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Corlexis reviewed on 12 Sep 2013
With today's higher-resolution monitors (in my case, a 30" at 2560 x 1600 with several screen-eating multimedia apps running - and being a retired baby boomer still cranking away at "my art" with less-than-stellar eyesight), I find Eyeballs a huge help in just finding my cursor.

Certainly stocked with an amazing array of 'personality' settings, Stick Software continues to keep Eyeballs as fun as you want to make the experience - but for my older eyeballs, this so-called 'novelty' is extremely helpful.

Dr. Ben Haller is a very responsive developer in a addition to an amazing photographer - thanks for keeping this early-on icon of the Mac alive in our menu bars!
[Version 3.3]


Corlexis reviewed on 18 Jul 2012
I have been using Little Snitch since March 2004 and have found it to be absolutely rock solid in performance - plus it's never given me one problem. It does exactly what the fine people at Objective Development say it will do.

Updates within both Version 1 and Version 2 were always fully explained in detail by the developer, showing a true desire on their part to always be improving the product to keep it flawless, and more importantly - make sure their customers had good reason to feel that their purchase was the right solution for today's technological concerns for security.

As far as the initial price and the cost of those updates, Little Snitch is worth every single penny in peace of mind, knowing that it always works and it never fails. Period. Objective Development are on top of their game here.

Although my first fourteen years of using Mac computers on a daily basis didn't require the technology of a product like Little Snitch, I'm very glad that Objective Development came into existence, saw a very important need, and they've given me this peace of mind for the last eight years.

Thanks Objective Development - I, too, have just paid for the upgrade because it IS a bargain price for what it does.
[Version 3.0 preview ]

Corlexis rated on 14 Mar 2012
[Version 1.6]


Corlexis reviewed on 14 Mar 2012
I have found Free Memory Pro to be extremely valuable in my being able to monitor how much memory is available when I'm running more than one CPU-intensive application such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Director, and Final Cut Pro in addition to other work-related applications where I need to avoid any avoidable slowdowns - especially if I'm running Safari, Mail, TextSoap, and iTunes at the same time. Being able to now hide the dock icon is a plus, as is the detachable memory usage graph. I also find that updates through the App Store are a real time-saver.

I consider Free Memory Pro a very useful tool in my job as a Multimedia Producer at a large communications company.
[Version 1.6]

Corlexis rated on 11 Mar 2012
[Version 2.5.3]


Corlexis reviewed on 11 Mar 2012
With the latest 2.6.0 update of Tintii, this application and plugin is nothing less than amazing with the ability of being able to intelligently isolate colors with a remarkable amount of control through its post processing of color delay, edge, and hardness in tandem with its color adjustment capability.

It's quite obvious that the developer's impressive photography skills have guided his work towards creating such a powerful tool for other photographers to take advantage of in furthering their own personal visions in what they've captured with their cameras.

I also found the in-app/filter Help very thorough in explaining how to best take advantage of its capabilities, giving the user many options to consider and experiment with in finding exactly the look and feel they're looking for in their photography.

Perhaps most importantly, the developer is very responsive to feedback on this app/plugin with an obvious interest in improving an already excellent piece of software.

As I was mostly interested in using Tintii as a plugin within Photoshop CS5 on the Mac side, I downloaded and purchased it through the developer's website rather than Apple's App Store, which only offers the application.

Using Photoshop for the past twenty-two years on a daily basis in my career tells me that Tintii is an all-around winner and an excellent value for photographers and graphic artists.
[Version 2.5.3]


Corlexis reviewed on 26 Jul 2010
JoeSoft continues to support and very definitely improve on its Hear application which is second to none in breathtaking sound quality, beautiful interface design, and superb customer service. This has been my experience so far.

I have found them quite responsive to emails with a great deal of what seems to me a genuine concern for customer satisfaction with the product - I felt like I was dealing with close friends who wanted to make sure I was completely happy when I had questions.

This application has improved the sound quality of my PowerBook G4 immensely, with and without headphones - one of its most incredible built-in features. Hear is worth the money just to hear how great it sounds when you switch it off and finally hear what you've been missing.

Hear adds a remarkable presence to the sound which is easily tweaked to personal preferences in whatever environment you choose to listen to your music in.

Perhaps the only downside here is that there are remarkable number of parameters for sound adjustment to confound audio neophytes who will likely learn a great deal about the sound quality that they can achieve with this incredible software application.

A great application from an even greater software developer! As a long-time multimedia producer and sound engineer, I very highly recommend this application.


corlexis reviewed on 15 Sep 2009
Thank you RJV Media for an absolutely excellent learning tool for all of us musicians who need a tool that's not too complicated, but has just enough features to be of great help in learning new music.

I've tried these kinds of applications before, and they were always overly difficult to use in that they had just way too many features that I would never use - and they didn't sound all that good. iRehearse is perfect for how I want to learn new music in that I can tune an imported song's key to the key I want to play it on my guitar - meaning it's very easy to tune a guitar down to where it's comfortable for my voice, and I can then tune the selected song down to that.

It's great to be able to see the song as a waveform for keeping tabs on where you are in the song, in addition to being able to see where you have set up the in and out points for the looping function.

Transport functions are quite clear, especially being able to jump right to the loop you've set up. Perhaps the scroll back button function would be more useful as a 'start at the beginning of the song' function (which is now done by clicking at the beginning of the waveform).

The loop function is extremely helpful in accurately focusing in on a section of the song with loops being easily set, edited, or deleted. I would make the 'jump to loop' button and the 'repeat it over and over' button as one button so one click gets you to your loop and begins looping it for you - but this is wonderfully functional the way it is.

What works most flawlessly are the Tempo and Pitch controls that feature helpful numeric settings which are kept with the songs that have been imported.

The most basic output controls (bass, treble, and balance along with the master level) are fine for the purpose of this application - and the 'LED' VU meter is a nice touch. Perhaps having the choice to hide the output section would be as useful as being able to hide the playlist section.

All in all, this is a great learning tool at an incredibly great price!

[Version 1.1]


corlexis reviewed on 01 Aug 2008
Having tried other search applications with varying results, I've found Pandora to be the absolute nirvana of media collection software: it pulls down an amazing number of files, the beautiful interface is refreshingly intuitive while quickly displaying results in a very easy-to-peruse format. I like how it will continue to find pictures until you stop it. Now a very important tool that I use daily in my multimedia design job at a huge communications corporation, Pandora is a great brainstorming tool for stimulating ideas by entering keywords - and is a great way to follow design trends by ''seeing what's out there.' Pandora has been well worth the money by a very responsive developer.
[Version 2.3.1]


corlexis reviewed on 14 Jul 2008
Although a bit non-intuitive as far as usability, just a little bit of time spent with what Oxidizer can do is incredibly astounding! There are online tutorials that make it easier to use than you would expect - and I am thrilled with the results I had. I have used Oxidizer to create graphics that I could process with RGB MusicLab for some rather interesting results: Thank you for such a wonderful software - this application creates quite spectacular graphics! And as far as it being free - you definitely get more than you pay for if you spend some time exploring what it can do.
[Version 0.5.2]

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