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Clakes commented on 07 Dec 2013
Today's a great day: thank you for making Shades 10.9-compatible, Charcoal !!!
[Version 1.2]

Clakes commented on 09 Nov 2013
I'm sorry... I'm a good Mac lover since 2000, and trying to be kind here but...
Witch is a bloated helper, resource-hungry and sporting features I don't even need: Apple should get LiteSwitch code and inject it into the next OS release instead.
[Version 3.9.3]

Clakes commented on 27 Oct 2013
Update for 10.9 some days after I've moved to KeyRemap4MacBook (which in turn is more complete).
Not going back to DC, sorry, but I must admit that it always perfromed well ever before, so I would still recommend it.
[Version 1.7]

Clakes commented on 16 May 2013
I'm 120% with our friend ylluminate, dozen of posts down below: as soon as I'll be sure to be able to obtain a pro dark theme (à-la Linux:, Flavours is getting my /fav and my money.
[Version 1.0.6]

Clakes commented on 03 May 2013
Seriously: trollollollol
WTFisthis?! Urgh
They're even charging for it? LMAO at you, Failed Leaf

Slightly more seriously... Google Reader's always performed well on me: what next?! Hmm
[Version 1.1]

Clakes commented on 26 Mar 2013
*jawdrop* woot?
Woke up this morning, Quicksilver's got to 1 ?!
Seriously? Wow. I'll be frightened as by a black divination for the rest of the day! =D

Kidding apart, I'm going to give it a further clean chance in order to celebrate this special day, after I've dropped it for Alfred1 a few months ago... I hope it'll stop hanging as it used to do on my book. *shrugs*
Cheers, Blacktree!
[Version 1.0.0]

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Clakes replied on 26 Mar 2013
Whoops... My bad. Thank you for the interesting link and for making me notice that, Robby!
Hilariously enough, I've been running v1 for some hours now, and I can say it's being pretty darn spiffy... Excellent job!
Back to QS again? Probably, yes. =)
Clakes commented on 26 Nov 2012
it is quite sad Itsy doesn't appear to be actively developed/maintained anymore by Mowglii (doesn't show on his website anymore)...
You gotta love this tiny client (I do)
[Version 2.1.2]

Clakes commented on 18 Apr 2012
I totally misinterpreted the "F-keys" matter here.
This was due to my own personal dream: using my MacBook "fn" key as a modifier (other than Cmd, Alt, Shift and Ctrl).
I know I can remap it to another modifier (at least I know i can turn "fn" into "Ctrl" key with DoubleCommand)... but this is just not what I'm seeking.

Is there a way to build shortcuts to the likes of, say, "Fn+5"?
I'd kill for that (or shell some bucks, more realistically).
And yeah... I'm pinned to the free, excellent Spark when it comes to keyboard shortcut managers.

Clakes commented on 16 Apr 2012
Sorry guys, for I hate to appear like I want to flame or upset your plans, but...
A little googling for an applescript and Spark to bind it to a custom hotkey (I use alt+B) could save you these bucks...
Same goes for Airtoggle
[Version 2.0]

Clakes commented on 30 Dec 2011
NYE approaching, and feeling like commenting on the software which made my 2011: PATH FINDER is the big one.

I mostly feel with El-Duderino's complaints, but I also must say that PF is a a must-have on the Mac. Tiger thru Lion, I can't live with it, despite everything. Bug me with it.
As much as I can't live without Forklift for drople(f)ts and stuff...

And this is both congratulations and a keep-working-on-bugs NYE to devs. =))*
[Version 5.8.1]

Clakes had trouble on 06 Apr 2010
I truly love Dock Gone.
It really keeps me from swearing at times when I'm nervously tweaking fullscreen applications on stage such as Ableton Live and Modul8. Those are the times when you really don't want the Dock to pop-up, believe me!

I'm experiencing a weird issue though.
The background process (DockGoneBG) only appears to start as soon as I enter Dock Gone's Preference Pane, but fails to automatically start at login.
Can't say whether this appeared in the last Mac OS X update, but I think I had the same problem with 10.6.2...

MBP5,2 running Mac OS X.6.3... and... Quite a lot of login items? (this shouldn't be a cause for DG not to launch tough).
[Version 1.0.3]

Clakes had trouble on 02 Aug 2009
Hm.. It doesn't seem to work with Gizzie, my 3.0 jailbroken iPhone 3GS sporting Netatalk.
Pretty weird since all other file browsers show the volume just fine.

Here's the console output:

2009-08-02 11:20:15.923 Bonjour Mounter[350:2f03] Wait Over for for :Host:Gizzie Mount:/
2009-08-02 11:20:15.932 Bonjour Mounter[350:2f03] mount failed for server afp://Gizzie:548//, error == -36
2009-08-02 11:20:29.980 Bonjour Mounter[350:2f03] mount failed for server afp://, error == -43
2009-08-02 11:20:29.981 Bonjour Mounter[350:2f03] Mount Operation Finished for :Host:Gizzie Mount:/

Any help appreciated.
[Version 3.0]

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Clakes replied on 02 Sep 2009
Thanks a lot for the reminder Sandro!
My stupid bad mistake. "root" was quite obviosly the mount point: the 99% work on a Mac made me think it was "/". =/

As a side note: I'm using Bonjour Mounter for wirelessly syncing documents to my iPhone for road use with iStorage. ChronoSync's scheduler handles the job of automatically starting the sync-up as soon as my jailbroken iPhone mounts as a Bonjour network drive via Netatalk.

From this point of view, an option to "Mount All at Startup" (a delay would be necessary I guess) would be the most welcome added feature/option in BM's preferences, so that the phone sync-up would start as soon as I log in or start my Mac up without even a mouse-click! =)
You'd be my hero then, and would donate with the utmost pleasure (although, well, guess I will soon anyways if I keep on with this use of mine).

Clakes had trouble on 10 Aug 2008
1Password browser agent crashes Camino 1.6.3 on my PB G4 1.67GHz running 10.5.4.
Hoping for a asap.
[Version 2.8.3b1]

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