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Corpsecorps reviewed on 31 Dec 2012
Hard for me as a Skitch user from it's beginnings not to compare 2.x with 1.x, and find it wanting.

I didn't want to relearn to use it. I didn't want to sign up with Evernote. I miss the Skitch history, the contents of which won't fit into an Evernote account. Much of the functionality and interface elements I most valued are changed or gone.
[Version 2.0.3]

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Corpsecorps replied on 31 Dec 2012
Wow. I was generous. This thing is buggy and can hang or crash. It could take ages to sort out my old 1.x skitch images with this junk!

Corpsecorps rated on 13 May 2012
[Version 2.5.2]

Corpsecorps rated on 23 Mar 2012
[Version 2.4.2]

Corpsecorps rated on 23 Mar 2012
[Version 1.1.0]

Corpsecorps commented on 23 Mar 2012
What gives?!
The download link gives me 2.2.7, and I've owned 2.3.0 for ages.

Nothing on the web site about 2.4.2 even when I log in. 2.3.0 has some pretty serioius bugs but I have to buy again to get 2.4.2, or what?
[Version 2.4.2]

Corpsecorps rated on 18 Mar 2012
[Version 1.1]

Corpsecorps rated on 17 Mar 2012
[Version 5.1.1]

Corpsecorps rated on 03 Mar 2012
[Version 9.01]


Corpsecorps reviewed on 03 Mar 2012
Having had the chance to actually use the software fairly extensively, I can actually rate it at last.

Fontlab Studio's complexity and breadth are amazing. The UI could definitely be made easier to use and in some cases is quite bewildering. It's loaded with redundancies in ways of doing the same thing and customization, though I hesitate to call that bad (if they all worked properly).

However, under 10.6.8 on my Mac Pro at least, it is absolutely riddled with peculiar behaviors and bugs which have to be negotiated like a minefield. There are also too many circumstances when instead of reporting an error of some kind, it simply crashes. More than about 3 seconds of the pinwheel and I know it's going bye-bye.

Fortunately the app starts up quickly and saves rapidly, as well as saving a backup and having an autosave.

The manual has a horrendous amount of material to cover and doesn't do it in a very comprehensible way.

So, high marks for features and capabilities, but so-so to lousy everywhere else.

It would certainly be nice if Fontlab could provide a timetable for the release of version 6 which would narrow it down to a particular year, at least. I'd like to know if I'll still be young enough to use it so I know whether to start saving now.
[Version 5.1.1]

Corpsecorps rated on 26 Feb 2012
[Version 1.0]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 21 Mar 2012
Camino seems to get totally bogged down and not do anything if I try to use Google Maps "Street View".
[Version 2.1.2]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 05 Feb 2012
Workspaces malfunction. Tools and Paint keep disappearing so I have to keep clicking on my workspace or picking them in the menu to get them back.

If I click the green window maximizer in OS X, then the windows subsequently act as if there is a second toolbar at the top whether there is or not, so no windows can be moved up. Toolbars can be added but only in the third and lower position. Open windows are forced down.

Restarting the application does not correct the problem. Only resetting the app to factory workspace setting restores function.

OS 10.6.8
[Version 5.1.1]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 16 Dec 2011
My ripper of choice until recently. Lately many ISO rips turn out unplayable junk. I actually see what looks like encrypted data in the preview as it's attempting the rip.
[Version 3.0.2]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 19 Nov 2011
Infrequently when I bring up the menu, "Finder" will be the only thing at the bottom, after which I get approximately 2 seconds of pinwheel, and Finder crashes.

(Mac Pro, 10.6.8)
[Version 3.0.2]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 19 Sep 2011
Haven't used it for a little while and now it wont upload to the web site.

When I visit the web site, it takes ages to get any particular page to come up.
[Version 1.0.7]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 11 Aug 2011
TotalFinder will allow additions to the sidebar, but NOT removal!
[Version 1.2.5]

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Corpsecorps replied on 18 Aug 2011
Has started working. Reason unknown. The whole app seems rife with unpredictable behaviors.
Corpsecorps had trouble on 04 Jul 2011
Has never ceased to be unstable (crashes after a day or so of regular use) or to have rendering problems. The NVidia 8800 GT is the best graphics card for a Mac Pro 1,1 and when Finder starts up, windows flicker into place, first rendering as incorrectly sized boxes with title bars in the wrong place, then quickly re-rendering correctly.

Pieces of windows flicker into or out of existence as I change Spaces.

Attempting to drag a tab from a window causes a random transition to another Space after which there's nothing shown under the mouse pointer until I let the button off. Then the new single tab window appears, but is now in some random space instead of the one I began the drag in.
[Version 1.1.13]

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Corpsecorps replied on 19 Sep 2011
5770 on a Mac Pro 1,1?! I don't think so.

I tried a Radeon 3870. It was a piece of crap. Regularly caused havoc with the system. When I tried it with windoze under Bootcamp, the ran ran full tilt 100% of the time.
Corpsecorps had trouble on 22 May 2011

I've downloaded almost half of a huge torrent. Lots of peers with almost nothing downloaded, and a few seeders.

If I wish I can download at a horrendous rate from seeders and kill my ratio quick because little goes out, but instead I make my upload maximum huge and my download tiny in order to maintain ratio.

Yet Transmission won't upload to more than one or two leechers. Mouseover shows two main situations. They're interested but transmission won't upload to them, or transmission will upload but they aren't interested.

If I've got half of the data, they have little, and my upload rate is huge, why won't Transmission upload to them?
[Version 2.31]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 14 May 2011
It's been ages since I've run across a video where the frame advance keys would actually advance the frame.
[Version 0.6.8]

Corpsecorps had trouble on 04 Nov 2010
Why did a notice of an update go out?

This is the update from August.
[Version 1.0.25]

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