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Cerniuk commented on 30 Mar 2014
Opens ".ipa" files easily so you can see how they are constructed. Once you use BetterZip to extract the .app contents of the ipa file, you can then look at how the app is constructed if you are learning how to develop iOS apps for iPad/iPod/iPhone.

Who knew, handy development tool as well as productivity tool. Gotta love BetterZip!
[Version 2.3.3]


Cerniuk reviewed on 19 Jan 2014
One of my absolutely favorite tools gone down the tubes. Intego 2013 editions are essentially VirusBarrier 6x given a feature frontal lobotomy and a graphical interface that looks like they gave the app too much Benzodiazepine (dazed and confused with drool going).

The latest incarnation named after last year (seriously, even Microsoft stopped using dates in their product names) gives us roughly 1/4 of the features of VirusBarrier x6. Gone are the features that let us figure out who exactly was attempting access, what kind of traffic is currently occurring on the network and no ability to block key data items for detection of apps trying to extract your info. Want to block the Chinese hackers network address range? Sorry...

Worse the pablum interface shows almost no diagnostic information in it's drug induced arrangement and animation. The goofy graphics are very indicative of how seriously you can take this software.

Point blank, this thing is horrible, make the bad man stop.

I will continue to run VirusBarrier 6X until it is no longer supported on the OS and then switch to something with an interface built for computers (vs some print layout) and functional robustness. At this point I resent paying for VirusBarrier x6 because I know that the money goes into it's half-wit brother's pocket (VirusBarrier 2013)

Somewhere in the distance I hear the sounds of "Taps" playing and a flag being unfurled. A medal of valor being presented to the widow of Netbarrier... Good bye old friend, you will be sorely missed. Is VirusBarrier x6 next?
[Version 10.7.5]


Cerniuk reviewed on 19 Jan 2014
Nice clean very Mac like design (many network tools suffer here).

Has a nice set of functions and takes the approach of using the system to make the various connections to resources (smart) like "Connect via HTTP" to a network device fires off safari and makes a connection.

It is a little light in the ability to monitor devices, which seems to be limited to simple ping.

This tool also works only on your subnet. There is no apparent way to extend this tool to look across subnets or even outside your network.

With this rather nice interface, I would like to see this tool add the ability to monitor a network, network range, or device by IP address. Additionally, the monitoring could easily be extended to monitor the actual service I am interested in, such as monitoring HTTP of my server in Dallas on the internet and monitor AFP on my server in my local network at the same time. Be aware, monitoring HTTP or AFP is more than making a connection, it involves a command, response and data check for HTTP, or even periodically mounting an AFP volume and checking for a directory list element.

With the developer's slant for design, adding detailed graphs and realtime network EKG style output for monitored devices should be a natural fit where the host information is shown, maybe even a tab...

Overall, this is a nice utility and an excellent design but needs to be built further before it becomes part of my network tool arsenal. (PS, and I really want to see that happen) For now, I will wait for "Network Monitor Pro"
[Version 1.1.8]


Cerniuk reviewed on 06 Nov 2013
Awesome!!! Does what VideoBox was suppose to do, download video and do it smoothly.

No fuss no muss interface.

No brainer, get this now. Thank the developer.

Developer, get this into the App store and let everyone give you 0.99 and I wager it will be worth your while.
[Version 2.2]


Cerniuk reviewed on 06 Nov 2013
Take VirusBarrier X6 with its vast utility and features beyond the nearly pointless virus scanning and you have a great product.

Give VirusBarrier a frontal lobotomy and you have VirusBarrier 2013 / 10.7.8
[Version 10.7.8]


Cerniuk reviewed on 17 Jul 2013
Incredible number of problems, new ones every day, not limited to but especially in Mail, Calendar and Contacts and constantly if/when you are at work trying to use MS Exchange servers.

Generally speaking it seems it is rarity if you report a bug (radar.apple.com) it gets fixed, especially in Mail/Calendar/Contacts. Reported bugs do get dismissed as "duplicates" of someone else's report and then not only are they not fixed, there is no visibility of them any longer. I have bug reports in the Apple reporting system that have been there since 2006, open, lingering.
[Version 10.8.4]

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Cerniuk replied on 12 Sep 2013
I thought of that too. Reformatted reinstalled so many times I lost count. Used 3 different drives, 750GB Toshiba, 256GB Crucial 4M SDD, 256GB SanDisk SDD. it just malfunctioned faster on the SDDs. Have been running 10.9 since DP5 nope as my primary system. I can't say exactly but I will say it is definitely not Mountain Lion. That cat is stuffed and in my den as a place to wipe my feet ;-)

Cerniuk reviewed on 27 Jun 2013
Seriously, how can such great software be free while a good amount of expensive commercial software is garbage?

Two package tools that are absolutely indispensable this one and Pacifist.

There needs to be a paypal link for donations for this bad-boy!
[Version 1.1.1]


Cerniuk reviewed on 18 Mar 2013
Have been a fan for longer than I care to admit. I used and loved NetBarrier under Mac OS 9. The ultimate firewall with passive countermeasures.

VirusBarrier forced the virus software and instituted an expiration on your firewall unless you made your 'protection payments'. (Waza-matter-you, eh?)

15 year later, Intego's software is drooling, dragging one leg and yelling at imaginary people in cross walks. A full frontal software lobotomy in look, feel, and function.

(somewhere in the distance, the sound of "Taps" playing)
[Version 10.7.2]


Cerniuk reviewed on 29 Jan 2013
Seriously overpriced. This is really a simple mission. Keychain is my friend.

