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Chris Disregard reviewed on 04 Jan 2007
I spent months telling myself I didn't need a note taking app. but finally downloaded this one. I love it! It's made everything a lot more organized, and it couldn't be simpler to use. It looks attractive, loads fairly quickly on startup. All in all a great app.

I only have one minor gripe, the fact that it's limited to screen sides and not top or bottom. Using apps like Photoshop which have side tool panels means I find myself pulling Sidenote out by accident more often than I'd like. If it were possible to put it in one of the screen corners that would be even better.
[Version 1.7.2]


Chris Disregard reviewed on 17 Dec 2006
Definitely a bit faster. Good choice on the update/sync button. Multiple views are nice.

For some strange reason though every time the focus changed to the main pane (ie. clicking any of the headings in the left column, or even Cmd+Tab-ing out of the program to check my email and then back in again) my user picture and profile name would appear hovering above the left column, covering the Music and Strangers buttons and overlapping into the main column. Clicking pretty much anywhere on the screen made it go away again.

I also received this error within a few minutes:

Profile download failed because required data was not supplied by the remote server. Try this operation manually in a web browser if you continue to have problems.

Try again?

I checked the profile in a web browser and it opened quickly and without problems. I guess I'd be tempted to put this down to MySpace just being it's usual difficult self.

Finally, at the bottom of the Details view where it lists Profile Link: Found, etc etc. I was initially confused as to what that meant, as it wasn't obvious you should click on it. It also didn't bring up the Open Link / Copy Link dialog on every click. It seemed kind of erratic, more like every 3rd click or so.

This program is definitely getting better, and I hope it continues to do so, but it's still not at a stage where I'd use it beyond as a quick demo.
[Version 1.3]

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Chris Disregard replied on 17 Dec 2006
Oh ya, I still think having the tasks window come up at the bottom of the left column, the same way the Show or Hide Friends does on the right side, would be infinitely more useful, but maybe that's just me.

Chris Disregard reviewed on 16 Dec 2006
Pretty good, except it would be nice to have some configuration options. Mainly to be able to tell it to ignore certain folders. I've got a custom created spam folder and I don't really need to know that it has 338 unread messages in it.
[Version 2.0.3]

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Chris Disregard replied on 16 Dec 2006
EDIT: It seems there is a limited preferences menu, but it only seems to work when Mail is closed. However, it would still be nice to pick specific folders instead of simply Inbox or All.

Chris Disregard reviewed on 11 Nov 2006
First thing I noticed was that it was fairly slow at updating the info (admittedly though, I've got a little under 2000 friends) and so at first I thought, because it was a demo, all it listed was the names and profile links of people on my friends list. Then I noticed the little "1 of xx selected" at
the bottom, which was slowly going up.

Suggestion #1 - Make some kind of a universal status bar to let you know it's doing SOMETHING and/or how close to complete it is. Even just the standard OS X spinny thing at the top of the window or something would be sufficient.

After running for about 15 minutes, it has only provided the info and photos for about 1/3 of my listed friends. The rest are simply filled with "Not Found" tags. That seems pretty slow. Of course it is a fair amount of data to go through, and given that it saves it locally I suppose it should only be a major one time update. It was about this point that I figured out there was a Tasks and Connections set of windows to let you know what it was doing. Finally! Some status bars to let me know it's doing SOMETHING.

Suggestion #2: Given the fact that the GUI has some great similarities to Apps like iPhoto, it might make more sense to add toolbar buttons at the bottom and have these two windows pop up in the bottom left corner a la the Calendar, Info and Keywords buttons in iPhoto.

I shut down and restart the program to see if it would auto update and it didn't. After a minute or so of waiting to see if anything would happen, I hit the home button and after a few seconds it started synchronizing again.

Suggestion #3 (and 3b): If not outright making it auto sync on startup, at least put the option under the Preferences pane. The Home button itself seems to be poorly named. Generally (at least as far as I'm concerned) it's related to web browsers, and returning you to your starting position. Since there's only one view (as far as I can tell) there isn't a new view to return to, or a real starting position as such. Maybe rename it the Log In or Update button so it makes more sense to first time users.

The overall look and feel of the program is really nice (for people who like iApps) with a few minor exceptions.

1. the group creation method is pretty poor. Once again it would benefit from options similar to iPhoto, iTunes, etc. ie. Make a File > New Group option. Had I not read about it on the website I wouldn't have even known it was possible to create groups. To be honest, though the filters are pretty good to begin with, custom groups does a lot to bump up the functionality and value of this program.

2. Listing the raw URL to Show Profile, Show Friends, Send Message, etc. is pretty ugly for an otherwise attractive application. And further is simply reinforces the idea that this is nothing more than a fancy local GUI for MySpace. Maybe create a button, or link the title text itself.

Overall, while it has some great features for browsing/organizing large friends lists, such as the filters and groups, and it's also very convenient to be able to send messages and update your friends requests from one window, this program didn't really blow me away with what it could do. That combined with the fact that everything you can do through the program you can also do for free from the MySpace website (in, I would estimate, about twice the time) and especially the fact that a heck of a lot of programs designed with similar ideas (such as local LiveJournal updating clients) are freeware, makes a $30 price tag a bit steep for me. Granted convenience stores can double their markup based on the convenience factor, but in my opinion double the markup on "free" is closer to $10 without the benefit of some serious added features. (such as cross site support, maybe update friendster, tardcore, myspace and more all in one?) As donationware I'd love this program, as is I'll stick to the old fashioned way of being a trendy nerd.

Incidentally, I've left the program and this review open for about half an hour now and it's STILL got about 800 friends to update on my list. For those with 10 000 page friends lists (who would most benefit from a program like this) you're probably looking at a day long initial setup process!
[Version 1.2.2]

Chris Disregard had trouble on 05 Jun 2008
Tried this out and when I drop icons into the program it pauses for a few seconds, then spits back "Connection is invalid." and shuts down all my finder windows.

I'm running 10.5.3 and I've tried a number of different .icns files. Both those I've created myself in Icon Composer, and some I've downloaded from the internet.
[Version 1.2]

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Chris Disregard commented on 13 Jun 2008
Tried downloading it a few times and no change. I also downloaded it on my MacBook (also with 10.5.3) and it worked great for the first 12 or so, and then started doing the same thing periodically. It's pretty bizarre because there doesn't seem to be any consistency to when it works and when it doesn't.
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