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Christoph Vogelbusch rated on 29 Mar 2013
[Version 1.1.1]

Christoph Vogelbusch commented on 08 Jun 2011
Yeah sorry that we don't offer a test version, yet. We are looking into how to avoid the MacAPpStore problem.
Until then, we have an offer where we give free Promo Codes to bloggers, to support them but of cause also hoping they will give it a review.
So if that applies to you contact us and get a free version rather then a test ;-)
[Version 1.0.1]


Christoph Vogelbusch reviewed on 30 May 2009
CopyPaste can be called the father of all Mac clip boards, since it has been around almost since the early ages of MacOS. CopyPaste Pro has come a long way, presenting itself in a new interface.
In opposite to it's competitors, CopyPaste offers many different convenient ways to access the stored clip boards, so you can chose which one is best for you.
For me every method seems to make sense in a certain setting. My favourite is the double V feature. So when you don't want to paste the latest clipboard all you have to do is press the V a second time and you have access to all Clipboard...
The whole storage of clipboards is actually very cool especially since it allows you to edit them, why don't others not support this feature?
And there are many more features you will discover for you, that will make your life easier, since copy paste even supports things like extracting eMail addresses from an eMail and sort the alphabetically. Cool huh?

Give Copy Paste a try, after all: All others are just clones of CopyPaste.
[Version 2.0.8]


Christoph Vogelbusch reviewed on 14 May 2009
Clicking onto Apple's clock just to see the date can be quite annoying which led me to iclock ... what I found was SOOOO much more.
I still click up there now, but not when I need to see the date (that is now always visible :-), but when I want to plan my next weeks - saves me a trip into iCal so many times.
But that is just the beginning, whenever I need a 5 minute break I pick out one more feature of iClock to discover, getting another time saver every day ... for no extra charge :-D
quick access to system preferences, application switcher, menu customizer, timer, todo, ....

Once you gave it a try you will agree: amazing, amazing, amazing
Totally worth every cent!
[Version 1.0b12]

Christoph Vogelbusch commented on 23 Jun 2006
This looks very promising. I really hope that using this over the time more and more iWeb templates will be published.
(Is there a central place for that, too?)
[Version 0.80 (150)]


Christoph Vogelbusch reviewed on 19 Jun 2006
Very interesting concept:
The Karaoke you create does not only work in this program, but is written into the AAC's chaptes and as chapter images. Additionally you can use the text in a visualization.
I bet Karaoke is just the start for this program I can't wait to see where this is going.
[Version 1.2]


Christoph Vogelbusch reviewed on 14 Jun 2006
Most wonderful visualization for iTunes there is. (You might want to turn of all the messages, though.)
[Version 1.4]

Christoph Vogelbusch commented on 02 May 2006
I'm a long time Firefox users, it always was great. I extended to all the functionallity I needed.

BUT firefox is getting grey. Besides technological development it's not getting any better. It get's slower.
Loading ... yikes.
If you need a fast loading one use Safari if you need a good loading and fast browsing one use Camino.

When It comes to great Webfeatures go to Flock (further development of Firefox).

Firefox got a little fan club, but it's really going to be the Internet Explorer all over again: Market Shares, but for no reason any more.

Sorry for that dark review, but we're heading towards the future.

Christoph Vogelbusch (developer) commented on 01 Apr 2006
This composition is ment to run in iTunes via iVISUALIZE.
[Version 1.0]

Christoph Vogelbusch (developer) commented on 19 Mar 2006
I'm sorry about the first 200 Downloaders got a version where the english name was corrupted. If You're one of them please download it again.
[Version 1.0]

Christoph Vogelbusch had trouble on 25 Oct 2007
I have a problem running Gimp since my Mac OS X is running in German. There are only a few filers available.
When I switch my Mac language to english, I suddenly have a context menu with way more filters.

Is there a way to force always to run in english?

Also I read a while ago that a GTK port that works without X11 is almost done, will that be used for future versions of
[Version 2.4rc3]

Christoph Vogelbusch had trouble on 08 Apr 2006
Strange I created a DMG in MS-DOS format and then used Damge Isolation. I get a file with the extension .iso.cdr that I rename as .iso, but it won't be accepted by Windows XP (inside Parallels).
[Version 1.4.2]

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