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Bytesmiths rated on 23 Jun 2012
[Version 1.7]


Bytesmiths reviewed on 25 Feb 2012
Integration with MySQL is poor. It won't work with the standard MySQL that comes with Snow Leopard Server, because it has a local interface at /var/mysql/mysql.sock, but Tcal insists it be at /tmp/mysql.sock.

So I fixed that with a hard link, but then Tcal can't find the user "@localhost," which is not a proper user name. The documentation says to make a user called "Admin" with NO PASSWORD -- THIS IS A NO-NO!

Typically, a MySQL application would have a config file somewhere that has the server, user, password, and database listed, but these are apparently hard-compiled into Tcal -- yuk! (After a lot of digging, I used the "strings" utility to find '/tmp/mysql.sock hard-wired into -- double-yuk!)

I had high hopes that this would be a nice way of integrating calendar info into other MySQL apps, as the developer's website claims. But there seems to be no documentation for doing so.

Finally, US$110 seems very steep for something so inflexible. Perhaps that comes with a lot of hand-holding, but that's a lot of money for me to take a risk that support will be a lot better than the documentation.

Having spent several hours trying to get this to work on my stock MacOS X Snow Leopard Server, I'm still looking for a good MySQL calendar app.
[Version 1.3.8]


Bytesmiths reviewed on 16 Jan 2012
Default Folder is the FIRST third-party item I add when I get a new machine! I can't live without it! Apple should buy St. Clair Software out and add this to the base functionality of MacOS!
[Version 4.4.8]


Bytesmiths reviewed on 21 Jun 2011
This is an outstanding and versatile tool. It is dead simple to do simple things, but I dinged it a bit for "Ease of Use" for doing some complicated things.

Case in point: I use it to randomly access my database of over 7,000 quotes, stored in MySQL. It took a bit of sleuthing, guessing, and contact with the developer (who was VERY supportive) to get it to work. Here's how it went:

I have a signature like this:


The script that fires up is this:

echo -n `/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql --user=**** --password=**** --host **** --database=**** --raw --silent --batch < < -EnDoFcOmMaNd
CONCAT(Quote, " -- ", AuthorFirst, " ", AuthorLast)
FROM Quotes
WHERE ${*:-UseInEmail = 'yes'}

(The parameters marked "****" are site-specific.)

What I would REALLY like would be a way to pass a parameter into the script, so I could pick a random signature from among those with a particular keyword, for example.

The script thing sometimes times out or says NULL, but overall, this is a wonderful free utility and I highly recommend it to both novices and graybeard UNIX script junkies.
[Version 1.5.9]

Bytesmiths commented on 18 Apr 2009
I recommend stating that it is for gmail only very prominent in the description. I got too excited when I thought it was a general SMTP client.
[Version 1.1b3]


Bytesmiths reviewed on 17 Dec 2007
I have been using this off and on for several years

It is great for "standard" stuff like INT and VARCHAR, but BEWARE using it for BLOB and TEXT types!

I used it to add some images to a database in BLOB format. It hex-encoded the data in the BLOB field for some strange reason, which itself wasn't any great loss, but what makes it totally unacceptable is that it also hex-encoded all the TEXT fields in the same record! This is BAD NEWS!

Luckily, I discovered this before it went very far, and I found a Service that translated hex-encoded text back to ASCII, and fixed the fields that CocoaMySQL broke.

For those who want a freeware MySQL client that will not corrupt TEXT and BLOB fields, I recomment YourSQL, which has served me well in such an application.
[Version 0.7.1]

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Bytesmiths replied on 05 Jul 2012
My new favourite native MySQL client is Sequel Pro -- five stars, and doesn't corrupt BLOBs!

Bytesmiths reviewed on 03 Dec 2007
I can't get it to read files from Readerware. It keeps saying "I suggest trying another text encoding," but I'm sure it's a UTF-8 file, and I'm not about to go down the list, trying encodings from Arabic to Zulu to see which works.

In addition, when I first got this message, I tried the prefs to read a TAB file, but it froze on me.

The notion of an arbitrary donation amount is admirable. I might send the developer $1 out of sympathy and encouragement.

Needs work.
[Version 1.0.5]

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Bytesmiths replied on 08 Jan 2008
Sorry you took offense and chose to call me rude.

When a program doesn't work at all and crashes when I feed it reasonable data, I feel justified in giving it one star.

"Why didn't you contact me first," while admirable, is not good enough. We're all busy people. I am not your QA department. You could have called it a "beta," or asked people to help you debug it. Instead, you call those who have problems "rude."

And MacUpdate calls it "unethical" when you post star ratings for your own products.

Bytesmiths replied on 08 Jan 2008
Please excuse that last line. In looking at the comments, I thought you had given yourself stars after complaining about my one star, but I was looking at a different review.
Bytesmiths had trouble on 08 Jun 2010
WARNING! Cosmopod 4.4.1 breaks Safari 5.0, such than no website will load.

Remove /Library/InputManagers/CosmoPod, and Safari 5.0 works fine.

I sent CocoaMug Software a note to that effect, and they replied within five minutes that an update was on the way...
[Version 4.4.1]

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