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Citizenvern reviewed on 02 Mar 2011
Sorry guys. Not only did I get failures on creating new bottles, but CrossOver would not install Windows Media Player from the "Supported Apps" list, either. Tried several different ways, tried uninstalling (using iTrash) and re-installing, tried rebooting. Screw this. I guess i'll just try Boot Camp. Bummer.

System: 2008 MBP, 2.66Ghz, 4GB RAM, OS 10.6 installed fresh last week
[Version 10.0.1]


Citizenvern reviewed on 13 Feb 2010
I LOVE this program! Even with the few minor bugs in the last version, there's no way i'd work without it! When i work on other people's machines, it feels like i've downgraded to OS9 as far as interface goes. There's always room for improvement, but it's much closer to a 5 than a 4, so 5 is what i give it.
[Version 4.3.5]


Citizenvern reviewed on 20 Dec 2009
My go-to ap for snagging audio. No complaints at all, not even the price. What's with all of the whining about the price, and rating it low? There's only one area of the review that applies to cost (the "value" rating), so would you whiny coupon-clipping price-nazis stop skewing the ratings with your reactionary reviews? Please? If you you find the price outrageous, don't buy it. But maybe if you all weren't so bloody cheap your jobs wouldn't be over in China right now. If you like the way it works better than the others, buy it. That's what i did and I've been using it happily for years now. WireTap is a solid, well-designed, easy-to-use ap that is constantly being worked on, and i'm GLAD i paid a respectable amount of money for it.
[Version 1.1.0]

Citizenvern commented on 30 Oct 2009
I've used both Flash and After Effects for years, and can definitely say that Toon Boom Animate is much more adapted to an animation workflow. I am still getting to know it, but so far it seems great. It's not perfect, by any means. Lots of kinks so far. I had to google the keyboard shortcut for the brush because it's not mentioned in the help pop-ups or the contextual menu's. I'm also having some issues with z-depth/layer arrangement (v 7.7). Needs some work, and in my opinion it needs to be conformed more to standards of operation, (ie, shortcuts) but overall it's definitely the best 2D and basic 3D ap i've used.
[Version 1.0]


Citizenvern reviewed on 14 Sep 2009
Yes! Thank you Carsten! I was taking photos in an Argentine cemetary today when a guard told me photos were not allowed and made me erase them. "Sure! No problem!" 1 hour later... Hehe! >:)

The program is fast and simple, and recovered photos from my last 2 erases. No garbage code turned up, but strangely, one photo that I took on the way home (one that wasn't erased) was split down the middle and left was put over on the right, even though the pic was intact on the card. ? Not a problem. Great program! I also like the chill, humanistic payment options. My pleasure!
[Version 1.4.3]

Citizenvern commented on 07 Apr 2009
Cool, uh... does it DO anything? You haven't described its function.
[Version 1.0b7]


Citizenvern reviewed on 26 Feb 2009
I think it's a great product with great features that keeps me coming back after trying other programs, but I get consistently buggy behavior with the writing i've been doing this term. I'm receiving doc files, converting to ODT and marking them up with comments. There's some consistent bugginess with text disappearing or "turning into" other text. Nothing gets changed, but there's a visual refresh issue. Another bug: insert comment, try to hilite comment area, text gets weird.
These are hugely annoying at times, but it's never crashed on me or lost data, so annoying is all it is. Hopefully it gets worked out, because I like OOo's commenting method (among other things) better than the other's i've tried.
[Version 3.0.1]

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Citizenvern replied on 26 Feb 2009
FYI, i'm on a 2.66 GHz MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.6

Citizenvern reviewed on 24 Jan 2009
I've been using Little Snitch for probably 2 years now, and finally shelled out the meager price to own it. It's well worth the price for the peace of mind it offers. I tried a similar program, i forget which one, and although it seemed formidable i stuck with Little Snitch for its simplicity and ease of use.
Little Snitch has the basic features needed to tip you off to when some program's trying to silently connect to the internet. The only problem, the reason i marked it down for features, is that most of the time the alert is that some obscure program is trying to connect to some obscure site for some mysterious reason. "Alert! Blah blah blah.something wants to connect to blahblah.appleorsomething.blahblah on port 80!" So, if anybody at Objective Development is reading this, i have a suggestion that i hope can find its way into reality: An ever-expanding database of known port activities, similar to and including the databases kept for virus definitions, that would explain better what's going on and wether it's a goodish or baddish thing. Now THAT is worth at least a 5 and i will gladly buy a new version to get it!
[Version 2.0.4]

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Citizenvern replied on 26 Jan 2009
No game here. I figured if i cheated on the serial, who'd tell me if Snitch wanted to phone home and snitch on me!? :) I have no idea whether or not it does anything this ironic, but regardless, i've just been putting up with the nags all this time. Although they aren't the worst, i decided it's worth it to just pay up and not waste time with them.

Citizenvern reviewed on 12 Aug 2008
THANK YOU! to the great people behind Twain Sane! I guess you are smarter than everyone at Canon, Epson, HP, Adobe, etc, etc. etc., combined, because they can't seem to make their product work, but you did! We can't count on the manufacturers to support their products, so you guys are my my scanner's new heroes! You just saved it from terminal contact with my wall!
As for the product: A little rough around the edges compared to VueScan & Silverfast but potent and powerful. It works, and WITHIN Photoshop CS3 even! My check is "in the mail"!
[Version 2.5]


Citizenvern reviewed on 21 Jan 2007
Although there are some things I don't love about Opera's layout/design, I am still a regular user. It's fast, stable, super-customizable, and it's the ONLY browser i know of that doesn't encrypt its cache in some wierd file format, giving me full acces to any file that enters my cache.
[Version 9.10]

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