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Cubitus reviewed on 13 Feb 2012
I've tried version 1.5.1 for some time now. I had tried Inbox when it first came out and did not find it matched my workflow at the time and I didn't check it again until version 1.5.1.

My first impression was very good. This is an application that seems to implement GTD with a method to collect from various places, like emails, folders, event from calendars, etc. Which is a good way to force you to consider all your virtual inboxes. It then tries to help you assess each item and process it the GTD way by thinking about the "actionnability" of each item, etc.

The problem is in the implementation. It's a good idea poorly implemented. For instance collecting emails is a great idea, but you have to be able to configure it in a way that you don't end up with all the emails that are tagged as spam and are in the spam folder. And calendar events are a good idea, but even though you want to display calendar events for your co-workers on your calendar application, you don't want to have to process them! And again this is not configurable.
Another example of the poor implementation is the process dialog cannot be resized, which makes collected items with a long description unreadable (you have to put the cursor in the small portion of the text displayed and scroll with the arrows to be able to read the whole text, the window doesn't adjust to the size of the text and cannot be resized).
The new web site and the displayed screenshots of version 2.0 made me very enthusiastic about this program and I wanted to invest myself into it. I thought that version 2 would certainly fix the interface shortcomings of this 1.5.1 version and smooth everything out.
I bought the mobile version for iPhone with the hope it would be able to sync with version 1.5.1. It doesn't.
Trying to reach the developer for help with the sync was the first sign of a problem : it took them forever to answer my bug report. And the answer was not satisfactory. They clearly didn't read my report and answered first about the iPad version (when my report clearly stated the iPhone version). Another long delay after I replied I was talking about the iPhone version and they replied that it didn't work sometimes for the iPhone version but that version 2 should fix that.
Fine I can wait a little, but I need syncing with my iPhone.
Then the wait starts. After a while you try to contact them to know when to hope for 2.0. No answer. You start to look around, you find the Facebook page where they announced version 2.0 more than a year ago, you ask your question there. No answer in weeks. You post a question on the comment section of their web site and it's in "approbation by a moderator" for weeks and then it disappears without any answer. So after still some time you start looking around and find these reviews on Macupdate and you realize that you're not alone. This is nothing new. This company has a history of procrastination.

I won't invest my time into vaporware. I think this could be a great implementation of the GTD system, but really get your act together Midnight Beep!
[Version 1.5.1]

Cubitus commented on 21 Dec 2011
I got this as part of the bundle but the supplied serial number isn't working. Micromat hasn't answered my email. Now reading the reviews, perhaps I'm lucky? Still this was a big part of the bundle and not having it, or it not doing what it's supposed to do is a big let-down.
[Version 6.0.3]


Cubitus reviewed on 22 Jan 2010
After some initial problems with Virusbarrier (see below), mainly the transfer of Netbarrier rules from X5 to the new Virusbarrier X6, I can say this is a good upgrade.

If you have Netbarrier X5, save your settings before installing X6, then change the extension from .ntb5 to .vbx6settings and import them back into X6 once installed.

I've exchanged with tech support and after a little lag at first (I guess they were overwhelmed) they promptly answered all my questions and if you send them your current X5 license information for Virusbarrier X5 or Netbarrier X5 they can transfert your remaining subscription time to X6.

With one application for virus and firewall, one license valid for two macs, this is a great solution which cost less to own than before.
[Version 10.6.3]

Cubitus commented on 19 Jan 2010
Aside from the same problem as Raven below with my settings not being imported, I also experienced a problem with the virus scan. VirrusBarrier finds an infected file and offers me to quarantine it or reveal it in Finder, but repair is disabled because it thinks my version is unregistered. My version IS registered!
[Version 10.6.3]

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Cubitus replied on 19 Jan 2010
VirrusBarrier is using 98% of CPU almost continuously!? Add that to the #@!% mdworker process and both my processors are fully loaded most of the time when I'm not doing anything! Arg!
Cubitus commented on 25 Sep 2009
I also have problems with 3.1.2 under SL. Now it won't quit unexpectedly (as 3.1 did) but I cannot edit auto-locate rules and some actions cannot be properly set.
[Version 3.1.2]

Cubitus commented on 23 Oct 2008
I haven't used Pathfinder in a while (I used it instead of the Finder until Leopard). It *seems* to me to be light in terms of new features making it worth a paid upgrade, although I may have missed something. I'm not sure I'll upgrade.
[Version 5.0]


Cubitus reviewed on 06 Jan 2007
This is a great software, don't mind that last review. The docmentation is crystal clear, the program performs perfectly, with a precise interface. I used to not really understand what to do for backups, but with SuperDuper I feel safe for the first time in a long while. I tried to boot from the clone and it worked perfectly. Everything was there as expected.

[Version 2.1.3]


Cubitus reviewed on 05 Feb 2006
I bought Popcorn as a software download and got a version of the product that wasn't the latest patch (1.0.2) and I cannot download the update to 1.0.3 from Roxio's site.

It's impossible to get support for this product. It's not listed in the support page, asking their automated web support result in the answer: "we can't answer questions about Popcorn" and there is no email contact for support. So I'm left with an unusable product. Waste of money.

Try DVD2oneX2 instead.
[Version 1.0.3]

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