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Carlos-Sz reviewed on 22 Apr 2014
Great application. I can save some AppleScript codes in Evernote (thanks to the inline style support) in a better way now and with Alfred 2 I can automate it a bit.

By the way, the main missing feature is the lack of AppleScript support. It would be very useful to have some commands to play with.

In addition, an option to remove the border would be nice because it is a kind of necessary only to web pages.
[Version 2.5.2]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 10 Jan 2014
The AppleScript support makes CloudApp upload very simple, fast and useful with applications such as Alfred 2.

There is also an option (in app preferences) to copy the direct link to the clipboard.

Perfect for screenshots.

[Version 2.0]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 31 May 2013
Clean and well designed interface.

My wish list:

- iOS application
- AppleScript dictionary (it would be nice to add an entry using AppleScript)
- a calendar view

A lot of potential here. Congratulations developer for this release.
[Version 0.9.3]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 11 May 2013
I started to play around with Alfred 2 and AppleScripts. The OSX Editor is OK but it is outdated.

Then I found Script Debugger. The price is not attractive but the 20 days trial was a nice deal.

After using it for two days, in several scripts, I bought it.

There are a lot of good things about it but the tabbed interface, the timer (so you can easily check which procedure is faster), the bookmark (adding —>> at the beginning of a comment), the ways results are displayed (even for every variable) and the interactive dictionary are great and very useful features that I can’t live without anymore.

If you spend some time writing scripts give this application a try, a 20 days trial, and maybe you will find the fresh air AppleSctipt Editor is missing for so long...
[Version 5.0.5]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 05 Apr 2013
I like plain-text and a nice UI. I thought Ulysses could be the one but unfortunately it has too many weak points for me:

- the lack of a global search within the app is almost unbelievable;
- the spotlight search displays a number ID instead of the note/sheet name (well, well…);
- I can’t, or at least I couldn’t find an option for that, have .txt as the default format
- I wish I could simply use markdown to add an image or link
- it seems that Ulysses does not read openmeta tags (none of mine were displayed) so Ulysses is not exactly an alternative for nvALT users.

Of course that are some nice things about Ulysses but it seems to lack the basics for a plain-text lover.
[Version 1.0]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 14 Mar 2013
I’ve been using beta (Powerpack) for a few weeks. Very solid, not even a single crash, a lot of features and workflows allow you to automate a lot of tasks.

Even if you don’t want to learn about workflows there is a good chance you will find one ready to use that fits your needs. Alfred 2 forum is also a good place to discuss and ask help about workflows.

One advice: if you feel overwhelmed due Alfred 2 number of features don’t worry, step aside and give it more time to get use to them. You will ended up finding what you need. I’m still learning one or two new tricks every week…

Finally, there is only one thing I would like to see in the future: support for drag and drop files from Finder in Alfred 2 dock icon. Sometimes I just like to use the mouse.
[Version 2.0]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 20 Jan 2013
It is an amazing application. It feels more like an OSX feature.

After a few days using it I just can’t live without it. Don’t forget to give this application a fair chance.

The extensions make this application very flexible and you can fine tune it for your needs.

I have even made a MacUpdate extension. Usually, I see a new app and I go here to see what users are saying about it. With the extension things are a lot easier. Select an App name, PopClip is shown and then I just click the extension button and MacUpdate search results are displayed right away.

Finally, I just wish there was a small button to bring the last 10 clipboard items, just like a small clipboard history within PopClip.

This application is more than recommended!
[Version 1.4.4]

Carlos-Sz rated on 17 Jan 2013
[Version 5.0.5]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 10 Jan 2013
It is great so far. I was able to make the app watch a folder, then analyze its subfolders (depth 0), then for each subfolder move their subfolders (they always change in name but the app can handle it) to an external drive keeping the initial folder structure (Main folder A, subfolders B and C will be analyzed, any subfolders in B will be moved to an external drive to a folder B there and any subfolder in C will be moved to an external drive to a folder C there too, always skipping a subfolder I don’t want to move at all).

The Trash feature is also interesting and it seems to work properly: move an app there and the app prompts if we want to delete the related files too. If so all related files are moved to the trash in a way we can easily restore if needed. Nice addition.

My suggestions considering I like to run the rules on demand:

- an option to see a progress (even if only an animated menu bar icon like DropBox does: sometimes I don’t know if it is ready, e.g. if I miss the notification or not )
- set a folder to be displayed in the root of the menu bar icon (like a Favorites part of the menu: useful to run rules with less clicks as possible)
[Version 3.0.16]


Carlos-Sz reviewed on 06 Jan 2013
The best interface (not perfect, see below) and, for some reason, the icon is really well designed.

By the way, I always thought Renamer was not that powerful but it supports Regular Expressions and once you play with them you will probably get the result you want.

The site mention Regular Expression but this feature is not that obvious. It’s hidden in the Find & Replace.

In addition, and here the interface could be better, the Find text box field is too short for some Regular Expressions you need. I wish there was a way to resize the right panel too.
[Version 4.2.0]

Carlos-Sz had trouble on 14 May 2010
After updating Parallels I could not save my Visual Basic 6 projects in a shared folder (Documents folder) from within Visual Basic 6 interface. I tried several things including reboot Windows 7 and mac, reinstall tools etc.

To have Visual Basic 6 working as before I had to install an older build of Parallels 5 that I fortunately had.
[Version 5.0.9344]

Carlos-Sz had trouble on 13 May 2010
I configured a favorite with a remote folder (e.g. "/backup/test”). When I first mount it everything is fine and the remote folder is displayed right away.

Now if I close Finder (Snow Leopard fully updated) or click a local folder and then click the FTP drive again, the remote folder is ignored and the root folder is displayed instead.
[Version 4.0.3]

Carlos-Sz had trouble on 02 Nov 2009
The app (trial version) mounted my FTP but I can only read files through Finder. I can't delete, create folder or copy a new file to the FTP address. Is it a bug?
[Version 3.0.3]

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Carlos-Sz replied on 02 Nov 2009
OK. I Google the subject… It seems Finder FTP is still Read only.
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