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Cindi168 reviewed on 10 Sep 2012
I love this app because it just works, no fuss! The concept is so simple that I can't believe an app like this didn't exist before. I have a macbook so M=my menubar would be soooo ugly and overflowing if it wasn't for this app. The fact that it can also hide systems icons like spotlight or notification center is just the cherries on top! Keep up the great work!
[Version 0.9.12]

Cindi168 commented on 16 Aug 2011
great software! however, it still doesn't work correctly when there's a 2nd monitor...
[Version 1.0.6]

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Cindi168 replied on 21 Aug 2011
no, i have a second monitor which i used more often , when i drag a window to the edge that's next to my other monitor (my macbook), sometimes it will resize the window to half size, and sometimes it will resize it to 3/4 of the size.

Cindi168 reviewed on 27 Jul 2011
This app is a hot mess and is definitely not worth $13, there's other alternatives out there that are way cheaper (like the free appcleaner and $6 trashmen) and is actually stable.

I used this app when SL first came out and it worked really well, however, with each SL update, this app got more and more unstable... and was NEVER UPDATED to address those issues(last update was a year and half ago... wow). Not to mention the search engine is crap, it doesn't find all the files... even the free appcleaner even works better... if you are looking for a better uninstaller, i recommend trashme, it's only $6, is stable, recevies regular updates, and its search engine is even better than appcleaner and appzapper.
[Version 2.0.1]


Cindi168 reviewed on 27 Jul 2011
can't beat it's price (free!) and it works relatively well, but when I used to delete adium, it found files from radium... so it's search engine is not perfect. But this app is a great free uninstaller! And thanks to the developer for making it compatible for lion.
[Version 2.0]


Cindi168 reviewed on 27 Jul 2011
I don't think it's fair to give this app a bad review based solely on its change of price. Developing an app is not cheap, if you want better support, frequent updates, that's the price you have to pay. Plus, the app is only under $10, it always amazes me how some people will spend thousands on a mac without thinking but will agaonize over spending $5 for an app.

So on with the review...

There's no shortage of uninstaller apps for mac, even with the ability to delete apps in launchpad, other files are leftover. I've used trashme since SL and it is in my opinion the best uninstaller for my needs. I've tried appzapper and appcleaner before using trashme on SL, the biggest problem i had with those apps was that they didn't find as many relevant files to delete as trashme. Not to mention appzapper is $13, unstable and crashes all the time, and hasn't received an update in over a year and a half. I did my research and wasn't interested in apps that ran in the background to monitor my trash because those tend to not play nice with apps that updated over sparkle, so I settled on trashme because it was free and it worked extremely well and received frequent updates.

Once I upgraded to Lion and found out trashme was updated to support it, I was happy but kind of bummed it is not free anymore. So I went back to the free appcleaner, but after using it, it kept finding extra and irrevelant files (i could just uncheck to not delete it but it was still annoying). Then I read the trashme developer's comment underneath and that convinced me to buy trashme (i paid the introductory price), and i'm glad i did.

The new UI is beautiful and fits with lion seamlessly, but more impressive is its function... it really finds all the right files to delete! It's nice that it also protects your favorite apps, can delete widgets and also has a smart delete function that monitors your trash for deleted apps and also removes the leftover files. I also like how the app is updated regularly, and you pay once to receive lifetime updates. One thing I'd like to point out is that it would be nice if the developer included the previous version for download for people still on SL or leopard. I really hope this app has a long lifespan and the developers continue to make this app even better, so lets support them by purchasing this app.

If you think the price is too much then there's plenty of other alternatives, but I think trashme is the best and $7 is not too much to ask for such a polished app.
[Version 2.0.1]

Cindi168 commented on 25 Jul 2011
is this new version really that bad? i've been running 3.3.0 on lion and it's been working fine, so i'm hesitant to upgrade... btw, how do I even update this app? do I have to run the installer all over again? There's no way to directly update this from the preference panel?
[Version 3.4.0]

Cindi168 commented on 01 Oct 2010
great app, definitely wouldn't mind paying a few bucks once it's out of beta... however, the window snap feature is not working in chrome...
[Version 0.9.7]

Cindi168 commented on 30 Sep 2009
Bought this app cause I do use it quite a bit, only problem is that it's not as stable on SL as I like it to be. Launched the app after I bought it, after browsing and adding icons, the app decided to quit unexpectedly. Then I relaunched candybar, attempted to change the dock, but the app did not relaunch my dock. Finally, i rebooted my macbook, dock did change after reboot and the app seem to be in working order, but there's still some fine-tuning that needs to be done. Can't wait for 3.2.2!
[Version 3.2.1]

Cindi168 commented on 09 Sep 2009
I really like this app, but I wish the ram usage was less (mine's around 40 mb). I also wish we could customize the interface a little, like how many fresh items are displayed and also change the colors so it'll be something other than green (perhaps grey? or a hud interface?). Keep up the great work!
[Version 1.1.4]

Cindi168 had trouble on 06 Jan 2010
the weather capsule no longer works!
[Version 1.5]

Cindi168 had trouble on 09 Jun 2009
This is a great piece of software, it's much faster than vlc and the interface is much sleeker. However, I just updated to 0.6.2 and i was watching a xvid .avi file and the sound was choppy but the video was fine; i then used vlc to play the file and it played just fine. I wondered if the issue was only present in 0.6.2, so i reverted bak to 0.6.1 and the problem was gone.
[Version 0.6.2]

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