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Capn Hack reviewed on 02 May 2006
i love this saver. it takes a good long time for it to collect the icons on first run (if you have all icons selected in settings), but doesnt use a lot of processor power and runs smoothly.
one feature id like to see is the ability to set an image as the bg instead of just a colour.
[Version 1.0]

Capn Hack commented on 04 Nov 2004
Oops, i forgot to add that an option to add vibration/light settings would be really useful too.
[Version 1.0.0]


Capn Hack reviewed on 04 Nov 2004
Great little app. Its stable, works smoothly, and i havent had any trouble with the tones ive made for my samsung x450 phone.
My one gripe is features compared with price. I think its probably only worth ten dolla until you can actually delete or change certain instruments in a midi file before creating the sp-midi. muting a channel or putting the volume slider down all the way doesnt seem to work.
[Version 1.0.0]


Capn Hack reviewed on 23 Sep 2004
This app makes astoundingly beautiful images. You have to see it to believe it.
As well as doing its main function very well, it allows for lots of customisation of the fractal and is very stable and fast.
The export to larger sizes will make this even better, and i wouldnt mind seeing some sort of random colour generation for each polygon.
Overall, a very good little app :)
[Version 0.6]

Capn Hack commented on 23 Aug 2004
Version 1.2.2 speeds things up drastically, and also makes the combat more challenging. This is no longer a straight port of Elite, and its definitely worth a look.
[Version 1.22]

Capn Hack commented on 21 Jul 2004
Ignore the two 'reviews' below, they arent true.
netbarrier is a very decent firewall app and also very user friendly to configure.
the only issues i have with it are that its banner blocker always blocks sourceforges download pages (just turn off the blocker to make it work), and that its a bit pricey.
[Version 10.3.3]

Capn Hack commented on 08 May 2004
just for future reference, this is not safari. this is a javascript to welcome safari users.

dont post questions and reviews about safari here cos you wont get a reply from apple.

this is a neat little script, duno if its really worth downloading here since the newer wysiwyg website apps have this ability anyway.
[Version 1.0]

Capn Hack commented on 04 Dec 2003
For the developers, i think the idea of having to call an (american) number to register the product is a very bad thing to do. in the age of email, why ask people to pay just for a trial of the product?
i would suggest using email for registration,then youd avoid the problem of closing out non american users.
im not going to try this since im on the other side of the world.
[Version 2.2.1]


Capn Hack reviewed on 15 Nov 2003
neat little program, works fast and well when it does work, shame it doesnt work rather often tho.
sometimes, it hangs on the spinning ball cursor and nothing seems to happen at all. if you leave it long enough, it will start working again. only seems to happen when there are no lyrics found.
also, id like lyrics to be ediable without pressing a button
[Version 0.7]

Capn Hack commented on 25 Aug 2003
hehe, david watanabe was the name put on a slew of those chain letter moneymaking schemes through snailmail a few years ago. kind of an appropriate name for this developer to choose
[Version 0.98]

Capn Hack had trouble on 17 May 2006
has anyone managed to get this working on 10.4.6?
my machine is a dual 2ghz g5 and ive installed everything using the developers own installers, yet the app always says app support has been incorrectly installed (despite the folder and binaries being there).
ill hold off rating this for now..
[Version 1.8.4]

Capn Hack had trouble on 27 May 2004
10.3.4 (out today) breaks this app on G5 machines, maybe some others too.
if you downloaded this and its not working then dont blame the app
[Version 1.2.4]

Capn Hack had trouble on 14 Dec 2003
works great, apart from one thing. when pressing escape to switch to fullscreen, it switches, then switches back, then crashes unexpectedly. im on a gigahert tibook, 512mb ram, and on 10.2.6.
[Version 1.7.1]

Capn Hack had trouble on 14 Dec 2003
This won't even launch for me.
Tibook 15" 1Gh 512Mb
[Version 1.0.1]

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Capn Hack commented on 14 Dec 2003
sorry, forgot to say im on 10.2.6
Capn Hack had trouble on 19 Sep 2003
yea i have little snitch. it didnt pick up the request from the status menu item tho. i fixed it now, just enabled all access to in my main firewall
[Version 1.2]

Capn Hack had trouble on 20 Aug 2003
Does anyone know which port this thing runs on?
My firewall needs to be configured to let it the update data through.
Very useful little app :)
[Version 1.2]

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