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Chris86314 reviewed on 02 Feb 2013
DO NOT download this update-3.0.0. It is the WORST update of any program I have ever used.

I have used iDrive for a couple years now without any problem, even quitting my CrashPlan subscription.

This "so-called" update has got to be the worst update of any program I have ever seen. All it does is crash, crash and more crashes.

I have been trying to do a backup since upgrading and nothing works. I have 35 gigs of data backed up from previous version and this version starts doing a complete full backup of my previously backed up files.. runs for a couple minutes and then crashes.

No explanation on any updates, no release notes, no user manual on updates.. just PLAIN JUNK !!

I have written their support expressing my feelings about this update in much stronger words than are used here.. haven't heard a thing.

This update has multiple windows that are so convoluted you can never understand them.. plus you have multiple windows asking for the same info.. in other words, one window will show "scheduled backup" to begin at X:XX time. Then there is another window that overrides previous window. Same with forced backup quit (for bandwidth saving).. one window lets you set stop time, then another window overrides that time to the current time.

Terrible, terrible, crash, crash, crash. It has crashes on me at least 15 times this morning.

Junk, junk, junk !!!
[Version 3.0.0]

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Chris86314 replied on 04 Feb 2013
After writing this review I've tried to get some help from iDrive Support. They have an 800 number to call but even though you can get through fast the people answering are very low level techs (basically there just to answer the phone). They then direct you to the live chat on the web site telling you it is the 2nd level support where you will get all the answers.

The live chat support is in India and they know absolutely nothing and just want access to your computer. After chatting with one for over 45 minutes he sends me a link to a file to install but he sent me an .exe file for Windows. Then, since I WOULD NOT give him access to my computer he tried to tell me to sort through the files and starts giving me Windows commands and paths to follow.

I finally gave up and told them I knew more about the Mac than they did. I copied over an older version (2.0) from my backup files and am using that now.

This has been an absolutely terrible experience. I wouldn't recommend iDrive to anyone. And absolutely don't use version 3.0.0 and DON'T give them access to your computer !!

Chris86314 replied on 13 Feb 2013
This is my 2nd reply to this post. I have since gone back to version 2.0.0 and it is again working perfectly.. just as it has for a long long time. There is a link to version 2.0.0 above (not on my post but above in the main window). This version is solid and works very well.

I see they have posted an update shown as Version 3.0.1 I'm not sure if this update corrects any of the many problems I had in version 3.0.0 but I'm not downloading it, I'm sticking with the version that works.. 2.0.0

Just thought I would let everyone know the screen shot shown above is of version 2.0.0 with split (left and right (from and to) windows. They delete this in version 3.0.0 and you have to click from one window to the other.. I've never seen this on a backup program. Every one I've seen you can work with the "from" (left) window and have the "to" (right) window next to it. This is the way version 2.0.0 is.. but not in 3.0.0 which makes it near impossible because you to continually click from one page to the other so unless you have a photographic memory you will never keep track of what is going on.. crazy !!

Chris86314 reviewed on 09 Mar 2012
With over 20 years of records on Quicken I am glad they updated this software and am GLAD to pay $15.00 for it.

I tried all the alternatives and the only one that came even close was SEE Finance.

I've been using SEE side by side vs. Quicken 2007 running 10.8.6 for about 6 months and although SEE is a great program the simplicity yet robust reporting functions of Quicken 2007 just can't be beat, not by SEE, iBank or any of the others and Quicken 07 is going on 6 years old.

So, now I upgraded to Lion and Quicken 2007 is running smooth as silk. I would be willing to bet you will see an updated version of Quicken for Mac (a real version like 2007) in the not to distant future. Quicken can read, and they can see the tens of millions of Macs, iPads and iPhones being sold.

They might be dumb but they ain't stupid.. we shall see.

Thanks Quicken !! bout time though !!
[Version 16.1.0]

Chris86314 commented on 25 Feb 2010
Please Please don't tell me this is the update we have been waiting for for 3 years. This is a joke right.. tell me Quicken is pulling a funny on us.

I cruised the Quicken web site and read all the blurb about Q.E. (as usual there was virtually nothing but a couple cute pictures) and all I can say is What A Crock of you know what !!!

Can't pay bills. Can't track stocks bought and sold. Can't export info to Turbo Tax.

WTF is it good for, drawing pretty graphs ??
[Version 1.1f4438]


Chris86314 reviewed on 20 Jan 2010
I waited a long time before buying 1 Password. I've downloaded many versions to my computer but have hesitated to install them just because I wasn't sure and didn't trust loosing all my info.

