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Curlypaws reviewed on 12 Dec 2013
Very pleased to see FineReader Pro come to the Mac. As Georg-74 mentions, there is no correction window (which I'd really like to see in a future update), but the quality of the character recognition is much better than the Express version, and the choice of areas and export options is also wider.

The interface is quite different from the Windows version, but certainly none the worse for this. I've yet to try it with a larger document to judge the speed - but it seems much closer to the Windows version than I had expected. The accuracy still seems slightly lower than the Windows version, but again there isn't a lot in it (the Windows version seems slightly better at identifying areas to recognise).
[Version 12.0.3]


Curlypaws reviewed on 14 Apr 2013
Not a bad piece of software - but written in Java rather than a native Mac program, with all that entails (slightly peculiar user interface and an inability to keep up with Apple's OS improvements for things such as retina screen support).

What is less good is the update pricing - a mere 33% off the price of the new software for what are not earth-shaking changes. Given that the software is expensive this is a poor deal. It also is getting a little burdened with flashy extras such as 3D mind maps and flowcharts. It sometimes feels like everything but the kitchen sink will be added in an attempt to justify further upgrade fees.

To be honest, most people would be far better off with something like MyThoughts or MindNode Pro.
[Version 6 6.0.416]


Curlypaws reviewed on 19 Nov 2012
Very impressed with Entropy - in particular the speed in unzipping a file. It also has some beautifully styled touches that really add to the pleasure of using it. The program gets out of your way too - it doesn’t need to open the archive before it unpacks it. Finally it supports a great variety of formats, including some of the more rare ones.
Downsides? I don’t particularly care for the icon that it gives files. Given the program is so elegant, the file icons seem quite clumsy. But this is a little thing, and it doesn’t affect the functionality.
[Version 1.5.2]


Curlypaws reviewed on 19 Feb 2010
I'd like to second the glowing reviews of MyThoughts. I've tried many of the Mac mindmapping programs and, while many of them have unique strengths, they also have weaknesses (often reflecting the fact that they've been ported from elsewhere).

MyThoughts is a Mac program through and through. It combines typical Mac ease of use with a surprising amount of power. While it may not (yet) offer all the bells and whistles it lets you create beautiful mindmaps very quickly. I just love using this program!

The included graphics for your mindmaps are to a very high standard and are really the icing on the cake. You really should take a look at MyThoughts if you are interested in mindmapping.
[Version 1.0.5]


Curlypaws reviewed on 09 Jan 2010
If you use Simplenote on your iPhone (or through its web interface), then JustNotes is a great way to view and update your notes on the Mac. It keeps any changes in sync in the background, whether creation of new notes, editing existing ones or the deletion of old notes. Each note shows the creation and last modification date - a handy set of information to have.

The interface can be varied to show your list of notes in a vertical or horizontal format. You can also vary the fonts, while searching is quick and easy. All in all, it allows plenty of customisation. The nicest feature for me is that the interface, while attractive, doesn't get in the way.

The program is continuing to develop and looks set to become even better - with importing of plain text files and Evernote XML files a possible future feature. I really like it. While it is still in beta, I've found it to be very reliable.
[Version 0.4.6]


Curlypaws reviewed on 25 Dec 2009
A great way to learn to use regular expressions - the program helps you to build your expression and then offers some great tools to debug it.
[Version 1.0]


Curlypaws reviewed on 27 Oct 2009
This is a brilliant little puzzle game containing stunning hand-drawn graphics and some devious little puzzles. It is well worth a look (a demo is available) and is great value for the amount of entertainment it provides.

The hero is a small robot that you control. As you progress you get snatches of the background to the story. You also get to meet a tremendous variety of both cute and less pleasant robots. The controls are easy to get the hang off and there are two levels of clues within the game. There is a single clue, easily available. However, if you are really struck there is a mini version of Scramble that you must make it through to see a walkthrough for the screen. This helps stop you reverting to the walkthrough too quickly!

For the graphics alone, Machinarium is worth the money - but the well-pitched puzzles and cute storyline also really impress. The games plays nicely at full screen, although I've noticed a few graphics glitches at the edges of the screen (they don't affect gameplay).
[Version 1.0]


Curlypaws reviewed on 02 Oct 2009
A really neat utility, ForeverSave lets you save documents as you work on them.

For each program you select, you can set options on how many versions of documents you would like to retain (and since you can be saving every few minutes, it offers a more granular save option than Time Machine). You can control how often saves are performed and whether ForeverSave prompts you for an initial filename if you haven't saved the document at all.

All of this makes it indispensable when you are working on that important document only for the program to crash just before you saved things. If you are running ForeverSave then you'll only have lost a few minutes work - rather than something much worse.

The program offers a very nice interface for setting up the configuration (and editing it) for each program - as well as a visual indication of the versions available for each program. You can exclude certain folders from saving if you need to do so. You have the option of saving and taking a backup version, just saving or just backing up. If you opt for backups you can then browse the versions of the various documents to find the one that you need. The only downside if you select a program like Interface Builder is that a lot of files may share the same name - so you might want to give things sensible names as unfortunately the full path isn't visible. You can always open a copy or the original document or use Quick Look to see what it is.

There is an overall switch to close ForeverSave if you need to (I haven't found any reason to). The icon indicates whether the program is on or off. ForeverSave also comes with a very complete manual. I find it to be ideal for those situations where something happens and I've not saved the document for a long time. It also comes in handy if you save a version of the document and then decide you preferred an earlier version of it. You can go back and retrieve the old version. I'm very impressed with it.
[Version 1.0]


Curlypaws reviewed on 05 Sep 2009
A very nice program that works well with the iPhone and isn't overloaded with too many features. I've found it to be very stable in operation, unlike some of its competitors.
[Version 1.0.1]


Curlypaws reviewed on 16 Aug 2009
I've long hoped that Abbyy would bring FineReader to Mac OS X, since OmniPage has fallen by the wayside and ReadIris has a number of irritations (a clunky upgrade procedure has always tried my patience and a limit of 50 page documents annoys, unless you spring for the even more expensive Corporate version).

While I was disappointed that it was FineReader Express rather than the full product, I've found the results to be excellent. You can't correct the output within the program, but you can amend its recognition of tables, graphics and text blocks. And, in fact, the output is very good indeed - needing a lot less correction than either OmniPage or ReadIris.

For the price, this is the best Mac OCR package available and, while it means that a full version of FineReader is probably less likely I'd still like to hope that we might one day see it - if only to offer an even greater degree of control over the output from within the program.

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