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Dana Sutton commented on 12 Apr 2014
Still no decent documentation. Despite what the developer told me a while back, still no sign of decent documentation in the future, either in the blurb about v.1.2 or on the developer's website. I refuse to get involved with an app. which mucks around with my OS unless I understand exactly what it's doing and exactly how to use it.
[Version 1.1.10]


Dana Sutton reviewed on 07 Apr 2014
WARNING -- DO NOT USE THIS DANGEROUS APP. HIder 2 would be a great app. except that after using it for a few days it "ate" a lot of my data, i. e. it refused to open one of my folders containing important files. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve this stuff from Time Machine, but it taught me a valuable lesson. I've read complaints by App Store purchasers who have had the same experience. Maybe a later version will be reliable and trustworthy, but this one isn't.
[Version 2.0]

Dana Sutton commented on 07 Mar 2014
Fifty bucks for this? You're out of your bleeding mind. Two bucks from the Apple Store would be more appropriate.
[Version 5.3]


Dana Sutton reviewed on 26 Feb 2014
I don't understand all this kvetching. Shades has always worked perfectly for me, and continues to do so on OS 9.2. And I prefer it to many of its competitors because it does the one thing I want in a utility of this kind: independently control the brightness of multiple monitors.
[Version 1.2]

Dana Sutton commented on 23 Feb 2014
I have trouble opening and viewing videos on Chromium although they work fine on Chrome (same extensions running on both). Anybody have any ideas?
[Version 33.0.1750.117]

Dana Sutton commented on 25 Dec 2013
Having used LIteicon more, I have to say it has some shortcomings. 1.) Its Application range only "sees" applications stored in MacOS>Applications, not those stored in User>Home>Applications. 2.) It fails to "see" applications (such as the individual ones in the MS Office suite) which are stored within folders in MacOS>Applications. 3.) It doesn't have a way of customizing generic special-purpose icons such as webloc ones, Web Clipping, and all the rest. So it's limited and not a full replacement for Candy Bar. Let's hope that it author continues to develop it and make it a full-service substitute.
[Version 3.0.2]


Dana Sutton reviewed on 10 Dec 2013
We appear to have a winner here. This makes up for the loss of Candybar and appears to do work just as advertised. Thanks, developer! Now if only somebody would come up with a similar utility to de-uglify the Mavericks Dock!
[Version 3.0]

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Dana Sutton replied on 11 Dec 2013
Well, Cattus, a lot of people would like to have a transparent Dock and to control whether the Dock is 2-D or 3_D. And in saying this I'm not an isolated crank. Read http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/11/five-complaints-ars-readers-have-about-os-x-mavericks/

Dana Sutton reviewed on 03 Dec 2013
I agree with all the criticisms about the high cost of the upgrade to v. 2. And I don't particuarly like the developer, the time I wrote to complain about this I got back a response that nearly bit my head off. Nevertheless, I think it should be pointed out that this high price is the result of a policy set by the Apple Store, not by the developer. The Store doesn't permit any distinction between first-time purchases and purchasing upgrades. In this way (and at least one other, its inability to permit pre-purchase demo tryouts) the Store is anti-consumer, and I try to avoid using it whenever possible. In this case, this is why I intend to stick to v. 1 as long as I can do so.
[Version 2.5.4]

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Dana Sutton replied on 04 Dec 2013
That's finny, it works quite fine for me on Maverick
Dana Sutton commented on 26 Nov 2013
I'm happy to donate unused processor cycles to a worthwhile cause (well, let's pretend SETI is worthwhile). But I am not at all happy to donate space on my Dock to Boinc! Every time I upgrade I have to us a utility such as Dockless to get rid of its Dock icon, and I shouldn't have to do this. The Boinc people ought to know that's it's just plain rude to do this, when a menu icon would do just as well.
[Version 7.2.33]

Dana Sutton commented on 23 Nov 2013
Works with Mavericks?
[Version 2.8]

Dana Sutton had trouble on 02 Oct 2009
I'm having the "could not start" problem too. I've been CONSTANTLY plagued by it since upgrading to Snow Leopard. I think there's a bug and I don't the think the developer has quite solved the problem (if you read this, Mr. Developer, I'll be happy to work with out on this problem by giving you whatever info you need about my Mac's configuration and the other stuff I'm running).
[Version 3.2]

Dana Sutton had trouble on 18 Apr 2006
I can't get Virtue to change screens by keyboard commands (admittedly, I'm a special case since I'm using an old Apple Extended ABD keyboard via a ABD>USB adapter, so I can't expect everything in the world to work properly)
[Version 0.52r122]

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