine for some reason, then Camino stomps all over this dinosaur.
[Version 3.5.5]

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Dave Brock replied on 06 Nov 2009
While I'm nearly in tears that you took exception to how I spell crap, I mean to say "Windows", regardless of your opinions regarding how clever or stupid my misspelling happens to be; neither one of you actually addressed any content that my message contained.

The single statement thus far is, "Firefox is more stable than IE!" While that's quite thrilling (and something I acknowledged in passing), I'm unclear what it has to do with a review of the Mac version of Firefox.

If both of you are such big fans, could you please, coherently and succinctly explain why exactly? I understand the plug-ins and add-ons or I will die people, but Firefox is at best a 3rd rate app on OS X. 5+ years without figuring out how services work? Does Firefox somehow run faster and use less memory for the two of you, in the special universe you inhabit, that makes it more appealing than Safari or Chrome?

I don't get it... Why do you like it, or what are you reviewing that I'm not seeing? Polite, genuine question.
Dave Brock commented on 24 Sep 2009
I really love what SOHO Notes looks like, what I don't understand is how the company can put in so much time and effort making a really nice GUI, but seemingly can't hire one decent programmer to make sure that oh I don't know, the program doesn't constantly break down, fall apart, and go approximately 20 times slower then anything else I have ever used for the same purpose. Devonthink which is industrial looking ugly, screams in comparison to this thing with a much larger load of documents. Eagle Filer is a close second, Together is starting to go the same route as SOHO notes, it keeps adding bling while failing to fix some fundamental problems and Yohimbo is doing I don't know what. First app update in what like 3 years is very unimpressive. BBedit is the shiznit but aside from that one app I haven't the foggiest idea what BareBones thinks its doing.

For me right now Devonthink which is both kind of ugly and confusing, is leading the heavyweight best in class pack, with Eagle Filer which has some of the ugliest icons ever seen by man on any platform is a close second. Why is it that nobody can seem to make a good looking program that works reliably?
[Version 8.0]

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