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Culture Of One rated on 12 Jun 2012
[Version 9.7.2]


Culture Of One reviewed on 12 Jun 2012
"...some features will become available after registration." Such as generating a slide show or even adding files via the buttons. If this program functioned the way it was intended, it would be a great value. I give this a 2 star for effort, but I refuse to invest money in a product that locks up during the demo. I downloaded a copy of the demo from the developer's site to test it on a 2010 MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.8, and I regret that it failed miserably. The interface is simple and easy to understand - a definite plus - but any time a drop down window opens (eg adding a file/folder via the buttons or generating a demo slide show) the program freezes; I suspect it just can't deal with parsing a directory structure, but I can't fathom why not. I guess I should have been concerned when there were no examples of actual slide shows on the developer's website. Glad it was just a waste of my time and not my money.
[Version 9.7.2]

Culture Of One commented on 29 Nov 2011
I'm curious: if this requires a Blu-Ray drive, how can they claim it will work on any Mac, given that most don't have Blu-ray drives or an easy way to install one? Assuming the need for a Blu-ray drive, is there really any way to use this on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini...?

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Culture Of One replied on 29 Nov 2011
I should qualify that: is there any way to use this software without having an external drive?

Culture Of One reviewed on 21 Nov 2011
With version 8.0.1, I am getting off the Firefox treadmill. It slows down everything running on my MacBook Pro. It locks up with the slightest provocation. It fails to restart after a forced quit (claiming that it's already running, even though there is no visible process int he Activity Monitor) - a problem I've been having since v4. Today, last night locked up when I attempted to clear the history (while I was offline), and was still unusable today. I got the following error when attempting to re-clear the history (and after a minute of the SBOD):

"A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: resource:///components/nsFormHistory.js:465"

I have forced quit several times, shut down the mac and restarted, and FF still won't work properly. I refuse to waste another second of my life on this piece of garbage. Time to move on to a browser that works.
[Version 8.0.1]


Culture Of One reviewed on 15 Nov 2011
After a couple of days of regular use, it's clear that version 7.6 has the same issues I encountered with 7.5.2: it randomly drops connection for no reason (and immediately attempts to reconnect), thereby rendering any downloads in progress completely useless if your ISP uses dynamically-allocated IPs like mine does. This was the primary reason I downgraded to 7.5.1 before, and I can see I'll have to do so again. I paid good money for a 2010 Airport Extreme only to experience repeated failures as a result of ill-conceived firmware updates. In hindsight, I could have saved a lot of money buying a non-Mac product, and probably experienced better stability in the process. Thanks once more, Apple, for not disappointing my expectations. Let me know when you're ready to drop another firmware bomb.
[Version 7.6]

Culture Of One commented on 06 Sep 2011
It must not like my taste in music; out of 1442 tracks - I decided to test it on a smaller library first - it found cover art for 1 track! That said, I don't have a lot of pop/top-40 stuff. Hopefully it works better for others.
[Version 1.3]

Culture Of One commented on 29 Jul 2011
For the record, $0.99 is inexpensive, but it's not free. Please update the MU listing accordingly.
[Version 1.0.1]


Culture Of One reviewed on 26 Jun 2011
I needed this update in order to keep using Silverlight in 64-bit mode on Firefox 5. So far so good. Since the upgrade I haven't seen any screen flashing problems like I did on the previous version on Netflix (used to have the upper 1-2 inches of screen flash in a lighter colour on occasion). I'm hoping this means that they've eliminated the bug, but only time will tell.

For those looking for a way to configure Silverlight to maximize bandwidth, etc., there is a series of menus for configuring the software. Sadly, it's not as simple as right-clicking on the screen (so I give it a slightly lower ease-of-use rating). When Silverlight is running in regular windowed screen mode (ie not full screen):

For menu: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M
For the a/v status: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D
For stream manager: Crtl+Alt+Shift+S
For player info: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P

The first one is the crucial one to memorize, as it will get you to the others. Supposedly the following work as well, but I've never managed to get them to function:

For download history: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
For frame rate histogram: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F
For bandwidth history: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B
For buffer level history/prediction: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V

