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CPruitt commented on 03 Oct 2006
I'm not sure wat the point is. With the system wide script meu, every App in OS X is given an availale script menu. Just use the AppleScript Utility in your Applications folder to turn it on. Then add any scripts you want by opening the Application's Scripts forlder (e.g. Script Menu > Open Scripts Folder > Open Safari Scripts Folder)

This app is a bit redundant.
[Version 1.0.1]

CPruitt commented on 02 Feb 2006
Bare Bones software continues to annoy me with yet another application. The yojimbo license & fees are rediculous. I'm to pay for every USER on the SAME COMPUTER? You're nuts! That one fact is enough to turn me off of using it. Why should I have to pay extra $ for users of the same machine in the same household? Now if you want to license per machine, I can understand that, but I've had it with Bare Bones milking users for every dime they can. BBEdit has some nice features but no text editor is worth what they charge. Same with Yojimbo.
[Version 1.0]

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CPruitt replied on 07 Feb 2006
Yes, I understand the way the license works. Its just my humble opinion that its overpriced. A $39 license should be sufficient for a single machine license. I have no need of using Yojumbo on multiple computers, what I may have a need for is the use of Yojimbo for several people on the same computer, but each under a different OX X username.

In that case the license calls for a family pack, which allows you up to five users, thats all well and good unless your "family" is only two people. In that case the family license only saves $10, so really, whats the point?

I guess it just cones down to being tired of software developers milking users for every last dime they can get out of you. You'd think they'd understand that most families have something of a limited software budget and try to foster some type of customer relationship sensitive to that need, but very few software companies do.

One company that has an excelent license pricing plan is Oranged Software (Studiometry / After an initial license is purchased, additional users only need an add-on license which is sold at a significant discount. I had no problem paying the extra $ for multiple users (in this case in a company rather than a family) because they made it realistic & feasible to do so and, in all honesty, their pricing plan made it SEEM like they cared about users buying multiple licenses (family plans just aren't effective enough for small families). They got several hundred dollars in sales to me because of that pricing plan.

Unfortunately Bare Bones Software and their pricing plan, by contrast, will be getting $0.
CPruitt commented on 02 Jan 2006
A good start for an application but this app has some pros & cons worth writing about.

- Application icon is done in very bad form. A developer should NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER base an application icon off of a disk image icon. Icons look a certain way for a reason. You build up memory & train yourself to recognize certain images as certain things. This developers icon goes 100% against what we've all been training ourselves to recognize and I think thats a much bigger problem than many developers might want to believe it is. I have a huge problem with this one.

- The trial crashed when trying a quick add but worked fine when dragging new volumes.

- The app supports different search ranges like "selected catalog" or "all catalogs". Thats nice, but after every search it reverts to "selected catalog". Since I would be using this to catalog a bunch of offline bacckup disks, it would be far more useful for me if the app remembered the last chosen search range & kept it until it was manually cahnged by the user. Reverting to "selected catalog" is pretty inconveniant.

- The app has list view & column view. Both good options however in column view theres no easy way to see what catalog a found item is located in without using the info drawer. (I'm not a huge fan of drawers)

- This is a BIG pet peeve of mine. This app places a database file in my ~/Documents/ folder.

(Yes, I'm yelling)


File finder does not support multiple database files (at least not via the GUI). Therefore this is not a user document anyway. This is a database that supports the application. The correct location for this file should be:

~/Library/Application Support/FileFinder/FileFinder.ffdb

The app has a lot of promise but the issues above still make it seem like an amateur piece of software. The thing about placing the file in my documents folder is enough to make me not want to use this app.

Now I do think the app has some pros:

- A nice clean user interface (evven if its a little 10.2 ish with the drawer).

- It is easy to learn & intuitive.

- Advanced search is nice.

Hopefully the developer will address some of the above issues in the next update.

One more for the road:
Saved searches in the form of "Smart Catalogs" would be a GREAT plus for this app & bring it up to speed with Tiger.
[Version 1.2.5]

CPruitt commented on 06 Oct 2004
It's kind of like OS X 10.0. It is a cool idea but its not subtle enough. Things are hard to read, icons are hard to recognize, etc...

Apple fixed the 10.0 look with updates in 10.1, 10.2 & again in 10.3 (made aqua buttons less '3D', reduced the opacity of backgrounds, etc...). I'd consider doing the same here.
[Version 2]

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