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D9 commented on 10 Mar 2014
Why are the Requirements only listing iPhone 5s/5c, when one of the features is an improvement for iPhone 4 users?
[Version 7.1]

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D9 replied on 10 Mar 2014
Nevermind...Amc3 posted the real requirements just as I posted this question. Thanks!
D9 commented on 13 Nov 2013
I guess I was anticipating this being more on the lines of BusyCal or Spanning Sync which would sync iCloud Calendar < > Google Calendar (e.g. - iCloud Work calendar syncs with Google Job calendar).

Instead, this appears to be a substitute for a cross platform calendar like Google Calendar (can be set up on Mac OS X, iOS, Android). There appears to be no way to have these entries automatically sync with existing iCloud and/or Google calendars. I assume Contacts works the same way.
[Version 2.2]

D9 commented on 02 Sep 2013
After reading up (& testing where possible) on this offering as well as Air Media and AirPlayIt, I have a couple of observations:

1. Only AirPlayIt says it can play DRM movies (albeit via Safari on iPad/iPhone but play it does and w/ no issue)
2. AirPlayIt is the only free option for both server & iOS client
3. AirPlayIt has not been updated in some time and does not play properly on iPhone 5 (& thusly 5S/5C) as well as iOS 7 (perhaps?)
4. Air Media offers the broadest selection of video formats to view
5. Air Video seems to be the best supported from a development, performance and customer service standpoint.

Like anything, there are pluses and minuses with each option. If you use an iPhone 5 and/or you're concerned about iOS 7 support plus want the finest playback, then this Air Video seems best, although Air Media seems intent on supporting iOS 7 too.

However, if you use iPhone 4S or older, or if free is the key, then AirPlayIt seems to be the solution.

[Version 1.0.4]


D9 reviewed on 18 Jun 2013
I need to update my response to this program now that I've used the 2.x and 2.2 versions for the last year or so.

Overall, this is a very stable and data reliable program; aspects that are essential to any financial program. It offers a thorough handling of most personal financial transactions, whether checking, investments, loans or cash accounts. Its automated banking transaction downloads are broad and robust, including the ability to screen for duplicate entries before entry. It can automate budget allotment to bucket/envelope amounts and report with clarity.

It is by far the most robust yet easiest solution I've found for customers using iOS devices on a daily basis. It's implementation of iCloud syncing is flawless and never requires manual updating by the user. It would be nice if it offered Dropbox as an alternative.

My only peeve, and it gets to the essence of Moneywell's methodology, is the bucket system. Once you figure out how to use it, and more importantly want to use it, Moneywell is a very helpful financial app...the best I've used out of iBank, QE, Money, Checkbook, SEE Finance, Moneydance, etc. But that's just it...if you don't like or understand the bucket system, Moneywell is difficult to use, cluttered and probably not the best solution for your personal finances.

Still, it is my default finance app and I've learned to love the buckets. Plus, the iOS solution alone puts it over the top for me.
[Version 2.2.2]

D9 commented on 06 Jun 2013
Interesting...it seems the "owner" of this software is now Ancestry.com. They have the 2.0 version but for a discounted $52.49. However, if you go to Mackiev.com's store and look in their "Made By MacKiev", they still have Family Tree Maker 2 on sale but for $49.95.

Now you may say are these 2 separate products, but the box covers are the exact same. One has to wonder why MacKiev does not show this in the main site as a product yet still has it in their store...and for cheaper!
[Version 1.0]

D9 commented on 01 May 2013
Here is a page on the developer Ecamm's web site that shows what the differences are between the new Printopia Pro and the regular Printopia:

[Version 1.0]

D9 commented on 10 Mar 2013
Sidebar: Amazing how Intuit's reluctance to develop a robust Quicken for Macs has created such a cottage industry of alternatives: Moneydance, iBank, SEE Finance, Moneywell, MoneyWiz, Checkbook, Pecunia, Moneyguru, Fresh Finance, iFinance, Jumsoft Money, etc.
[Version 1.9.6]


D9 reviewed on 16 Jan 2013
It greatest (or worst if you ask previous owners) new feature would be great if only iCloud sync worked. At best, it allows you the security of having your data file off-site in case your Mac is lost, damaged or stolen. But when it comes to syncing it w/ Money's iOS offerings, the results are abysmal...it doesn't work at all!!

There continues to be bugs with settings and general UI issues that make you scratch your head. For example, you can't split loan payments for transfers (ie mortgage principal, escrow, insurance). Other times, the screen will be blank when opening and I have to restart the app several times before it shows my data. The reporting features are very limited versus Quicken offerings.

Overall, I love the GUI and simplicity of Money, but the execution is just poorly done and the development & support are even worse. Just cannot recommend this to anyone wanting to depend on their financial data with it.
[Version 4.4.1]

D9 commented on 21 Nov 2012
This week only (Nov 20-26, 2012), Starcraft II Wings is on sale for $19.99. Or get Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm together for $59.99.

(P.S. - not a Blizzard rep...I'm just an interested user getting my copy of Starcraft II now!)
[Version 1.4.2 21029]


D9 reviewed on 31 Oct 2012
Without reading "What's New", I'll bet it says up to 20% faster, full support for Windows 8 and Mtn Lion, improved graphics for gaming and video, etc.

Really, this has become a joke I'm not willing to pay for anymore with these guys. New versions with new costs. At this point, I could've bought a Dell computer for what I've paid in upgrades the last 4 years!!

Add to this that I'm quite satisfied with Parallels 7 and see no need to upgrade to Windows 8, so there will be no upgrading here.
[Version 8.0.18305]

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D9 replied on 31 Oct 2012
OMG...add to this that it costs more to upgrade to Parallels 8 ($50) than it does to upgrade to Windows 8 ($40)!!
D9 had trouble on 17 Sep 2009
Be warned: Easy Envelopes 1.0.7 does NOT work properly in OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. It can print envelopes but has freezes when minimized as well as with the Print dialog screen.

No word when or if Easy Envelopes will be updated to work with 10.6 by the developers, Ambrosia Software.

[Version 1.0.7]

D9 had trouble on 19 Nov 2006
Since Roxio requires that you have a login creds for their site's support, I'm unable to get this download. This is due to some sort of error w/ the login form. It's worked in the past but currently will not accept my info, nor will it allow one to register for a new account.


[Version 7.1.2]

D9 had trouble on 20 May 2006
Seems iWeb 1.2 or 1.1.2 can't be far behind. My pre-existing iWeb site will not Publish in iWeb 1.1 (necessary upon updating to the new version). It has problems it says w/ uploading JPEGs or being over the iDisk quota.

But of course, none of that is actually true. iWeb 1.1 has a serious bug that will need updating. Check out this AppleCare link:
[Version 1.1]

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