I highly recommend experimenting with the stream manager if you're unhappy with the quality of streamed video on Netflix. You'd be surprised how much just tweaking the buffering can improve picture quality!
[Version 4.0.60531.0]

Culture Of One commented on 08 May 2011
Just bought this app via mupromo, and it appears that the download is NOT Pzizz Pro, but just Pzizz v2.7 (even though current version is 2.7.1). The app I received has a different interface than pictured and is limited to 60 minutes maximum session length (as opposed to 90 minutes, as advertised and shown in the demos). What gives?
[Version 2.7.1]

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Culture Of One replied on 08 May 2011
Did some more testing - can produce 90 minute Energizer routines, just not Sleep or Meditation routines. Still don't know why the interface has changed, but perhaps it's a feature of the latest version. Also find it funny that the product FAQ (in the help system) just opens the product website. There's no FAQ, just the usual advertisement. Whats the point of telling a registered user how to buy your product? The general help material is a little more useful, but not much.

I'll produce a more complete review after I've tried it out for a while.

Culture Of One reviewed on 08 May 2011
Overall, still a pretty solid emulator, even in 10.6.7 on an Intel MacBook Pro. It does have a habit of shutting down poorly; it tends to crash instead of shutting down.

Also of note: this page lists it as a $25 shareware product. The price is currently $32.
[Version 4.9.5]

Culture Of One had trouble on 27 May 2013
Issues discovered in 1st hour of use:

- Only allows import of Microsoft Money (OFX) files; failed to recognize transactions in Quicken (QIF) or spreadsheet (CSV) formats

- No categories for Chequing accounts, line of credit

- Credit card category behaves as a chequing account(?)
[Version 3.05]

Culture Of One had trouble on 10 Jan 2012
I foolishly went back to using FireFox. Yesterday it forcibly upgraded to v9.0.1, and now NetFlix no longer works - I get a black screen when I attempt to play anything. Anybody else having this issue? My silverlight plugin is up-to-date and enabled, and I can assess Netflix fine through Chrome. This is seriously twisting my arm into deleting Firefox permanently from all my computers.
[Version 9.0.1]

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Culture Of One replied on 10 Jan 2012
I had a copy of Firefox 7 still floating around, so I tested it and NetFlix worked perfectly - for about 5 minutes. At that point, Firefox upgraded to v9.0.1 without asking permission, and put me right back to square 1. For the record: I officially hate this product line now, and I've switched to Chrome. Let me know when you're ready to make a real browser again.
Culture Of One had trouble on 01 Nov 2011
Latest update wiped all my settings and replaced them; had to go back and reconfigure the interface after installing. Also noted some issues with Mail: after adjusting the color settings in CB, whichever message is selected at the time in Mail winds up permanently highlighted (as if it were part of a thread). Even if the message is deleted, the highlighting remains in the Trash. Furthermore, it retains the highlighting color settings; if the settings are changed when it isn't selected, the message will still be highlighted in the old color scheme. Very odd behavior.
[Version 1.2.2]

Culture Of One had trouble on 30 Sep 2011
I've been having problems with Firefox ever since the "rapid release" versions started.

1) Firefox gets slower and slower with each open tab (even if they all only contain static content) and inevitably crashes under the strain.

2)Sophos Anti-Virus keeps reporting that there are corrupt files in the Profiles. As an example:

com.sophos.intercheck: Corrupt file: /Users/XXXXXX/Library/Caches/Firefox/Profiles/srjawp7b.default/Cache/8/2C/9DD14d01

Problems 1 and 2 appear to be connected, as the Sophos errors seem to be logged around the times I get the SBOD from Firefox. At one point the Activity Monirot showed Firefox eating 102% of CPU time. I've had as many as three of these show up in a row in the logs. It's possible there is a virus involved, but I don't know what. Clearing caches has no impact.

This morning version 7.0 upgraded itself to 7.0.1, and promptly popped up a window telling me the Profiles could not be read. Johnny-come-lately finally figured out there was a problem!

3) Plugins not working or not showing up at all, most notably QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and DivX Web Player:

- QuickTime no longer handles imbedded MP3 files properly; they either don't load or don't play. A forced reload of the frame by itself will allow the media to play occasionally but it isn't consistent - repeated tests on the same page resulted in sporadic success - while loading it within the original frame will result in either nothing or a message that the QT plugin is missing (even though it shows up in the Tools > Add-ons list).

