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I am just a collector of good software. This comes from my younger years of being a misguided Windows user. There, I admit it!
I especially favor small tools that fill the gap of what Apple is unable or uninterested to offer.

I use my computer for a lot of things, being a developer and designer. I have not decided which is more my "thing", since both are part of my expertise and job requirement.
My AV expertise is in video, and sound formats, more from a usability factor than low-lever internals. I specialize in archival and transcoding, and am a hobbyist editor.
My graphic experience covers 3D knowledge, advanced expertise in web-graphics, and general composition. I have worked with Cinema 4D, am advancing with Blender 3D, I am proficient with Adobe products on a level that I get more professional results with the basics, and most likely with more professional methods provided by open source software.

Then again, I am not a freetard. I know what value is, and I spend good money for good products.

The connection to development comes from a Mac, especially the addictive nature of command-line shenanigans. I prefer the underpinnings, Unix, and naturally, a programming language like Perl, seeing as I can code any Perl Monk into a corner with my 8 years of experience. ImageMagick and FFMPeg are my favorite swiss army-knives.
I could do better and learn Python, but I have little time on my hands. Perl is more than sufficient. Besides that, it is the admin tool, and works on Mac, Linux, and perhaps, yes, perhaps even windows.

I am in my 30s, and the older I get, the more I am annoyed by false hope and empty promises. I know when you are lying, and I have no patience for excuses. If you are in your 20s, be especially warned, I have more experience, and I will kick your ass if you think you can outmaneuver me.

I am not a team-player, and I do not need to be. I gladly help others, especially if it helps to pay my bills. That being said, I am loyal and resilient.
And I make mistakes. Like everybody else. And I lead with my mistakes, and I am not too proud to apologize.

If you think that an H.R. or a PC mentality will help you assess my use to you, go away, forget my name, I am not interested.

I value my time, and I want to make money. In most cases, this means that I am depending on the successes of those I deal with.
Another conditional: If you think this is a deplorable trait, if you think that I should have written how I like puppy-dogs, rainbows, and saving the planet, then you know nothing about humans, nature, and you have no concept of reality.

Have a nice day, let's make a profit.

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Chrisdaemon rated on 20 Nov 2013
[Version 24.1.1]

Chrisdaemon commented on 29 Sep 2010
First: Anyone should try this program and do their own research. And I wish the development team luck in finding profit, maturity, and enlightenment.

"Postbox 2.0 - New email client for the Mac from the Thunderbird team"

Is false advertising and prompts for bad conclusions:

0. I can debate the "new" portion, but we have bigger semantics to worry about.

1. The developers are using the Thunderbird code for profit (unethical at best). I have no problem making money of do-what-you-want-with-it code, but this smacks of talk from a snake-oil salesman.

2. The user believes it is developed by the same people. Association with quality code, which, reading the comments here, and following support posts, does not seem to be the case. Your mileage will certainly vary, but fact is, while the codebase is the same, the developers are not.
Unless, of course, the Postbox team has done nothing to add to Thunderbird code.

3, The developers are actually concerned with the Mac platform. Apparently not, and let's read from Mr Dickman himself: "When assigning priority to features, one of the things we look at is total addressable market (in addition to customer demand, engineering effort, risk, alternatives, etc.)." Which would be fantastic, despite the weasel-wording and market-speak, and then actually listing concerns for Windows users as outweighing Mac-only features.

I need to highlight the wording for those of you too fast to dismiss the versatility. "One of the things we look at" will translate nicely to "miniscule effort" or "first priority" depending on future necessary interpretation. This is followed by a laundry list of terms that may or may not be part of actual effort, but sound good in listing buzz-words. I really like the "risk" term, makes you sound adventurous, as in risking to alienate users via soft, market-speak excuses.

Thank you, Sherm, for your concerns for the Mac.
I do need to add that, yes, the licenses sold to Windows users of this very fine product is the same as for Mac users - again, so many thanks, Sherm, for balancing your dodgy numbers game. I now know what to think of your assessments.

Dear Postbox team: Unless you actually ARE the Thunderbird team, you really have no leg to stand on. By all means, do keep the defensive comments coming.

[Version 2.0]

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Chrisdaemon replied on 30 Sep 2010
I stand corrected. I was wrong about the team of Postbox being (previous) Thunderbird developers. Almost all were part of Mozilla and some developed on code that led up to Thunderbird.

No need to turn this into a slashdot-thread of pleasantries. I do not retract my opinion, but I will change or ammend it if it is based on wrong facts.

I do not think there is a lot to understand about the case of making a piece of software built on the work of others *and* charging for that. This may be legally possible taking a permissable license into account, but I find such business model very uncomfortable to be silent about. I see value in the result of my work, warm and fuzzy feelings are secondary to me at best. I would feel rickrolled by the Postbox team if I was a Thunderbird developer, knowing that the monetary pursuit is coming from people that were once inside similar ranks.
We disagree on this, big whoop, difference in opinion is good.

Lastly, I did not speak for anyone but me. I do take issue with questionable business tactics, and I commented.
I wish the company all the best, and I choose not use their product.
Chrisdaemon commented on 21 Feb 2010
Ok, could not download 2.3 from website, so I went for the SourceForge project page. 2.3 has a date-stamp of 2009-08-11 17:47. I'll take a look at this, but... what gives? Is this just a bump? And why are there no updates on the Shiira website? Why is it asking me to log in (Basic Authentication) and why does the PHP script not render as HTML (Content-Type: text/plain)? What lies in the shadow of the staue? What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

So many questions!
[Version 2.3]

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