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Chaloots rated on 12 Apr 2014


Chaloots reviewed on 24 Mar 2014
Worked for while as designed, then developed a serious case of amnesia, unable to recognize the same Nook HD it had shook hands with on previous occasions.

Have since escorted to using a microSD-to-USB adapter to enable add/removal of files stored on the Nook. The process is more time consuming than Android File Transfer used to be, but seeing as how AFT is now DOA, it's an alternative I'm more than willing to live with.

Did just come across what's billed as "The Best Alternative for Android File Transfer for Macs: at: and will be giving it a closer look.
[Version 1.0]

Chaloots commented on 17 Mar 2014
As a license holder I received this from the current distributors of this app:

"As some of you may know, TuneUp Media Inc., the original publishers of TuneUp, ceased operations last month. Since then, the original founding team along with a dedicated group of former employees have put forth a huge effort to make sure that a better version of the TuneUp software survives.

What's Changed?

We've listened, and we're here for you. We know that many of you have had serious issues with TuneUp 3.0, and have asked to return to the old version, TuneUp 2.48. We hear you loud and clear, and we're doing just that.

Moving forward, we will support TuneUp 3.0 customers as best as we can, but encourage you to switch back to TuneUp 2.48, as we feel (like many of you do) that this version is much more stable, reliable, intuitive and accurate."

The email also included instructions on uninstalling version 3 as well as a link to download the now-recommended version 2.48 (
[Version 3.0.7]


Chaloots reviewed on 09 Jan 2014
I am SOooo sorry having ever updated beyond version, where at least I could tell at a glance and a click what version was running, not to mention the apparent and intuitively placed controls for the EQ and effects.

Unless there's a media file currently playing, where the player might be readily visible, this current version as well as the one preceding it provided no trace at all of it being an open app. One reason for that neither left a trace of itself in a menu bar.

In order to quit the app one must call up Activity Monitor and terminate it from there.

I've since given Clementine Vox's previous duties.
[Version 1.5.1]


Chaloots reviewed on 23 Dec 2013
Over a month ago (as of 23 December 2013) I'd contacted Binary Tricks on an ongoing issue I'd been experiencing. I'm *still* waiting for a reply.

Having recently upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mavericks I noticed another quirk in its behavior, the timely reminder to calibrate. It requires 5 hours of uninterrupted rest before plugging the power cord in. It got almost 10 and still sent up the alert that the power plugin had been premature.

Looks like I'll be searching for a replacement, especially considering the unresponsiveness of Binary Tricks. A shame.
[Version 1.3.3]

Chaloots commented on 21 Dec 2013
I've been a Little Snitch registered user for more than a few years. In the past, the faithful Research Assistant has popped up whenever clicking on a link it didn't recognize or that I'd previously given "until quit" permission to.

That all changed yesterday when I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. Most of my online time now is spent denying or allowing an annoyingly endless parade of Research Assistant windows, 99% of which appear to be literally at random, as if they were being mined from the thousands of visited sites since initially installing Little Snitch.

To give a bit more perspective on just how bothersome it's become, in the short span of time it's taken to compose this comment there were more than three dozen such window materializations.

There's a voice urging me to chuck it and search for an alternative app, but then another voice wonders in hope that I'm at 9,999 out of 10,048 of such alerts.
[Version 3.3]

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Chaloots replied on 24 Dec 2013
I had done a basic upgrade to Mavericks as opposed to a clean install. Perhaps it were the remnants of all those years of Snow Leopard browsing history that may have been the cause of all those alerts. It was like being back in time with a Windows machine, the constant barrage of seemingly random, unrelated sites all wanting access simultaneously!

All that has quoted down considerably for the most part.

I'm browser savvy enough to understand that clicking on a link involves more than just the desired domain, but in regards to LS's rules, well let's just say that you could fill the Grand Canyon with what I don't know about them. There's no doubt more than a smidgen of reasonable logic behind them, but for this lummox those might well have been written in Klingon! Sure wish there was a "Take Control of" edition for the app as there is for LaunchBar!

Thanks to all for chiming in with your experiences. Guess with not only a new OS but with an equally fresh browser (Safari 7) there was bound to be a learning curve for both me and LS.
Chaloots commented on 27 Nov 2013
Without a doubt, one of the most convoluted, byzantine paths to an upgrade I've ever experienced! Developers: are you listening?
[Version 4.0.3]

Chaloots commented on 27 Nov 2013
Temporarily on half-off ($9.99) for Black Friday 2013 on the App Store.
[Version 2.4.6]

Chaloots commented on 27 Oct 2013
According to the developer, there was a glitch with this version working on 10.6.8. They are aware of it and will be working on a solution for Snow Leopard users.
[Version 3.0.1]

Chaloots commented on 03 Apr 2013
I eventually downloaded it but I wish the developer would include an easier way to update this app.

While on their product database page the word "Logoist" doesn't even appear on the drop down menu. Ditto similar results when it's used as a search term on said site.
[Version 1.2.1]

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