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Bxlbjorn commented on 02 Oct 2010
No iTunes alarm app is complete without the possibility to programme holidays.

I'll stick with iTaf !
[Version 2.1.4]

bxlbjorn commented on 26 Aug 2007
To the developer:

PLEAAAAAASE update this software cuz it is simply the best !!
[Version 0.7.5]

bxlbjorn commented on 28 Aug 2006
Can anyone provide me of the 132.2 version ? This program get's buggier and buggier.

thanks !

[Version 132.4]

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bxlbjorn replied on 28 Aug 2006
SUPER !! I didn't think of that :-)

bxlbjorn reviewed on 22 Aug 2006
Okey, my first reaction when I found this update was "YES, IT'S BACK". For a very long time iTaf used to be my preferred alarm clock on my 10.3 system. But after a few OS updates it started to show some worrying failures, stoppin to work at all once I moved to 10.4 . After many unanswered emails I gave up on this little wonder, turning to competitors.
And now it's back with a vengeance ? Not quite yet !
Here's a few of my thoughts:

1. The preferences: The first tab where you choose what has to be done with iTunes after the alarm stops seems a bit unnecessary. This could easaly be integrated in the place where you actually set the alarm, as there are other options there, e.g. turn off the computer etc.

2. Same thing goes for the maximum system volume setting. This should also be found within the options when setting an alarm, not in the the preferences, as I would like to be able to set it differantly for each alarm.

3. I'de rather see something in the preferences like a series of default settings, who are set whenever I make a new alarm, e.g. default playlist, default maximum volume, etc.

4. Main window GUI: I'm not sure about the buttons on the right side. They look sort of sloppy. I'de rather see some slick aqua buttons on top or at the bottom, like the ones you see in e.g. .
I do not see at all the use of setting transparency of the main window as we are generally in bed when iTaf is launched.

5. Setting the alarm: the first time i set the days to wake me i actually skipped the days I wanted and set the alarm on the days I want to sleep out. So there is some room for improvement. Personally I'm all for normal check boxes.

6. Stop alarm after: okey this is definately a good thing. It can stop the alarm whenever I'm accidently not at home so it won't drive the neighbours nuts. But I think it should be optional as I may want to wake up to work at home and leave the music playing.

7. Playlist: there seems to be a bug here. Whenever I have saved an alarm, quit iTaf, relaunch it and open my alarm settings, iTaf refreshes the playslist and is set on "Library". In other words, if I change somthing in my settings and do not choose again my playlist, it will play from my complete library, where hard techno is actually the majority. My neighbours will definately prefer this over my calm soothing classicalk music...

8. Volume: didn't I set this in the preferences already ? Well, I presume this setting is for the iTnues volume, contrary to the one in the preferences wich is for the system volume. As said before, these should be put together.

9. Repeat, Visuals, Shuffle, Fade In: Again, I would prefer simple check boxes. On top of that, in the previous version of iTaf, I remember I was able to set the start volume and the length of time over wich the fading in should be accomplished. These options are gone, I believe, for the sake user friendlyness. However I would love to see to options back in. The best would be if we could choose between the default settings, as they appear now, and the fully customisable ones.

10. Stop options: again, the settings I found in the preferences should come here !

11. Some things I would like to see in future releases:

- a menu item: as I have been using Alarm Clock for quite some time before this iTaf update came out, I became quite accustomed to having a small logo in the menu bar wich showed if there was an alarm coming up for the newt day. It give me as a user the relaxed feeling that I'm gonna wake up tomorrow morning when I should. More than that, it could give easy acces to the iTaf application, and a shortcut to setting a new alarm, through a dropdown menu.

- in the alarm settings, I would like to have a calendar option where i can select the days where iTaf should NOT wake me up. We all have national bank holidays and it's a horror to wake up at 6:30 becuz you forgot to turn iTaf off. And even if one doesn't forget to turn his alarm off, there is the ever impending risk of forgetting to turn it back on. I believe this option would make iTaf very unique.

- In the same concept, I would like to have a "skipp the next alarm" in my menu item (mentioned higher above). That way, if I decided to take a day off tomorrow, a simple click on it will cancel my wake up call for the next day, but will wake me up again the day after.

Okey, that's all for now. I will mail these comments to the developper himself and hope he will do something with it !


[Version 2.1]


bxlbjorn reviewed on 11 Aug 2005

This is a very good program, it's been waiking me up since over a year now. But upgrading to Tiger I have stubled on some stability issues in the form of a failing daemon.

It doesn't happen very often, maybe 5% or less, but that's enough to loose you job over this.

So I would advise all users to have an extra regular alarm next to your bed, waiking you up 15 or 20 minutes later. (if you use an electrical alarm, please include a battery. If there's a power failure... well, I don't have to explain you what happened to me).

Advise to the developpers: UPDATE THIS !!!
[Version 1.1]

bxlbjorn commented on 30 May 2005
Been using it for a long time and love the appolication. I bought a liscence last year. However, the latest update seems to crash quite often when working with it. Seems like it can't take a lot of clicks...
[Version 118.3]

bxlbjorn commented on 17 Feb 2005
I have been looking for an application that will list me on a daily basis the events/tasks to come in a chronological order, based on my entries in iCal.

This application is supposed to do so, but the developper is still in "extreme beta fase" on the field of it's iCal/Addressbook support.

So the only thing I want to say is that I'm looking forward to the next release of this software, as I do not dare to use it for now.

Still, huray to the developper for this great idea !

PS: I hope the next release will come with a goodlooking, easy to use interface !
[Version 1.0rc3]

bxlbjorn tipped on 30 Aug 2004
A recently added feature is the address book shortcut. I no longer have to launch Apple Addressbook to retreive any info or autmatically send a mail.

A cool added feature however would be having my contact pictures displayed aswell. This just as a tip to the develloper(s).

Keep on the good work !!
[Version 4.0b18]

bxlbjorn commented on 27 Jul 2004
This is a GREAT piece of software. Since I've had this program I've been waken up quitly by an iTunes radio station of my choice. No opening and running applications every day, the daemon does everything in the background for me.

Just a few tips from a frequent user to the develloper: try to implement a 'date function' (dd/mm/yyyy). In two weeks from now, saturday, I have to help move my friend to his new appartment. I can't program iTaf right away cuz THIS saturday I can sleep out. And if I should forget to delete the agenda action afterwards I will find myself woken up once again at 8 in the morning after only 1 or 2 hours of sleep... So the date function would be cool, and it would be even cooler if it would delete itself when the action is past.

Another tip: the sleep function is abit abrupt. it would be cool if it were to fade out my iTunes, just as it fades in the next morning.

In any case I will keep using this !!
[Version 1.0]

bxlbjorn had trouble on 24 May 2005
Now I love this program and I've been using it for years. But sonce today I'm unable to open my iTunes. Everytime I get the message that there is not enough memory. I quit all applications, even the Finder, but the problem remains. Anyone with the same problem ? Anyone know the solution ??

[Version 4.8]

bxlbjorn had trouble on 01 Oct 2004
Hi people.

I love this browser but can someone tell me how I can change/hack the email client ! I hate it when it opens it own Netscape email client instead of my own prefered application when clicking an email link!!!

Thank you !
[Version 7.2]

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bxlbjorn commented on 01 Oct 2004
I found how to change your default email client.

"To make Mozilla use another mail program, type about:config in the browser's Location Bar. Right click (control click on Mac OS) and choose New | Boolean. Type network.protocol-handler.external.mailto for the name and true for the value."

And it works !!
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