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Dan_ex_japan reviewed on 30 Oct 2009
I've used PathFinder from their Day One - so long ago that I don't remember what it was called when first released. It was Good then, it is Essential now. Cocoatech fixes what needs to be fixed with a persistence that is impressive - and has done so since the beginning. This app is a labor of love and it shows in that it is continually improved. Given that Apple can not and will not change the Finder to make it as complex and versatile as PathFinder - this is The One for those who need more than the Finder offers. PathFinder takes my Mac experience to a whole new level of utility and usability. If I wore a hat I'd tip it to Cocoatech every time I sat down in front of my Mac.

To put this mini-review into perspective - I've been using Macs exclusively since 1986. I now have a Black iBook, a 2 ghz Mini with 24" Apple Monitor and a 2.66 ghz 20" iMac. These are #s 27, 28 and 29 in a long list of Macs that I've bought, used and loved. I also love PathFinder. Considering that I've bought every new OS upgrade since the introduction of OS X (after having waited in line to get the free demo version on introduction) and only had to pay the initial cost and one upgrade license for PathFinder in the approximate same time - I consider PathFinder a genuine bargain!
[Version 5.5.5]

Dan_ex_Japan commented on 13 Sep 2007
I use it. I have paid for it twice since 1994 or 1995. It works. I do too. It isn't pretty. Neither am I. If I could get the same results in Me that I get for GC for an extra $35.00 I'd be the ultimate happy man and I'm a pretty happy guy any way.
[Version 6.0.1]

Dan_ex_Japan commented on 29 Jul 2006
OH! My eyes! My Eyes! OmniWeb is BRILLIANT!

As I said once before, some people will buy WalMart and some will buy Brooks Brothers. Some prefer Aussie Shiraz to Bud Light. Some wear their caps backwards and prefer their jerseys 2 sizes too big. Personal preferences are ... personal. I still occasionally do use other browsers BUT I PREFER this one. $30 is a not a factor. It is my investment - not just a purchase - in Omni and they, as software architects, engineers and designers, are where the platform is heading. This product, and every Omni product, is an investment in my personal satisfaction as a productive Mac user.
[Version 5.5b2]

Dan_ex_Japan commented on 16 Jul 2006
Works very well for me on a 1.9Ghz iMac G5, 1 gig, OS X 10.4.7
Has done what it tells me it will do - and well - with no problems and no complaints. I paid for it (the price of 4 cups of designer coffee) immediately on finding the demo was a short run. I amortize apps. I've used VisualHub half a dozen times since buying it a week ago. To date each use has cost me about $4.00. By this time next week I'll have cut the cost per use in half and by September I'll be using it for free. Try that logic at the checkout counter anywhere else. Supporting good IDEAS is essential for stimulating better products. If users have problems with this app that I don't, I'll benefit from their input to the developers. Mahalo nui loa and Aloha!
[Version 1.0.3a]


Dan_ex_Japan reviewed on 20 Apr 2006
I've used this app since slow boat to China modem days. It took the ... , and waiting, and waiting ... out of waiting for downloads. YasSoft has updated regulary, frequently and always to improve. Now I have a speed of light, fast optical fiber connection bu I still use this to improve my download speed and, more importantly now, to add function. It is perfectly integrated to the web and OS X. When the update came I popped for it without a moment's hesitation.
[Version 4.0]

Dan_ex_Japan commented on 25 Jan 2006
Ah, yes, the Apple calculator app does tell the answers - and does do conversions. BUT, the years have taught me that "how" can occasionally be as important as "what". ConverTable Units tells me both "how"and "what". This app shows one how the answeres are derived. That is especially good for those of us who are math challenged and care about it. I suppose that the same might apply to students who are trying to understand math or parents of students who are trying to understand math. Good app.
[Version 2.6.1]

Dan_ex_Japan commented on 18 Jan 2006
Excellent. Another tool to cut the tracks and make the clicks count. Some people need it and others don't. That is why Apple has "Simple Finder". More? Go check this:

[Version 4.0]

Dan_ex_Japan commented on 08 Dec 2005
Excellent. It works for me with 10.2.4 and all three players installed. Some slow feeds, not relevant to the player. How sweet it is to be watching Larry, Moe and Curly on my 12' G3 iBook in Japan! When Chuck Grieves comes thruough Tsukuba Japan I'll be pleased to take him out for yaki-tori and sake. Arigato!
[Version VF3]

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Dan_ex_Japan replied on 08 Dec 2005
GYAAAH! Typo - OSX 10.4.2 not 10.2.4
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