The largest draw for this is the sync with your iPhone / iPad. Then you cough up another $17 for one of the most expensive apps on the iPhone. Total now roughly $66 for a password notepad? Really? Isn't there a problem with sync now that iDisk is gone?

Alternate, spend $19 for Mountain Lion, use Notes and sync with iCloud. Need encryption? No problem, turn on full disk encryption on the Mac. The iPhone is already fully encrypted as long as you have a login to the phone. Worried that 4 numbers for a password on your iPhone is not enough? Under Settings on the iPhone you can set the password system to use full keyboard long password.

Ok, Notes comes with the iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac OS X. It seamlessly synchronizes with iCloud which comes with the Mac and iPhone iPad iPod. Encryption comes with all of this so it is secure.

Explain why again I need to spend $66 for yet another utility? What, Notes is not encrypted at the iCloud server? Ok, then use Pages and store a document on iCloud, Mac, iPad and and your documents are encrypted on the Cloud. So many options, so much more function for your buck.
[Version 3.8.20]


Cerniuk reviewed on 12 Jan 2013
Have been running DG for a while now. It flags problems via the menu so I am not caught by surprise, nice.

Irony today is that it flagged a problem on my data drive on my home server (media). I thought "nice, saved my back side" and perhaps the early warning did... but... when I tried to repair the disk with DG, it failed; said it could not be repaired (tried twice). So I opened Disk Utility and it repaired the disk without flinching.


But just before that I ripped a copy of a 5GB thumb drive (my Mountain Lion installer) to a disk image and it was really fast (much faster than Super Duper)


In my mind, Drive Genius needs to be that broad spectrum antibiotic for my drives first and foremost. It flagged the problem (nicely done) but could not repair it which was disappointing. Still recommend the product but the boys and girls at ProSoft need to step up their game a little ;-)
[Version 3.2.2]

Cerniuk had trouble on 03 Jan 2013
Does not seem to do anything.

Pointed it at a number of different WSDLs (trying to learn more about how WSDLs operate) and it just spins. Tried a custom one that we have been using at work with other tools… spin spin. Tried pointing it to MS Exchange 2007's WSDL, would not authenticate properly. :-(

Cerniuk had trouble on 25 Jul 2011
Does not work well in Lion. Specifically, any use of "tab" or similar in moving between fields in Safari Version 5.1 (7534.48.3) fails.

for example:

Putting an insertion point into a web page field and initiating this TextExpander expansion:


will enter both firsttext and second text into the second safari field

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Cerniuk replied on 31 Jul 2011
Shot an email to TextExpander / Smile support and on Sunday, received a response. That's awesome (!!!) but hey Smile folks, pls don't get burnt out by working too much!
Cerniuk had trouble on 28 Feb 2011
Having a problem with Chax during network transitions. If I change my Cisco VPN status (worse when connected going to not connected) Chax crashes iChat.

Otherwise it works rather nicely.

Process: iChat [258]
Path: /Applications/iChat.app/Contents/MacOS/iChat
Identifier: com.apple.iChat
Version: 5.0.3 (745)
Build Info: iChat-7450300~8
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [135]

PlugIn Path: /Users/WmCerniuk/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ChaxAddition.osax/Contents/Resources/ChaxLib.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ChaxLib
PlugIn Identifier: com.ksuther.chax.lib
PlugIn Version: 3.0.2 (15)

Date/Time: 2011-02-28 08:27:03.135 -0500
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.6 (10J567)
Report Version: 6


Exception Codes: 0x000000000000000d, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
[Version 3.0.2]

Cerniuk had trouble on 06 Nov 2010
Figured out the kernel panic (KP) issue Cisco VPN software. It is a result of using IPv6 while a Cisco VPN session is active. The KP does not happen immediately which suggests a memory corruption occurring (overwrite memory).

In plain english, if the Cisco VPN is used and your TimeMachine backup starts to your TimeCapsule (across the network), you will likely experience a KP in the near future.

if the Cisco VPN is used and you open up the Apple AirPort utility and access your Airport settings (transfer data across IPv6) you will eventually experience a KP (sleep and unsleep your Mac a couple of times usually does it)

If you turn IPv6 off the problems go away... And so do a number of capabilities of your system. Not really an option. So I put my TimeMachine backups on manual and if I am not diligent, will lose data some day thank you Cisco.

So where is MSLogon as a setting for the Apple 'ciscoish' client in the system and on iOS?!? It will be the coup de grace for Cisco VPNClient.

Cerniuk had trouble on 31 Aug 2009
Nothing but crashes under Snow Leopard 10.6
[Version 1.1.10]

Cerniuk had trouble on 31 Aug 2009
The OS version checking is broken. It indicates it requires 10.4 or something newer when running on 10.6
[Version 2.0b1]

Cerniuk had trouble on 02 Jun 2008
The download link times out after very little download. Additionally the server does not report the size of the download as it occurs which indicates that it is behind a (malfunctioning?) proxy.

This file can be found on the torrents but does raise the question, can it be trusted?

The problem is that since Cisco does not provide this software freely and IT shops are typically Mac-ignorant or Mac-hostile in the enterprise, users are relegated to creating security issues by going after these downloads from unknown and untrusted sources. Cisco actually creates the security problem with their approach to software distribution.

Ironically, the software is awful (poor interface, poor performance, buggy and causes kernel panics) and not something that anyone would want short of needing to connect to proprietary Cisco VPN concentrators (servers).

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