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Clytie reviewed on 27 Jan 2007
iData 3 is indispensable. I use it as a personal dictionary, to catalogue my books and keep track of all sorts of data. I'd be lost without it.

I was the user who reported the slight matching errors with combined diacritics: the devs fixed it almost faster than I could keep up with my email! That's service.

iData 3 is extremely stable, intuitive, easy to use and flexible. I recommend it highly.

It's one of my Five Favourite Apps. my MacBook and I would like to be stuck on a desert island with. ;)
[Version 3.0.3]


Clytie reviewed on 09 Jul 2006
I have used JNotes for years now, on several different Macs. It has always been extremely helpful, and never given me a second of trouble. It even runs happily on my new Intel-based MacBook, which, since it is a PPC bundle, is confusing but pleasing. I've run it with all available version of OSX, with no problems whatever. It's a very stable Cocoa design. If you're having problems with this app, they're likely to have other causes. You could try the usual suspects (one by one in order): delete its Preferences file (USER/Library/Preferences/com.jail.jNotes.plist), repair permissions (Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility or Tiger Cache Cleaner), rebuild prebindings (Tiger Cache Cleaner) and test your additional Preference Panes and other system modifications to see if they are affecting it (turn them off one by one, possibly restart). I myself have never had a second of trouble with it, and can't imagine using my computer without it. :)
[Version 1.2]


Clytie reviewed on 24 Jun 2005
A must-have in your toolbox. FinkCommander makes it easy for any Mac OSX user to download and install Unix/Linux packages, all from within its helpful GUI!

Ooh, what an exciting shopping list... ;)

FinkCommander is working away in the background on my iBook right now, installing a package with all sorts of dependencies and fusses, none of which I have to worry about, because FinkCommander is doing it all. Hit "Install" and get on with your work.

It updates its package list every time you open it, and you can do that manually as well. It checks for updates. I think it even does laundry, as long as you put your dirty socks in your PATH.

from Clytie
[Version 0.5.3]


Clytie reviewed on 09 Jun 2005
LinCVS is a much more efficient and comfortable way to manage your CVS repositories. Visualize the state of your files all at once, without having to pick through each one in the terminal. LinCVS has a lot of really useful features, and, all round, is a must-have tool. It's very easy to use. :)

It's now available in several languages, including Vietnamese:

Ch??ng trình LinCVS cung c?p m?t cách r?t h?u ích và ti?n h?n ?? qu?n lý kho CVS c?a b?n. Có th? xem toàn tính tr?ng c?a các t?p tin, không ph?i c?n gõ tên c?a m?i ?i?u vào dòng l?nh. Trình LinCVS có nhi?u tính n?ng th?t s? có ích: hoàn thành, nó là m?t công c? «ph?i có». Nó r?t d? d?ng ?? s? d?ng. :)

M?i công b? b?ng ti?ng Vi?t! C?ng công b? b?ng nhi?u ngôn ng? khác.

[Version 1.4.1]


Clytie reviewed on 15 Apr 2005
An indispensable time-saver on any Mac, yet improves even more with each version. Best of breed.

from Clytie
[Version 3.4.2]


Clytie reviewed on 31 Mar 2005
It is very expensive, but it's still the only fully-featured html editor for Mac OSX with full Unicode support (despite being a Carbon program). I need Unicode.

It's also a magnificently powerful program, which has always made good use of the system software base. The interface has improved a lot: the document drawer, FTP browser, diff display and live local html preview are major time-savers. It still has a long way to go before it'll be a true, intuitive Mac interface (the kind you don't notice, it's so good: e.g. NewsFire), but it's always been best of breed for sheer performance and power.

Clytie Siddall
[Version 8.1]


Clytie reviewed on 16 Mar 2005
Love this program! With Growl support, it's just about perfect! I only wish the rest of my core programs used as little resources and performed as well.

from Clytie
[Version 1.0v28]


Clytie reviewed on 28 Jan 2005
I love NewsFire. It's lean, clean and very quick. I'd already paid for NetNewsWire, which is an excellent program, but one try of NewsFire and I was hooked: it's the perfect Mac app. It's never in your way, it does exactly what you want, and it's so comfortable on the eye.

While so many apps. are locked into becoming more and more complex, NewsFire has stripped rss down to the essentials. Don't miss it. Get it while it's hot. :)

btw, does David ever sleep? Update notices for NewsFire have been popping up so often in my Inbox, I've considered giving them their own box!

from Clytie, addicted to cool Cocoa apps.
[Version 0.9]


Clytie reviewed on 22 Nov 2004
I've been using PCC for several months (on two different Macs) and find it extremely useful, and rock-solid stable. I wouldn't be without it! It's effective, and very reasonably-priced, insurance for your Mac. :)

from Clytie
[Version 2.4.5]

Clytie had trouble on 01 Sep 2007
Well, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it's a Graphire 2 (that's what I remember, and we've had it for years), the CTE prefix apparently means a Graphire 3 or 4, and the tablet itself thinks it is a Graphire 3, because installing the Graphire 3 driver fixed our problems. The cursor now responds exactly to the pen movement.

So, if you have the same problems as we did, install the driver for Graphire 3. If it's not here on MacUpdate, go to the WACOM site > Support > Driver downloads, choose Graphire 3 and your system, then grab the latest driver. We installed PenTablet_503-3.
[Version 6.04-2]

Clytie had trouble on 31 Aug 2007
We just upgraded to a Mac mini, and my daughter's Graphire tablet (original software) wasn't responding properly. So we downloaded this driver and installed it. The Preference Pane is there, but it says there are no "supported tablets" on the system.

We think ours is a Graphire 2: on the back it says "CTE-430 (Pearl)", which doesn't seem to match the codes mentioned in the update blurb. We tried restarting, and the tablet still doesn't register. What should we do?
[Version 6.04-2]

Clytie had trouble on 14 Nov 2004
This update may in fact be necessary if you are running OSX 10.3.6. I went to run PCC 2.4.3 after Software Update installed the 10.3.6 update, and it gave an error message about being unable to open. However, downloading this update (2.4.4) fixed that. What a relief! (I can't imagine doing without PCC now.)

from Clytie
[Version 2.4.4]

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