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CascadeHush commented on 09 Aug 2007
Works okay with a Silvia Multinavigator, with the serial adapter cable (which I had to buy separately) and an Aten UC-232A Serial to USB adapter.

I was able to get a realtime fix.

I was not able to use other functions like uploading or downloading waypoints.

But it's a nice start.

I'll keep playing with it, I don't know if I really have enough need to pay for it. Although I think it's a reasonable price.
[Version 3.40.2]

CascadeHush commented on 20 May 2007
I would have bought this program, dispite it's limitations, if it was half the price.

I love the implementation of the outline view of the project, and the ease in which you can add items, and make them into a heirachy. It is by far the most intuitive way of laying things out and navigating through a project. It combines the power of an outliner with the clarity of a 'Yojimbo' or 'Journler' wrt the notes pane.

But here are the deal-breakers that are simply not tolerable in a $40 program:
1) When you drag and drop a file onto an entry, it imbeds a copy the file in the the process data file. You can create a link to a file, but you have to do this through the file open dialog. I hate the file open dialog and avoid it like the plague. Why should I have to re-navigate to a file when I already have it selected in the Finder. This could be fixed by a simple preference option to default to linked rather than embeded files.

2) It's way to easy to check and uncheck an item that contains sub-items. If you are partway through a project and have some sub-items ticked, and then by accident you tick/untick the main item, you lose track of what items are incomplete/complete. There should be an option to 'protect' item with sub-items, such that the main item only becomes checked when all the sub-items become checked.

3) You would think that double-clicking on a linked/embeded file would open it in the appropriate program (like preview, word, etc) but it doesn't. Failing that you would think that a right-click menu would allow you to do it. Neither of these options work. Instead, you have to select the item, then use the 'gear' button, select 'Open with' and then from the sub-menu, select the appropriate program. This is just way too convoluted.

4) You can't drag and drop URLs from Firefox. I know that Firefox doesn't use standard URL drag objects like Safari does, but surely it's such a popular program that it deserves a little work on the part of the the programmers to make it work. You can drag and drop a URL from Firefox to Safari, so it is technically possible to implement such functionality.

5) When collapsing an item, it would be nice if the due-date would reflect the most recent due-date of any of the sub-items. This way you don't have to open up the item to see when the next step is due. Then you'd be able to collapse all items in a project, sort and sort them by due day, without having to have all items un-collapsed. As it is, the only way to be sure that you can see when stuff is due is to have all items uncollapsed.

6) Autosave. All programs in this catagory autosave. It's the type of program that you just expect to store your data for you, because you have it open all the time. You don't want to have to be thinking about saving and managing saved files. I lost a bunch of data when I exited the program. Even though it asked me if I wanted to save, it actually didn't save the most recent data in the file. I found that I had to manually save regularly to be sure all my data was there.

No doubt some of these items are peculiar to the way I want to work. But most of them should be easy to implement. Some of them are pretty basic common-sence issues or even expected behaviour (Autosave, default to linked file on drag, double click opens a linked/embedded item).

As it stands i'm still using Journler.
[Version 2.0.2]

CascadeHush commented on 03 May 2007
I was about to replace the HD in my iBook, something I was not eager to do, but my system performace was so poor I was seeing the spinning beachball about 50% of the time the system was on.

I purchased iDefrag, set my iBook up in Firewire Target mode and left it overnight do do a full defrag.

The difference is amazing. The HD used to be constantly making noise... now it's so quiet. I don't think I've seen a spinning beachball since I did the defrag.

The idea the OSX and HFS automatically defrag seems to be a bit of a myth. I had many fragmented files, and many small chunks of free space.

This program has saved me a lot of grief. When I've used it some more, I'll write a proper review.
[Version 1.6.1]

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