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Danio rated on 30 Dec 2013
[Version 1.4.5]


Danio reviewed on 22 Sep 2013
Great software, works with a multitude of different RSS and 'Read Later' services whilst also providing 'stand-alone' RSS service potential should you need it.

The software has been aggressively developed since v2 was released, many positive changes have been made by the communicative developer. These include the adding of features, general bug fixes and stability improvements.

I tend to change my mind a lot, having a software like this which smoothly and competently allows me to change my ultimate supplier of services and yet retain my software interface is a real winner!

This has quickly earned a place on my Mac, always running and ready to serve up the news.
[Version 2.3.1]

Danio rated on 25 Oct 2012
[Version 2.4.3]


danio reviewed on 08 Mar 2009
I've purchased a number of the financial apps available for the Mac; looking for something that fits. They either have too many features, not enough features, are overly complex, look hideous or are unstable.

For a first release product, which is being fairly rapidly developed this is a great application. It almost meets my requirements exactly, but, will meet them within a short space of time based on where development is going.

The developer seems friendly and responsive person, which is a great reason to support an application and help shape it's future with suggestions that have a chance of being heard and seriously considered.

I've used the application for about a week and have made the move in my mind from iBank. I've also used Moneydance which is nice but doesn't feel like a Mac application. Moneywell is a nice application but it doesn't fit the way I work.

Prospects is a good application with a greater future I think! Well worth consideration as your main financial application.
[Version 1.2.3]


danio reviewed on 27 May 2008
I've used this utility for over a year, beginning with version 1.

Version 2 improves on version 1 in a number of useful ways, I was more than happy to pay the small upgrade fee.

At first version 2 did not work correctly for me; the developer was responsive and tireless in his actions to resolve the issue. This is not the kind of attentive assistance you get with all software houses.

Version 2 simplifies and automates E-Mail and Address Book backup, not just for Apple Mail but for a number of other popular E-Mail clients; it's a worthy and recommended tool!
[Version 2.0.1]


danio reviewed on 28 Mar 2008
As a past user (and owner) of iBank I was hopeful that version 3 would be an answer to all the issues I personally had with it. Sadly, having participated in the Beta for the product it became clear that wasn't going to be the case.

I decided to look at alternatives and found Moneydance, at that point at '2007' version. Very quickly I decided Moneydance had what I wanted, despite my initial reservation with Java applications - powerful account tracking, simplicity, dependability and a no-frills approach to money management.

Since using Moneydance for the first time it hasn't stalled, crashed or lost any data, an improvement over iBank (in my experience).

Data entry is easy, especially with the new entry system deployed in version 2008; which also includes a full 'undo' feature. Allocation of funds against any number of categories to help drill down and find just exactly where all that money disappears each month.

This category information can then be accessed through the clever new expenses/income graph on the Home Screen; this for me is a killer feature, I use every day!

If you are looking for simplistic yet powerful software which allows you to control your finances day to day Moneydance is for you!
[Version 2008]


danio reviewed on 17 Jan 2008
As an owner of Virusbarrier X4 I confess to being a little confused by the subscription/upgrade model Intego have for their product. Upon visiting the upgrade website my options appeared to be to upgrade to X5 and separately to upgrade my DAT file subscription - there was no mention of any inclusive DAT upgrade when buying X5, which kind of makes you think they are separate and therefore that the cost is massive.

This isn't the case at all.

I went ahead with an X5 upgrade and have also received a 365 day DAT file subscription boost ADDED to the remaining subscription I have.

Installation/Upgrade of the software was a breeze and happened without issues. A quick reboot later and X5 was running on my system. This version adds a much simpler if slightly strange interface and at least one (for me) killer addition of an option - the ability to exclude scanning of a file/folder/disc. I could never find/understand how to do this with X4 - perhaps it wasn't possible.

Overall, I really like the interface, the program seems solid and effective. The latest round of enhancements Intego have applied are well thought out and I am sure are in response to customer feedback. I do think they should work a little harder to clarify upgrade options and make the customer aware of what they are buying. How they do that is up to them, however I would have thought it simpler to either charge for software which includes the DAT files, or, to charge for DAT file updates which include access to the latest software.

I realize there are feverish thoughts about the relevance of an antivirus solution for the Mac - surely prevention is better than a cure? I also feel a little better as person knowing that I have in good faith checked any attachments before sending them to friends, family and colleagues via e-mail.
[Version 10.5]


danio reviewed on 17 Sep 2007
In truth I only installed this application yesterday, having previously used 'Scrobblepod', that said I am very pleased with 1Scrobbler.

Installation went through smoothly as did set-up. I'm finding that iScrobblers interaction with iTunes is far better than Scrobblepod. I've always found 3 main disappointments with Scrobblepod, it locks up iTunes frequently for 5-second bursts immediately following completion of a song playing, it takes ages to submit data to Last.FM and it has a habit of switching on scrobbling when you have specifically turned it off, meaning that iPod tracks cannot be scrobbled correctly.

iScrobbler happily submits track play data in a heartbeat, so fast you hardly see the indicator flash, it doesn't lock up or interfere with iTunes operations and so far (although only 24-hours experience) it's working smoothly.
[Version 1.51b1]

danio commented on 15 Sep 2007
I bought this e-mail client quite soon after arriving on the Mac platform in March of this year, my requirements in a mail client after previously using 'The Bat' on Windows were quite extensive, most of them were catered for with GyazMail.

Now 6-months in, this software simply works. I don't use IMAP, preferring POP3, however, the software is always stable, has *almost* never crashed, and even when it has on perhaps the 2 or 3 occasions, it hasn't lost any information.

A great range of functions, integration with Address Book in OSX and with Spamsieve for first class antispam (currently 99.8% correct after 76,000 messages).

The only area's of major improvement I should like to see are 'Search' whcih desperately needs a more polished working interface and perhaps the ability to create mail with rich text if you need it, though in 99% of cases I'm happy and indeed prefer plain text.

Considering the developers asking price for this software it is simply superb!
[Version 1.5.6]

danio commented on 31 Jul 2007
Woks well with my Nokia 6300, sends concatenated messages and interfaces with the address book well.
[Version 1.45]

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