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Daniel Page reviewed on 12 Sep 2009
Looking at screenshots and reading reviews does not do this program justice. I saw it about a year ago and thought "that's nice." Recently bought the iPhone app when it was on sale, and then decided to check out the desktop program. The first moment that I used it, I realized that this program is all about design, response, and interface. It's really a great tool.., I've been doing all of my writing on it now, and then just pasting the finished text into my formatting programs or website programs.

Also, I love how it stays full screen when I command-tab to another program, rather than reverting to a small window like every other program with a full-screen mode does. This has to be the best implementation of full-screen I have ever seen.

I gotta keep using it, though... I just realized that I am taking longer writing this review because I am not using the program...
[Version 2.3.7]


Daniel Page reviewed on 12 Sep 2009
I have had two years of flawless and easy backups with this software. I am right in the middle of a problem backing up my drive. I am extremely impressed by how attentive the developer is. I have recieved no less than 5 emails in the past hour (first email occured less than 20 minutes after my initial request). This is what makes great software - flawless performance for two years, and when something is awry (and with my system, not with the software) in less than 20 minutes it is being worked on! I have to give credit where credit is due,
[Version 2.6.1]

Daniel Page commented on 30 May 2009
Just downloaded this..., this is really slick software. It's got the markers, like from Transcribe! Finally, a better looking transcribe! It does not have some of the more complex transport control of transcribe. It does seem to track changes in the original file location, though, which is awesome. Just emailed the developer about a feature request to have an integrated transcription library, so that it recognizes when you drag a file you've already been working with, and would open the appropriate transcription data.
[Version 1.0.4]


Daniel Page reviewed on 10 Feb 2009
Excellent program. Very easy to use, and good feature set. Ability to use AU effects is great, I can run a mastering plugin in realtime to get the levels nice and high. I use the program to record my student's guitar lessons, and then I email them the file right after the lesson. Using AAC encoding to 16kbps mono, I have manageable file sizes, plus using the AU effects I can get excellent compressed audio quality. If I screw up, accidentaly recording too long, I can click a button to open the file in an audio editor (for me, Fission), to edit the file and get it right. Rogue Amoeba make some of the most useful little audio applications out there.

As I understand, the big competing program is Wiretap Studio. That is a good program too, but I feel that Audio Hijack is a little bit more lightweight, and very useful for when you need to have the program encode and record everything in realtime. You would want wiretap studio if you wanted to be able to record a "dry" version, which you could edit later. That could certainly be useful in certain cases, but for my needs, I set up an Audio Hijack preset with all the effect settings just right, and then I don't need to edit anything after the fact, and the file can be in my student's email inbox before they get home from their lesson. Really priceless stuff!
[Version 2.9.1]

Daniel Page commented on 04 Feb 2009
I don't think that it supports the itunes sound check feature. I use iVolume to get all my albums playing at stable volumes (and boy, have modern alblums never sounded so bad)(Read about "Loudness Wars" if you don't know what I'm talking about), but audiocodex doesn't do anything for sound check, as far as I can tell,
[Version 1.49]


Daniel Page reviewed on 04 Feb 2009
I am a guitar teacher, and Transcribe is the best software I have found to learn difficult songs. The key part of transcribe, which none of the reviewers have mentioned so far, is the ability to create song markers of 3 types: Section, Measure, and Beat. You do this by tapping the keyboard to the beat (although I don't use the beat markers, just the section and measure) while listening to the song one time through. You can then, using keyboard shortcuts, navigate to any section of the song, so that you can quickly move around. Slow-down software is no longer a big deal, Quicktime Player lets you slow down and change pitch for free, but have you ever tried to move to the guitar solo of a song in quicktime? Drag and drop the playhead, hit fastforward, then rewind, however you do it, it is going to take a lot of time. The marker system in transcribe lets me work easily twice as fast on transcribing, and probably faster. There are also controls for many different types of playing/pausing. For example, there is a button that will start playback for as long as it is held down, and when you pick it up, it will return to the marker that it started at (great for figuring out a particularly hard part). There are different controls for pausing, whether you want it to go back to the marker, or just pause in place. Also, you can navigate to the next beat, measure, or section marker using three different controls. It is, in fact, a dizzying variety of controls at first, but after using it to transcribe a song, you will be unable to go back and use anything else. Extremely well thought out design for transcription. The slow-down quality is quite good. Now, the one thing that people have complained about so far is the interface. It is, by modern mac standards, pretty harsh to look at. Doesn't have the textured, shaded feel that we come to expect, and uses some pretty funky old-school icons. This isn't a problem once you are up and running with the program, in fact, the whole point of the program is to be able to control the entire transcription process from the keyboard, but it is a pain when you are starting out learning the program. There is a great help file, and key commands, but none of them are presented in a modern mac-like way, it is all old school windows style. I rate the program at 5 stars, because the pros of the problem absolutely outweigh the cons, by far. Also, when contacting the developer, I have talked to a competent, thoughtful, human being, who was very receptive to my input for the program (and even to maybe revamping the interface in the future). Highly recommended program for musicians... in fact, I can't imagine being a musician these days and not having the program.
[Version 7.5]

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