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DPoncy reviewed on 08 Dec 2010
This program is useless for me. I have to page through hundreds of cache files, and other items. I haven't a clue how you filter a cache file since they have no extension.

Also, if the checksum and file size are different, why does it show up as a duplicate? I don't have the time to open each of the thousands of entries.
[Version 2.0.3]

DPoncy commented on 26 Nov 2010
Why is this listed as "Free". It is not! After you have it installed on your computer and open it, you are informed that you have to register and pay to use it.

Please don't waste my time by falsely listing a commercial product as "free."
[Version 3.1.0f3]

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DPoncy replied on 27 Nov 2010
I have to apologize. After following through, I discovered that there is free option. But the path there makes you believe there is not. It ought to be made more clear.

DPoncy reviewed on 21 Oct 2010
I just updated from 1.0 to 1.2 and was pleasantly surprised at the improvements. Font rendering has become much nicer and there are some good new options.

They still need to work on display options, however. You should be able to set the column widths independently from the font size. This is especially annoying when going back and forth from full page view.
[Version 1.2.0]

DPoncy commented on 26 Sep 2009
My Macbook Pro with Leopard goes into kernel panic when I try to install this program.
[Version 1.3.5]

DPoncy commented on 19 Dec 2008
While VLC is still the best movie player out there, the quality of FLV image playback has suffered since I updated to 0.9.8a from 0.8.6.

I used to get a very nice video, but now it the video image is filled with artifacts and off-color.
[Version 0.9.8a]

DPoncy commented on 27 Mar 2008
The popup which notifies me of an update freezes my source window. It will not allow me to dismiss it, nor can I update. I have to restart Safari to get rid of it.

Otherwise, this is a great program.

I am on Tiger 10.4.11, using Safari 3.1.
[Version 0.2.5]

DPoncy commented on 01 Aug 2007
Colorization of source code, and the ability to apply changes to the page, are the main reasons I use Safari Stand. This no longer works. Please please please add these features back in!!!!!!!!
[Version 3.0a2]

DPoncy commented on 02 Jul 2007
Perian crashes my Mac (kernal panic) when certain videos are played, including TV show downloads from iTunes. When I removed Perian, they played fine.

OS: PPC 1.4ghz, 1G ram, OSX 4.9
[Version 1.0]

DPoncy commented on 02 Jul 2007
As I said in my earlier review, this is a good little program, and I was ready to pay for it when the scheduler came out - maybe $40 or even $50.

I have developed a few software programs myself and I'm very aware of the effort involved here. Yet $128 seems really excessive. And the scheduler - how much more will that be?

I will be very surprised if the developer gets many people to pay this amount.
[Version 1.0]


DPoncy reviewed on 13 Jun 2007
Some of the things they've added are good, but they don't make up for the things they've taken away.

Two things that have become indispensable to me are a button on the toolbar to create a new tab, and the ability, when viewing source code, to change the code in the view window, to experiment with the websites I am developing.

Why did they remove them?

Also, I still can't edit a Google calendar, but worse, this version crashes when I try to open the edit page.

Safari is still my favorite browser. It is fast and it renders pages more beautifully than Firefox, which produces very ugly pages. I just wish they would solve the java problems so I can use it universally.
[Version 3.0b]

DPoncy had trouble on 28 Jul 2013
When I click on "hide the icon" I lose all ability to access the application menu / preferences. There is no button to reverse this. The only way I can figure out how to get back to the preferences is to delete the preferences file in my user Library. But I can't find the preferences file either.

Mountain Lion - Latest stable version of nvAlt.
[Version 2.2b]

DPoncy had trouble on 06 May 2012
There seems to be no program here, just a bunch of java files, icons, and other resource files????
[Version 2.1.0]

DPoncy had trouble on 07 Jan 2011
Desktop Per Space does not work on my laptop (osx 6.5). The only time the desktop changes is when an application automatically triggers the Space change. If I do it manually through the top bar, the background stays the same.

This is a big disappointment for an otherwise great little program.
[Version 4.06]

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DPoncy replied on 10 Jan 2011
Maybe I'm confused. Are you saying that when I am changing docks I am not changing spaces?

My main use of this program is for the docks. I probably wouldn't be using spaces on its own. It would be nice to change backgrounds so that I know which dock I am in. It's not a make-or-break for me, but it would be nice.

I still love your little program.
DPoncy had trouble on 11 Jul 2008
You say that it supports Safari 3.0.4 or higher.

I have 3.1, yet now I have this annoying message which pops up each time I start Safari, telling me that Glims does not support my version of Safari. How do I uninstall this program?
[Version 1.0b4]

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DPoncy replied on 15 Jul 2008
I am using Version 3.1 (4525.13) with OS 10.4.11.
DPoncy had trouble on 19 Nov 2007
The WebDev settings don't seem to work. No colorized or editable source. This is the one feature I really use in SafariStand. I'm using it with 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4.
[Version 3.0L151]

DPoncy had trouble on 11 Aug 2007
I installed this package (OS 10.4.10 and Apache 1.3) and now Apache fails.

How do you uninstall this?
[Version 5.2.1]

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