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Clauclau reviewed on 04 Feb 2014
Crashes every now and then. And don't come tell me it's my problem, or that I should find a workaround masked as permanent fix. Which is not. All my other software runs stable even during worst conditions ever. This is the only software I am running and keep crashing with its dictionary errors, object drawing deprecated and other shyte I cannot fix. Needs urgent 64-bit, not remaking icons blinding pastel style in iOS 7: Productivity comes first. The software as of today says it is for 64 bit OS, but software itself is not 64 bit. So once reaching 50% of my ram, or for other NSimage error, it goes crash, even when saving, where most of the times it loose all the modifications to the document.
[Version 2.1.1]


Clauclau reviewed on 24 Jan 2014
Better than any bloatware made by Apple. This can be useful on multiple screen. Expanding multiportal feature is a challenge in terms of keystrokes management, but definitely will better satisfy many users using multiple screens. Other than that, it doesn't need any future improvements nor become something oversaturing bloated as itunes.
[Version 1.0.0]


Clauclau reviewed on 23 Jan 2014
Can't add songs. Can't download more than 1 iTunes U. Podcasts have been more difficult to subscribe and movie folder is hard to manage and all the covers apply to movies without cover. Why they have to screw things that didn't need to be touch and not working in the things needed to be added or improved? I really want to look at itunes programmers in the face... Oh yeah, restyling icons is their number one priority. Apple let me down since 2007, since they claim "Something great is coming" and then what. I don't need an iphone to play games or consume virtual things that don't exist, or biatchchatting.
[Version 11.1.4]

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Clauclau replied on 23 Jan 2014
And syncing calendars and contacts is not possible anymore with older iphones. Do now I deserve another downvote now? Apple defenders?

Clauclau reviewed on 17 Jun 2013
Great, probably the greatest among the frees, it works everywhere and download works anywhere, unlike some extensions that allows download only on youtube. Sometime I can't skip from one side to the other of the timeline right away as in Flash.
It doesn't or it can't support notes and subtitles, and doesn't let me know if there are any. But i guess it's job is to switch to anything i want but flash, not to alert about all the features that flash or html5 is offering. 3rd yet, it has a problem with embedded videos: although it is set to 360 px wide, when I see videos on macrumors, the video goes out of the frame allowed by the side, so I am looking at ΒΌ top left portion of the video being cut by fixed macrumors layout frame.
Everything else is fine. I don't know what sometime causes Safari to force reload, i got sometime spinning beach ball with consequent force reload when I was trying to load + watch many youtube videos at once. Because I need SPEED, and yet I find OS X very slow in its philosphy.
[Version 2.7.8]

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Clauclau replied on 11 Jul 2013
That's correct! Sorry, I later found out indeed it's the pedrocc's Youtube wide extension and quite obsolete. Thanks for bringing this up.

Clauclau reviewed on 25 Jul 2012
It's basically the same speed of Snow Leopard with a pseudo-improvements because:

1) Full screen is not implemented throughout all apps.
2) Full screen won't happen at each login launch but have to be done manually.
3) I can't airplay any audio from a menu bar using previous airport express.
4) Can't manage folder as I always wanted to do prior invention of iOS (I say this for those who rudely may reply "use iOS device, then").
5) Permissions still are set under personal user and not under admin, therefore it leads to hiccups on the console. No permission auto set of some sort at least under Applications folder.
6) Can't save Launchpad file for later restoration or configuration for another computer.
7) No default RSS reader.
8) Can't turn off Dashboard if not with 3rd party tool.
9) Can't customise colour but leave in a sad concrete gray look without using a 3rd party memory hog tool.
10) Safari can't never start in private mode.
11) Messages doesn't have msn account by default, can't block yahoo spimmers, although I changed my privacy settings on yahoo gne chat page.
12) No tabbed finder ... and so on.
13) Couldn't install on Raid 0 / Optibay (need you to confirm)
.... and so on.

I've been using Apple products since 2000s so Apple fankids don't get overexcited about technology, it is normal that everything looks newer to you. So if there are any replies, I expect constructive criticism. Thanks.
[Version 10.8]

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Clauclau replied on 25 Jul 2012
lol, I admit it: Scott Fortsall is a Genious. Really nothing to say about the much pushed "semplicity" of Mac philosophy, truly taken "to another level" (as they repeat every year advert) with iOS. I don't know what to do with an iPhone, but certainly there it does liesa potential speedy OS with custom and faster workflow. I mean, Where is the "iOS meets OS X" slogan gone so far in terms of facts, outside some geekeries.