- Adobe Acrobat Reader is another story; as I examine the list of plugins and compare it to the directory, I can clearly see that the reader plugin is in the directory, but it does not show up in the about:plugins list or the Tools > Add-ons list. Every time I encounter a page with an in-line viewable pdf I get the Missing Plugin image, but I have gone through the proposed upgrading and installation each time without improvement. This may be a problem with Adobe Acrobat.

- DivX Web Player has been incompatible since upgrading to version 4 or 5, but it still shows up in the about:plugin list of enabled plugins. Not sure why or how to get rid of it.

None of these problems existed in version 3.6. I am left with only one conclusion: this rapid development route Firefox is on is less than ideal. I'm left with two choices: downgrade to v3.6 again or move to a competitor's product. I'm open to suggestions.
[Version 7.0.1]

Culture Of One had trouble on 24 Sep 2011
I'm having trouble upgrading. I currently have v1.2 installed, and see an update to v1.2.1 is available. CB v1.2 doesn't recognise the update as being a newer version, so I can't upgrade through the CB menu. Probably just isn't set up yet to recognise version numbers of x.y.z format. I'll try to download and install via this site instead.
[Version 1.2.1]

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Culture Of One replied on 01 Nov 2011
Same issue with upgrade to 1.2.2. My system tells me I have a newer version than is available!
Culture Of One had trouble on 05 Sep 2011
I see version 6.0.2 is available, but my v6.0.1 says it's up-to-date, and won't auto-update.
[Version 6.0.2]

Culture Of One had trouble on 25 Jul 2011
Apparently 10.4 isn't just a 64-bit program on Lion; it also interferes with plugins in Snow Leopard. AccuBeatMix vanished, and CrystalBlack (a visual skin system) ceased to operate properly. I had to downgrade to 10.3 again to keep the functionality I require.
[Version 10.4]

Culture Of One had trouble on 25 Jul 2011
Clearly Apple's iTunes 10.4 update is a little too Lion-ready; CBv1.1 won't work on iTunes 10.4. For those who really want CB to work on iTunes, don't upgrade to v10.4 yet!
[Version 1.1]

Culture Of One had trouble on 08 Jul 2011
OK, new problem. I finally gave up on shared library access - iTunes can't connect to my old library without completely corrupting it and losing all the files. Today the issue is Core Location services.

For some reason, the latest version of iTunes causes a continuous stream of locationd accesses - the process central to Apple's Core Location service, used to pinpoint where you are geographically using WIFI. What I can't fathom is why iTunes needs to know where I'm located. There doesn't seem to be a way to shut this off, and as long as locationd is running, it tries to access the network every 10 seconds (using up 5 seconds for the query and 5 of idle time) as well as a chunk of my usage quota. Anybody else notice this? Anybody know how to fix it?
[Version 10.3.1]

Culture Of One had trouble on 07 Jul 2011
The update went through fine for me, but ever since upgrading the locationd process has been going crazy - way too many internet access attempts. Running Little Snitch I can see that it tries (unsuccessfully, I might add) to determine my location every 10 seconds (5 of which is rest and 5 of which is network activity). Last night I accidentally fell asleep with the AirPort still connected, and despite having no applications running and no viruses, managed to rack up 112MB of network activity in 7 hours! I have a usage cap on my service, so I don't want the computer wasting resources this way. Unfortunately I need location services for some of my apps (though they're pretty useless right now because Skyhook keeps reporting my location incorrectly). Anybody else having this problem? Any idea how to fix it?
[Version 10.6.8]

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Culture Of One replied on 08 Jul 2011
I found two culprits:

1) UnderCover v4.5. This problem has been eliminated now; the developer sent me an update within 18 hours to correct the problem. Thank you, Peter!

2) iTunes v10.3.1. This problem persists. I have no idea why iTunes needs to constantly know my location, but turning on iTunes while my AirPort is active results in an endless stream of locationd access attempts. I've included this in Troubleshooting on the iTunes page (
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