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Ceiling Cat commented on 18 Sep 2008
My only issue with this app is the way the name appears in system menus - couldn't we just have "Better File Renamer" without the superfluous start and end characters?
[Version 8.0]

Ceiling Cat commented on 10 Sep 2008
Lovely pictures, just a shame they're all at such an unusual ratio that "fitting" onto Widescreen requires massive distortion. If the images were higher resolution, this could help; if they were provided at a standard default resolution/ratio, this would be even better.

The book-cover "watermarks" are too small to be legible, and in the end they're just annoyances. It would have been better to include the book title/author information along the bottom/edge of photos, giving the author at least equal billing to his publisher.

I ended up removing the images from the package and using them with the default Slideshow screensaver instead; the end result was far more pleasing and I also have more pictures that way than if I'd just downloaded the wallpaper pack from the publisher's site.
[Version 1.1]

Ceiling Cat commented on 24 Aug 2008
Does exactly what it says, and does it well. The only criticisms I can think of are related to adding a new machine - it seems a little hit-&-miss:
i) if you don't input warranty dates (for example, after purchasing a second-hand "antique") then it doesn't show up on any of the Warranty watchlists;
ii) there's no sense that you're saving the data you've entered, which is compounded by the issue i).

I have two CRT iMacs, and while it was obvious to me that they should be considered as out of warranty, I had to make up a fictitious warranty expiry date in order to have them display properly.
[Version 5.0.4]

Ceiling Cat commented on 20 Aug 2008
Contrary to the dev's statement, these icons don't "require" 10.5; in fact, there's barely any point in using them on Leopard because there's no hi-res 512px version - in fact there's only 256px versions, none of the more visible states are included.

It would be nice if these weren't only supplied on folders; the old ways of changing an icon through Get Info are now unreliable at best, and impossible at times. An .ICNS file containing 16, 32(, 48), 128(, 256), and 512px states would be far preferable and much more compatible.
[Version 1.0]


Ceiling Cat reviewed on 16 Aug 2008
Works just as it says in the list. Install instructions were comprehensive and simple to follow. The display itself is fast and, while not mindnumbingly beautiful, a pleasant distraction and tied in perfectly to the music.

Featurewise there's plenty to play with - the only option that seems to be absent is one to add/remove arms to the spinning star. The reset command should be expanded to reset ALL parameters though, to encourage more experimentation on the part of the user.

The little bars might be more smoothly rendered, and there could be more information in the help screen (what elements do TGBF refer to, etc.); the use of + and - to adjust "mountaining" requires the use of Shift for one of the keys, which can cause autorepeat errors if you release/depress the shift key at the wrong time... Otherwise, this works well. Nice to see such a polished product offered as an initial release.
[Version 1.3]

Ceiling Cat commented on 03 Aug 2008
Seems to work well, and is lightweight. Seems to take far too long to take a picture though, and works against the norm by closing the app when you just want to close the settings window, which by rights should be under Preferences...

Would be fantastic if this was a menubar app, rather than Dock-based.
[Version 1.1]

Ceiling Cat commented on 26 Jul 2008
"But if you find it annoying that Shift-CMD-4 can only produce PDF files..."

Untrue for Leopard; the default screenshot format is now PNG, and by using the right terminal command or any number of free "hidden option" changers, users can pick from 10 different formats.

In fact, I think this is even untrue for earlier versions of OS X; I'm sure my old Panther and Tiger installs used .TIFF, not .PDF?
[Version 2.4.4]

Ceiling Cat commented on 16 Jul 2008
You don't need NTFS for memory sticks bigger than 4gb, you only need to use FAT32! Still, being able to access Boot Camp partitions larger than 32GB could be really handy...
[Version 1.2712]

Ceiling Cat commented on 12 Jul 2008
An interesting idea, but I can't help thinking it would work much better as a custom Finder toggle, so you could just click once to show and again to hide without having to muck about with the extra pop-up.
[Version 1.0]

Ceiling Cat commented on 10 Jul 2008
As previously stated, keyboard shortcuts to swap docks would be a nice idea; what would be even nicer would be the ability to link docks to spaces. It would also be nice if you could hide apps that are running in other spaces from the current dock, if the dock doesn't include those apps.
[Version 1.10]

Ceiling Cat had trouble on 15 Sep 2008
This so-called "easy" install pack fails badly. Firstly, the download link is annoying and fiddly. Secondly, no documentation is included in the actual download. Thirdly, the documentation suggested in the dev's notes starts with "first run the installer" - THERE IS NO INSTALLER!

I know that once people have got one of these packs working, getting them to keep working is easy - but please, if you're making a pack for newcomers and advertising it as an easy all-in-one download, include the instructions and make sure they actually apply to the supplied package... :/
[Version 6.2]

Ceiling Cat had trouble on 10 Aug 2008
It's not Quicktime, it's Quartz.

Quartz Extreme is required for this, it says so in the description, and you have a MacBook which cannot run Quartz Extreme because it has onboard graphics.
[Version 1.0]

Ceiling Cat had trouble on 28 Jul 2008
I'm liking the addition of Dock-per-Space, but the implementation isn't all it could be right now.

I already used spaces, and couldn't work out how to tie the docks to the spaces. When I used the Spaces menu to make the changes I thought would be necessary, it removed my dock entirely and gave me some kind of all-encompasing dock that included apps I don't even own. Then when I changed the settings back to regain my original dock, I was still presented with this default style dock, and Spaces was entirely disabled - which also cost me all the app-to-Space customisation I'd previously performed!

The only saving grace here was that on closing the app, I was returned to my original personalised Dock, and unlike other reviewers I had no difficulties at all in deleting the application from my system.

So, this is still a great idea, but it's still very much in the development stages...
[Version 1.30]

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