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Danshock reviewed on 03 May 2012
I'm also donating 5 stars to make up for a failing by MacUpdate.com. Come on, MU webdevs! We should be able to modify the number of stars AT LEAST until we click submit, and maybe even afterwards. The idea that a person has no way to click the number of stars they intended is ridiculous. This is one of those things that not only should be improved, but was always obviously wrong when it was first built.
[Version 1.5.6]


Danshock reviewed on 25 Apr 2012
Screenflick has been working great for me for quite a few months. I recently ran into a problem where my exports were failing. I contacted the developer, who responded quickly. They asked for a sample recording that failed and within a day had an update that fixed the problem. Great job!
[Version 2.1.2]


Danshock reviewed on 18 Aug 2011
This is one of the most useful pieces of software I have bought. It saves me so much time. I can create an account on some website from my home computer and 1Password saves the login info. Days later, I'm at work on a completely different computer and need to log in to the website. I pull out my iPhone and can look up the info, since 1Password can be set to automatically sync between all my devices using Dropbox. Wonderful! It is much more flexible than the OS X Keychain - 1Password can often figure out which entry is needed when the page/form is slightly different. When I used Keychain, I often ended up with 4 (or more!) copies of the same account info, which meant that one would be up-to-date and correct when some site made me change my password, while all the others would still show the old password. 1Password helps me avoid that kind of management nightmare. It also means that I can easily have different passwords for different sites, so when some random company's web server inevitably gets hacked, I don't have to change my password on every other website I use.
If you only have accounts on a handful of websites, or like spending all your time tinkering with the Keychain, then take the advice of some people here and just "Do It Yourself" with free utilities. If your time is not worthless, get 1Password.
[Version 3.8.0]

Danshock commented on 18 Aug 2011
The OS is gradually adding actual full-screen mode, rather than "not quite full screen, but big" - which is what this does.

The green button used to work consistently in Mac OS (classic) - it was the "make the window just big enough for everything to fit" button. Sadly, that feature is even MORE useful now that people have huge screens. If the content only uses 600x800 pixels, and you have a 24 inch screen, why make the window use almost the whole screen? Looks bizarre.

I agree with another commenter here - "Why?"
But, I the answer is that there are people coming from Windows who are used to full-screen-mode, and this will help them get close to that for apps that don't use Lion's new true full screen mode.

So, good luck!
[Version 1.0]

Danshock commented on 29 Jun 2011
(just a comment, since I haven't tried this) You can make a single-site-browser (SSB) for Facebook yourself using Fluid, a very useful program. You can do the same for Gmail and any other site. Try it out.

[Notice that, because MacUpdate.com's "mention Similar Software" interface doesn't show you the icon of the app, I added two "Fluid" apps. The one with the globe icon is what I meant to add.]
[Version 1.4]


Danshock reviewed on 29 Jun 2011
Very useful little utility for AppleScript programmers who aren't building entire applications in XCode, but just simple applets

Similar functionality to ProgBar, but this has more than just progress bars, which is very useful. Also, ProgBar hasn't been updated in a long time. It's great to see someone releasing an up-to-date utility like this.

In addition to calling it from AppleScript applets, any other software that can run AppleScripts can use it, including FileMaker.
[Version 0.3.8]


Danshock reviewed on 02 Mar 2011
Infuriating software!! The hoops you have to jump through to remove this pre-installed garbage from Western Digital disks are a total waste of time! Don't pre-install this garbage on my drives.

If users want this software, they will add it themselves. This kind of garbage pre-installed confuses many people: "What is this CD doing on my computer?" I knew what it was, and was very irritated by the amount of time I had to waste getting it removed. Not to mention that half the instructions were to run software that was hard to find, and then failed.
[Version 1.0]


Danshock reviewed on 21 Jan 2011
ScriptMaster, by 360works.com, is pretty amazing. I'm a FileMaker developer, and I've used this in several places to extend FileMaker. Using ScriptMaster, you can run shell scripts, move/copy/create/edit/delete non-FileMaker files, run various web commands, send HTML email, modify image files, create custom dialogs, and much more. Basically, it lets you program in Java (actually, a related language Groovy) to add capability to FileMaker.

Oh, and it is free. Take a look at the cost of FileMaker plugins that do similar work and you'll be amazed. This is free because 360works.com hopes to impress people enough to buy some of their other products. I know I have - they also make SuperContainer, a great way to handle file storage for FileMaker server solutions.
[Version 4.11]

Danshock commented on 13 Jan 2011
I was already unsure about Chrome, since I don't appreciate Google's intrusive software update program. Now that they've dropped H.264 (while keeping Flash!!), there's no chance I'll use it.
[Version 8.0.552.237]


Danshock reviewed on 30 Sep 2010
I wonder if the developer created this entry, or if MacUpdate staff did. It clearly is listed as $19 on the developer's website, not $5. It also is never described on the developer's website as being "free." It is, at best, a demo.

As far as the software itself, I must admit I'm puzzled. Most of the combination-type features in this can be done using the Mac OS X (free and built-in) Preview (dragging pages within one or more PDFs in the window's side drawer). Perhaps PDFGarden is targeted towards those not yet running Snow Leopard?

Also, the interface is confusing. If you select many pages in the advanced view, then click "Preview," it previews only one page. The preview window shows normal window-controls (red, yellow, green buttons), but when you use the keyboard combo command-W, it attempts to close the window for the "workflow." Also, the window it describes as a "workflow" defaults to being named "PDGarden," not "workflow."

Once you have the Preview window open, double-clicking any page does nothing. It doesn't change the contents of the existing Preview window. It doesn't open a new one. Strange.

It has two "Help" menus, one with the standard search box, one without.

It has a "Preferences" menu item that does absolutely nothing. If it has no prefs, the developer should remove that from the menu.

It has a menu item for "Provide PDFGarden Feedback" that takes you to a "404 Not Found" web page.

There's more that is strange or broken. Not the kind of quality you'd expect from an app you have to pay for.
[Version 3.1.2]

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