Clauclau reviewed on 12 Oct 2011
I was looking for somebody to practice my portrait skills, and a friend of mine offered for modelling, thing is that she's a monster as many around where I live, and women around where i live don't give any confidence at all thinking they're beautiful.

Point is, I guess once Lion crashed, probably due to her face, however I then started working for another client using my mac with him beside me and whenever I open preview I DON'T WANT OTHERS TO HAVE A STROKE BECAUSE ALL RECENT PRIVATE FILES SHOW UP IN THE DRAWER, IS THAT CLEAR APPLE ?

(based on true story).
[Version 10.7.2]

Clauclau rated on 04 Sep 2011

Clauclau commented on 09 May 2011
Can we have the face of the GUI developer, my dartboard print is worn out.


Clauclau reviewed on 09 May 2011
I am a satisfied user of skype... 2.8 what were all thinking?

About the 5.1 version?
Ah you mean the one that requires a second monitor to monitor the friendlist and doesn't store the passwords when you switch accounts unlike in 2.8 ?

They should be using iChat once in a while until the idea of at least trying to integrate skype into ichat fill fit in their mind and in not in their...

Say they don't like iChat which only PC users wouldn't like it. How about then better integrating it with Adium, so they don't have to waste time in redesigning Frap. (replace the F with C).

Clauclau commented on 09 May 2011
On the DisplayLink forum, DisplayLink is awared about Lion and they will be working on a 10.7 release soon. That's a great news, since Thunderbolt requires to buy a 1.000 "new" macbook...
New in What ?!:

In IPS retina display?
In full HD display?
In 2 Thunderbolt ports instead of just one?
In usb 3 ports?
In Blu-Ray Drive?
In a touch screen keyboard display?
In WiGig connection?
Default SSD?
CarbonFiber / LiquidMetal Built?
In fitting 4 toshiba 1.8" 320GB drives each and move the battery In the SuperDrive compartment, and getting rid of the StupidDrive?
In an Optibay Option?

[Version 1.6]

Clauclau had trouble on 02 Oct 2009
I can't install it, Installer said installtion went ok, but physically there has be no installation.

What could it be?
[Version 1.0b21]

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Clauclau commented on 02 Oct 2009
Actually it did install, but Glims preference panel is not showing, and it like it doesn't run at all.

Clauclau commented on 03 Oct 2009
I installed Macte toolbar, but I am kind of sure I removed everything,
as some user on macupdate reported that macte installer sneaks a little bit anywhere on the computer.

I also used the Glims unisntaller, I can't tell where the problem is although my humble long experience.

Clauclau commented on 03 Oct 2009
I actually Installed Click 2 Flash and Glims is ok.
Probably Click2Flash fixed permissions after installation.

Happy now.
Problem solved.
ClauClau had trouble on 23 Nov 2007
It unexpectly quits on 10.4.11 always after a couple of hours. but it might be my system.
[Version 0.93]

ClauClau had trouble on 21 Nov 2007
Nice application,
I wish it could remember the provider settings by default when I recall the widget back from its "dormient" dashboard dock without re selecting all the time.

The developer is very careful to details and make this widget as compat as possible, if we see the many features it includes (proxy, language choice, colours and modules update), really clever.

It gets truly frustrating on Alice on alice account:
no service wrong key code when it's not,
sometime i have to retype the password in the account to make it work again, but by looking at the many updates the developer released, tracking up the constant changes of the main providers, i assume it's Alice itself causing this annoyance giving a hard time to the developer.
[Version 2.7]

ClauClau had trouble on 30 Jul 2007
I noticed my finder was at 45% cpu hog,
5% after I set the finder to default and re enabled the graphic effects which I disabled using onyx.
.... What did i do wrong?
[Version 1.8.2]

ClauClau had trouble on 23 Jul 2007
Great job, I wish it could have a more itunes 7 interface, or if it could be integrated in itunes as plugin. Pop up plugin at least.

Application update is a widget which checks my apps folder and see what's updated and what's need to be updated.

It's been 4 versions of XNJB that Application Update reports it version as version 1.4.4.
[Version 1.4.8]

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