I've kept track of all my information and passwords for years on FileMaker Pro and it has worked out just fine except it is a copy and paste process, having to open FM each time I entered a site to look up the UN and PW. I also never liked the security risk of saving my info to AutoFill on Safari and FireFox.

I've got over 350 Username and Passwords to keep track of so I finally downloaded a trial version of 1P to see just how well it worked. Within an hour of installing 1P I purchased the full version and couldn't be happier. It is truly an amazing program for the cost and security it gives you.

I use DropBox for my storage so it works seamlessly between the two using a wireless network. I won't waste your time or mine writing about each aspect of the program but I will say that this program has to be one of the best investments I've made in years when it comes to a software purchase. Just the organization aspect alone is worth 5 times what the cost of the program is.

If you buy it you won't be sorry, they've done an excellent job with a program that is packed with features !!!
[Version 3.0.4]

Chris86314 commented on 19 Jul 2008
If anyone is having problems with your Mac not sleeping after this update I think I found the problem.

I had a terrible time after 10.5.2, my G5 Power Mac would not sleep unless I put it to sleep manually. The screen saver worked fine, the monitor went to sleep after the screen saver timed out and hard drive spin down worked fine but the system would not sleep, hence using lots of power if not put to sleep manually.

I tried all forums and Apple support but nothing worked. I saw an obscure comment that a HP file might be causing it to not sleep but I still couldn't get it to work.

After installing 10.5.3 my Mac went into Auto Sleep like a baby on Valium. Everything worked just fine and has since up to and including 10.5.4 update.

The other day I got a prompt that HP 1.1 driver was available. Without thinking I went ahead and installed it. Immediately my Mac would not go to sleep using the Energy Saver settings again. I was P-O'd big time.

So today I went into my Main Library (not System or User) to the Start Up folder and saw two separate HP folders sitting in the Startup Folder.

1. HP IO (it has several files and folders inside)
2. HP Trap Monitor (it has several files and folders inside)

I moved a copy of them to the Desk Top and then deleted them (needed a Admin password). I then restarted my Mac and it immediately went to sleep automatically with the settings I had in Energy Saver.

I printed a couple things and my HP Printers (two of them) seem to be working just fine. I checked the StartUp folder and the folders were not duplicated again like they are when you delete a Preference File.

I will keep an eye on this but I thought I would let anyone know because it sure was frustrating to find my machine running 24/7 if I forgot to manually put it to sleep.

If you are having problems with sleep after this install try what I posted above and let everyone know, it is a very frustrating thing to try and track down.
[Version 1.1]

Chris86314 commented on 28 Jun 2006
I again find it amazing that Adobe would want you to be their guinea pig for free and give them your feedback to help them develop one of their programs when they wouldn't help you if your ship was sinking and you were going under for the third time.. without getting your credit card number first.

Have they no shame ? Guess not !
[Version 9.0.16]

Chris86314 commented on 09 May 2006
It's amazing to me that Adobe wants you to take your time to give your feedback on this plugin when they wouldn't give you 2 seconds of their time even if your life depended on it.. That is unless you had your Visa Card handy to pay them by the minute.
Since I own all of their programs (all) and have put up with their squeezing every last drop out of your wallet for their programs and then charging you dearly (by the minute) to ask a question about that program.. I wouldn't give them one second of my time or opinion unless they show me their Gold Card.
I guess it takes a real set of (you know what) to charge by the minute and then ask for something back for free.. hmmmmm


Chris86314 reviewed on 22 Mar 2006
I have been looking for a eMail Archive for Entourage for quite some time. I have tried several and none of them gave me what I was looking for in the way of ease of use for MS Entourage along with a simple interface.
After downloading the demo of MailSteward the other day and trying it I decided to purchase the full version (6.x.x). I had about 2000 emails to archive many of which were heavy HTML emails. Most of the archiving went well but I had some trouble with the full version with a couple of my emails and the program stalled. I contacted the developer for help and he got back to me immediately and we worked through the problem. I sent him the mboxes that were giving me a problem and he immediately figured out the problem and corrected it. Since most of my emails were HTML I knew this probably had something to do with it. He sent me a new version via email that worked perfectly.
This is a great program for archiving your Entourage emails, complete with the attachments. After your archiving is done, searching the database is simple and easy. I would recommed it highly. Thanks to the developer for being so responsive and for creating a great little program.
[Version 7.0]

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